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A Hawg, specifically a Sleep Pig Poppo, after being dazed
First Appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2004)
Latest Appearance New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2008)
Derived Species
Fire Pig Poppo
Gale Hawg
Kiba Pig Poppo
Kuro Buta Pokkī
Shiro Buta Pokkī
Sleep Pig Poppo
Related Species
Coco Pig
Goro Pig
Notable Members
Boss Pig Poppo

Hawgs are major enemies in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. They generally do not attack Donkey Kong, instead damaging him by letting him collide with them.

They first appear in the Banana Kingdom's level Dawn Savanna as small, black pigs, called Kuro Buta Pokkī, which the player must jump on and use the Bongos/Wii Remote to punch and defeat.

A larger variety of Hawg, a Sleep Pig Poppo, appears later in the level, where the player uses sound waves to weaken it and then punch it 15 times to defeat it, causing it to give off five Bananas, unlike their smaller counterparts, which give off 3 Bananas.

In the next level, Jungle Deeps, another large Hawg called a Gale Hawg appears. These Hawgs do not attack, instead pushing Donkey Kong back by using wind unleashed from their snouts. They are defeated like Sleeping Hawgs.

A white sub-species of Hawg called Shiro Buta Pokkī are found later in the Watermelon Kingdom's level Desert Oasis. They can be defeated in almost the same way as the larger Hawg, except with only one hit, of which can be used as a short-range object that can daze other enemies.

Later, a large, bipedal Hawg-like creature called a Coco Pig appears, of which can throw nuts at the player, which must be reflected into the tree. It also throws spiked fruit, which the player must avoid. By punching three nuts back at it, the tree will collapse and the Hawg will fall out of the tree, defeating it and causing five bananas to appear.

In the Strawberry Kingdom's level Spirit Tree, a camouflage sub-species of Hawg called Kiba Pig Poppos appear. These are defeated like normal Hawgs, but they controlled by a red Ninjape and ram Donkey Kong, hurting him. They can be defeated like Sleep Pig Poppos and Gale Hawgs.

Another species known as the Fire Pig Poppo later appears in the Melon Kingdom's level Banshee Swamp. These are also controlled by a red Ninjape, but hurt Donkey Kong by spewing fire out of their snouts. They are defeated like all large Hawgs.