Bomb Seed

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A Bomb Seed figure

A Bomb Seed is an exploding seed from Mario Party DS. Bomb Seeds are red seeds with black spots covering them, and they closely resemble the bomb rocks from the Pikmin series. Bomb Seeds appear in the minigame Feed and Seed. In the minigame, the Piranha Plant tries to suck up Bomb Seeds. After, the Piranha Plant spits one out, trying to hit the player. If the player catches the seed, they can throw it back in the Piranha Plant's mouth. When the seed is about to explode, it flashes yellow and orange, indicating that the player should let go of it quickly. In the minigame, there are always six seeds on the side, but the Piranha Plant sucks up only three, four, or five. A Bomb Seed is a collectible from Mario Party DS. It is one of the boss trophies from the Wiggler's Garden area, along with a Jagged Leaf, a Winner's Balloon, and a Beaten Piranha Plant. It can be unlocked as a figure by winning Feed and Seed three times.