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Super Mario Odyssey images


(Not taken by me)

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle images

For anyone creating articles related to MRKB, feel free to use the screenshots below. I'll add more of them as I progress through the game.

Chest locations

Peach's Castle

Ancient Gardens

Sherbet Desert (COMPLETE)

Spooky Trails


Image Location Content
MRKB lp chest1.jpg MRKB 3d model icon.jpg
Lava Hopper
MRKB lp chest2.jpg MRKB power orb icon.jpg
10 Power Orbs
MRKB lp chest3.jpg MRKB soundtrack icon.jpg
"Combat in the Cemetery"
MRKB lp chest4.jpg MRKB tarot icon.jpg
MRKB lp chest5.jpg MRKB soundtrack icon.jpg
"A Stroll in the Cemetery"
MRKB lp chest6.jpg MRKB tarot icon.jpg
MRKB lp chest7.jpg MRKB power orb icon.jpg
5 Power Orbs
MRKB lp chest8.jpg MRKB 3d model icon.jpg
Lava Smasher
MRKB lp chest9.jpg MRKB tarot icon.jpg
MRKB lp chest10.jpg MRKB soundtrack gold icon.jpg
"Phantom's Theme"
MRKB lp chest11.jpg MRKB artwork icon.jpg
"Bwaaahr Machines"
MRKB lp chest12.jpg MRKB 3d model icon.jpg
Lava Valkyrie
MRKB lp chest13.jpg MRKB Ballistic Mystic.png
Ballistic Mystic
MRKB lp chest14.jpg MRKB Mushroom Marauder.png
Mushroom Marauder
MRKB lp chest15.jpg MRKB The King.png
The King
MRKB lp chest16.jpg MRKB artwork icon.jpg
"The Mine"
MRKB lp chest17.jpg MRKB tarot icon.jpg
"Interplanetary Outhouse"
MRKB lp chest18.jpg MRKB tarot icon.jpg
"Sombrero Vaquero"
MRKB lp chest19.jpg MRKB 3d model icon.jpg
Lava Buckler
MRKB lp chest20.jpg MRKB power orb icon.jpg
10 Power Orbs
MRKB lp chest21.jpg
MRKB lp chest22.jpg
MRKB lp chest23.jpg
MRKB lp chest24.jpg
MRKB lp chest25.jpg
MRKB lp chest26.jpg
MRKB lp chest27.jpg
MRKB lp chest28.jpg
MRKB lp chest29.jpg
MRKB lp chest30.jpg
MRKB lp chest31.jpg
MRKB lp chest32.jpg
MRKB lp chest33.jpg
MRKB lp chest34.jpg
MRKB lp chest35.jpg
MRKB lp chest36.jpg
MRKB lp chest37.jpg
MRKB lp chest38.jpg
MRKB lp chest39.jpg
MRKB lp chest40.jpg
MRKB lp chest41.jpg
MRKB lp chest42.jpg
MRKB lp chest43.jpg
MRKB lp chest44.jpg
MRKB lp chest45.jpg
MRKB lp chest46.jpg
MRKB lp chest47.jpg
MRKB lp chest48.jpg
MRKB lp chest49.jpg
MRKB lp chest50.jpg
MRKB lp chest51.jpg
MRKB lp chest52.jpg
MRKB lp chest53.jpg
MRKB lp chest54.jpg
MRKB lp chest55.jpg
MRKB lp chest56.jpg
MRKB lp chest57.jpg
MRKB lp chest58.jpg
MRKB lp chest59.jpg
MRKB lp chest60.jpg
MRKB lp chest61.jpg
MRKB lp chest62.jpg

Bonus Rooms

Sherbet Desert

Spooky Trails

Lava Pit

Miscellaneous screenshots

List of vehicles in Mario Party 9

[This is a page I made that I'm saving in my sandbox because I like how it looks. Since it has been decided through a proposal that it should be trimmed and merged with the Mario Party 9 page, do not attempt to re-create it.]

In Mario Party 9, characters collectively drive a vehicle to move through a board. There are three different exclusive vehicles for each stage: one is available by default, while the other two can be unlocked in the Museum for 200 Party Points each. All vehicles share a basic structure with a broad compartment for the characters to stay in, containing seats on the back side and a means of lighting on the frontal side. However, the type of a vehicle depends on the environment of the board in which it is used.

