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Welcome to my Mario land where I TheHelper100 controls it.

These are my Video Game Consoles

These are my Mario games

Mario games I want to get

My top five best and least favorite Mario characters

Best 5.Iggy Koopa 4.Dry Bowser/Bowser 3.Toadette 2.Donkey Kong 1.Kamek Worst 5.Peach/Kersti 4.Pink Gold Peach 3.Honey Queen 2.Toad/Lemmy Koopa/ and Baby Wario 1.Rosalina/Baby Rosalina

My favorite Mario enemies

10.Spike 9.Boo 8.Hammer Bro 7.Fire Bar 6.Lava Bubble 5.Tashrooba 4.Shiny Cone Goomba 3.Charvaargh 2.Rocky Wrench 1.Magikoopa

Articles Created

Articles that got deleted

  • Red Bill Blaster
  • Hammer Bro Tower
  • Paraspiny
  • Big Goomba Tower

Characters I consider the cutest

Toadette - Mario Party 10.png Img-adventures-captain-toad.png Yoshi - Mario Party 10.png

Characters I like the most

Kamek Scene PD-SMBE.png Bowser Scene PD-SMBE.png Dry Bowser Artwork.png

Characters I hate the most

Rosalina - Mario Party 10.png Pink Gold Peach.png

Super Mario Maker enemies


  • Red Cannon
  • Dry Bones Tower
  • Piranha Paraplant
  • Piranha Plant Tower
  • Hammer Bro Tower
  • Hammer Parabro
  • Big Goomba Tower
  • Paragoomba Tower
  • Big Paragoomba Tower
  • Para-Cheep Cheep
  • Big Rocky Wrench
  • Koopa Troopa Tower
  • Para Circling Boo Buddies
  • Big Para Circling Boo Buddies
  • Big Spinies
  • Spiny Tower
  • Paraspinies
  • Large Bob-ombs
  • Big Para Blooper
  • Big Magikoopa
  • Big Lava Bubble
  • Big Para Fishbones
  • Big Fishbones