Crystal Kinoko

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Crystal Kinoko
The third Crystal Kinoko
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 9 (1993)
Effect Granting wishes

The Crystal Kinoko are three mystical mushrooms made out of crystal that only appear in the Yoshi's Safari story arc in Super Mario-kun volume 9.

While the Mushroom Kingdom is afflicted by a mysterious force that is disrupting the kingdom's natural order, Princess Peach asks Mario to resolve this by collecting the three Crystal Kinoko, grant a wish, and save the kingdom. Accompanied by Luigi and Yoshi, Mario meets Birdo, reincarnated into a fairy, whose ribbon can help them locate the mushrooms.

The first one is located in the ruins of Bowser's Castle at Valley of Bowser, protected by the Koopa Troopas trapped in the blocks and by a kart circuit Thwomp.

The second one is in possession of Bowser, who uses it as a prize in a series of survivalist challenges against his soldiers. Mario and his friends lose the challenges and their Crystal Kinoko is confiscated by Bowser, who intend to use the wish to grant himself a vacation. Bowser is defeated, but he flees with the mushrooms.

The third is in possession of Ludwig, who is defeated, alongside his mecha, by Mario and Yoshi. While adventuring in Bowser's Castle, the duo momentarily loses the Crystal Kinoko to a Boomerang Bro, but they quickly defeat it and take back the Crystal Kinoko. After defeating the armored Bowser, Mario collects the last two Crystal Kinoko and asks for the Mushroom Kingdom to be cleansed by the chaos.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスタルキノコ
Kurisutaru Kinoko
Crystal Mushroom