Arika's logo, found on their website at
Founded 1995
First Super Mario game Dr. Mario Online Rx
Latest Super Mario game Super Mario Bros. 35
Current president Akira Nishitani

Arika is a Japanese video game company formed in 1995 by former employees of Capcom. The company has worked with Nintendo to produce video games for the WiiWare, DSiWare, and Nintendo eShop services. Their work in the Super Mario franchise mostly consists of the Dr. Mario series, namely Dr. Mario Online Rx, Dr. Mario Express, Dr. Luigi, and Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure. Outside the Dr. Mario series, Arika developed Super Mario Bros. 35, a version of Super Mario Bros. that features battle royale mechanics similar to those from Tetris 99, another game developed by Arika.[1]

Outside the Super Mario franchise, the company also developed the Tetris: The Grand Master series, Street Fighter EX, and the Endless Ocean series.

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