Eagle Wario

“You take the low road; Eagle Wario will take the high road. Eagle Wario can avoid tough terrain by flying over it.”
Eagle Wario description, Nintendo Character Guide
Eagle Wario
Artwork of Eagle Wario from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Artwork of Eagle Wario from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Applies to Wario
Item needed Eagle Statue
Power(s) given Fly, barge faster
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)

Eagle Wario[1] is a form Wario takes after finding an Eagle Statue, which looks like a sparkling eagle statue with a handle on the back, in the game Virtual Boy Wario Land. Upon collecting the Eagle Statue, Wario gets a hat shaped like an eagle's head with two wings. In this form, Wario can fly a short distance, as well as move faster when barging. Wario is lighter in this form, and can get out of quicksand fairly easily.

This is one of the only two forms in Virtual Boy Wario Land which can be combined with another power up to make another form. If Wario finds Dragon Crystal, which looks like a dragon claw holding out a flame, he can transform into King Dragon Wario.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イーグルワリオ[2]
Īguru Wario
Eagle Wario


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