Big Air at Sundown
Mini Mario jumping on a Paratroopa in Big Air at Sundown
“Reach the goal in mini form without using the Snake Blocks.”
In-game description

Big Air at Sundown is a Special Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U.


The challenge takes place in the Snaking above Mist Valley level in Meringue Clouds. Mini Mario has to clear the level, but is not allowed to use Snake Blocks to do it. Instead, Mario has to jump on Foos, Paratroopas and Fire Bros. to cross huge abysses. The player is given 300 seconds to reach the Goal Pole and if the player does not make it to the end in time or if they touch the Snake Blocks present in the level, they fail the challenge.




  • Gold Medal: Clear!
  • Silver Medal: -
  • Bronze Medal: -


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 夕焼け空 マメのすがたで ひとっとび!
Yūyakezora Mame no Sugata de Hitottobi!
Sunset Sky, Jump Up High with Mini form!

Chinese (simplified) 夕阳下的天空!超小的身形一跃而起!
Xīyáng Xià dè Tiānkōng! Chāoxiǎo dè Shēnxíng Yíyuè'érqǐ!
Sky under the Sunset! Mini form jumps up high!

Chinese (traditional) 夕陽下的天空!以超小的姿態一躍而起!
Xīyáng Xià dè Tiānkōng! Yǐ Chāoxiǎo dè Zītài Yíyuè'érqǐ!
Sky under the Sunset! Jump Up High with Mini form!

Italian Saltellando al tramonto
Hopping at sunset
Korean 노을이 지는 하늘, 땅콩의 모습으로 뛰어라!
Noeuri Jineun Haneul, Ttangkongui Moseubeuro Ttwieora!
Sun-Setting Sky, Run With Peanut Form!

Spanish Saltos de longitud al atardecer
Long Jumps at Sunset