Birabuto Kingdom

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Birabuto Kingdom
Greater location Sarasaland
Ruler King Totomesu
Inhabitants Gaos, Goombos, Bombshell Koopas, Flies, Bunbuns
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)

Birabuto Kingdom[1] is an area in Sarasaland that acts as the first world in Super Mario Land. The land is a large desert based on ancient Egypt, with pyramids in the background and hieroglyph carvings in the cave levels. In the American Super Mario Land commercial (which humorously parodies cheesy black-and-white films), the misleading caption "challenge the mysteries and terrors of Ancient Egypt" was given to a Birabuto Kingdom stage.

The enemies found here are Goombos, Bombshell Koopas, Flies, Bunbuns, Piranha Plants, and Gaos. The boss of the kingdom is a large Gao named King Totomesu, who jumps up and down while spitting fire.


Birabuto Kingdom 1[edit]

This is the very first level of the game, set in a desert area. Mario begins near a Pipe and a Mystery Block with a coin. A Goombo walks below a second Mystery Block that contains a Super Mushroom and another pipe. Further on, Mario finds a six-block structure, with a Coin Block above it. A Warp Pipe ahead takes Mario to an area with many coins. Mario must follow an elevated area, where he finds a Goombo. In this elevated area, there are also three Coin Blocks, two Brick Blocks, a Pipe, and a pit. Right after this, a Mystery Block with a Super Mushroom or a Superball Flower. Ahead, Mario finds a pipe, a Coin Block, and, a Bombshell Koopa walking near a group of Empty Blocks and Coin Blocks. Passing through another pit, Mario heads to a Pipe, a Coin Block, a Goombo and a Fly. Mario, then, finds a Mystery Block containing a Star. Mario must pass through Goombos, Flies and Pipes until he finds a block with a Gao-like statue in the background. After this, there is a gap leading to the final area, which contains a block half-pyramid with a metal floor right after it. There are two platforms that can help Mario reach the higher door in the end.

Birabuto Kingdom 2[edit]

Firstly, there are some ladder-like structures formed by trees. Mario starts on a solid ground area, right before some trees. Ahead, he finds two coins and a Mystery Block containing a Super Mushroom or a Superball Flower, a Goombo and some lone coins. In some high trees, he faces two Bunbuns and some Bombshell Koopas. There are some Brick Blocks and Mystery Blocks. A Bombshell Koopa is walking above them and a Goombo is walking below them. Near they, a gap between two trees lead Mario to a Coin Block. Then, some platforms moving up and down, three coins and three Empty Blocks. Right after them, there are two giant trees with other Bunbuns flying above them. Ahead, Mario finds a solid block pyramid with Goombos and a Mystery Block on it, near some platforms that take Mario to an area with Brick Blocks, a Bunbun and a Bombshell Koopa. A 1UP Heart also can be found in the place. Then, a platform leads Mario to some Bunbuns, trees and the end of the level, where Mario must use a platform to reach two falling blocks, in order to get to the bonus finish door. If he misses it, Mario can go to the regular finish door.

Birabuto Kingdom 3[edit]

Mario begins near some Brick Blocks and ? Blocks, which contain coins. Then, there are some stone walls that lead Mario to an area with pipes, pits and Piranha Plants. After it, there is a narrow area with pipes inside the ground and rocks falling from the roof. Mario crosses a gap and find other four pipes (three of them contain Piranha Plants inside them). Ahead, there is an area similar to the first part of the level, where Mario faces a Gao. After that, Mario finds a pipe on the roof and a small block pyramid, where a more castle-like area begins. Inside this area, Mario finds a hole above the ground, and a Bombshell Koopa walking under it and a very narrow path that only Small Mario can go through. At the end of this path, Mario finds Coins and a ? Block, which contains a Super Mushroom. After some obstacles, Mario finds some falling blocks, lava and two Gaos. Ahead, there is King Totomesu, in a battle similar to the fake Bowsers' in Super Mario Bros.. He spits fireballs and sometimes jumps, allowing Mario to pass through him. Mario can also defeat him with Superballs, if he is Superball Mario. After the battle, Mario finds a switch that opens a door. Inside the place, Mario finds a Fly disguised as Princess Daisy. Mario then advances to the Muda Kingdom.

Right at the start of the level, Mario can hit a hidden block, which contains a lift that takes Mario to the roof, allowing him to find some hidden coins and skip the first part of the level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピラプト王国[2]
Piraputo ōkoku
"Pyrapt" Kingdom; from 「ピラミッド」 Piramiddo (Pyramid) and 「エジプト」 Ejiputo (Egypt).
The English name was incorrectly romanized as "Birabuto" instead of "Piraputo", confusing the two diacritic signs used in Japanese. (i.e confusing the handakuten signs (゜) for dakuten (゛) on the two kanas originally making the "p" sounds).
German Birabuto Königreich Birabuto Kingdom


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