Combo Fairy

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Combo Fairy
Combo Fairies.PNG
Donkey Kong, surrounded by Combo Fairies
First appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2005)
Latest appearance New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2009)
Derived species
Black Fairy

Combo Fairies are a special kind of fairy, having nearly the same physical appearance as the fairies in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, except slightly smaller. They are a bright, round light that comes in any color and have wings attached. Combo Fairies make their only appearance in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Whenever Donkey Kong performs a combo (a special kind of action, such as swinging from a vine or getting a Jungle Buddy), a Combo Fairy will appear and circle around Donkey Kong until he lands on the ground. When Donkey Kong lands on the ground, all his Combo Fairies he has collected will turn into beats. Donkey Kong, however, cannot get more than one fairy for the same action-he only gets a new fairy for an action he hasn't performed before. There is no amount to how many fairies can circle around Donkey Kong in the game, though the current known most is eighteen. Upon reaching ten combos, the fairies will begin to sparkle, and the sound effect that plays when Donkey Kong obtain a combo will stop playing.

Ways to obtain Combos[edit]

Throughout the game, there are several ways to obtain a combo, which, as aforementioned, will cause a Combo Fairy to appear. They include:

  • Swinging from a vine.
  • Helibirds
  • Flurl.
  • Wall jumping.
  • Bubble Shrubs.
  • Leaping off of a pop-up flower.
  • Jumping off a orange fairy bubble.
  • Helper Monkeys.
  • Leaping off of a vine trampoline.
  • Ground pounding/diving.
  • Edge hop.
  • Leaping off a chain of helper monkeys.
  • Entering and exiting a dragon tube.
  • Flinging off a Banandelion.
  • Firing out of a plant similar to a Bubble Shrub.
  • Back-flipping.
  • Sliding down and jumping off a rope.



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