The following table lists all vehicles by board (and the corresponding vehicle type). A description is also presented along with each vehicle. Colored sections mark a starter vehicle.

Toad Road
Vehicle Description
Toad Mobile
A round car with a vintage appearance, bearing metal bumpers and protruding lights, as well as red seats. Its coachwork is colored red, with white spots in several places, and has black tires.
MP9Rickety Ride.png
Rickety Ride
A car whose components, including the bumpers, tires and coachwork, appear to be made out of wood. The car has a brown overall appearance and green seats.
MP9Wiggler Wagon.png
Wiggler Wagon
A round car designed after a Wiggler, featuring flower tires as well as two beady eyes and a large nose on the front side. The car also has green seats and a metal bumper on its rear side.
Bob-omb Factory
Quadruped vehicles
Vehicle Description
Factory Walker
A vehicle consisting of a round compartment with a black and yellow rim and two lights on the front side. Its feet are circular to reflect the overall shape of the vehicle.
Gear Shifter
A vehicle with a round compartment that displays gears and metallic patches on its body. The rim contains black and yellow portions on each side. The vehicle's feet are square to reflect its overall shape.
King Bob-omb Bus
A vehicle designed in the likeness of King Bob-omb. The face and crown are positioned in front of the vehicle. Despite the vehicle being circular overall, it has square feet.
Boo's Horror Castle
Floating carriers
Vehicle Description
Flying Carpet
A generic magic carpet with purple and yellow coloration, as well as tassels hanging from each corner.
Float Mattress
A carrier that resembles a bed with white bedclothes and a golden frame.
Boo Blanket
A flying blanket inspired by King Boo, with his face imprinted on its surface and his crown serving as the characters' seats. Small crowns are hanging from each corner of the carpet.
Blooper Beach
Vehicle Description
Sub Baleen
A boat that has the appearance of a blue whale, with headlights for eyes and paddles for fins. The name of the vehicle is a pun on the words "submarine" and "baleen".
Coral Explorer
A boat that resembles a submarine with an orange and white coloration. It has three portholes on each lateral side and a periscope on its frontal side.
Blooper Boat
A boat that resembles a Blooper lying backside down. Its lateral arms serve as paddles.
Magma Mine
Vehicle Description
Shaky Mine Cart
A generic mine cart with a wooden body and metal framework. It has two handles and a lantern on the front side, and red seats inside the compartment.
Bone Barrow
A wagon whose framework consists entirely of bones. There is also a skull figure on the front side, matching the cranial design of some dragons in the Mario franchise, such as Hooktail and Gobblegut. The inside of the wagon features blue seats. The name of the vehicle is a pun on "bone marrow".
Chain Chomp Coupe
A Chain Chomp-inspired wagon. It has metallic studs in each corner, bound by chains. The face of a Chain Chomp is mounted on the front side, while the inside of the wagon features red-colored seats.
Bowser Station
Space ships
Vehicle Description
Space Scuttle
A yellow starship roughly shaped like a star. Two opposing points represent the engines of the ship, while those in-between represent exhaustion pipes. The inside of the Space Scuttle features cyan seats.
Shiny Saucer
A flying saucer-like vehicle with a lustrous silver appearance. It contains teal seats.
Starship Bowser
Another flying saucer-like vehicle inspired by Bowser's appearance. It has a green-colored plated exterior with spikes around it to resemble Bowser's shell. The rim of the cockpit resembles any of Bowser's collars, and the interior features red seats.
DK's Jungle Ruins
Four-wheel drive
Vehicle Description
Barrel Roller
A vehicle whose body is designed after a barrel. It has wooden wheels and seats and a banana bunch emblem on its frontal side. There is also a large handle in the front.
Jungle Junker
A vehicle inspired by off-road safari jeeps, with tires for wheels. The coachwork is predominantly brown with a vertical red stripe on the frontal side, while the seats are light-gray. Like the Barrel Roller, the Jungle Junker has a banana bunch emblem on its cowling. There is a spare tire-like object on the back of the car.
DK's Banana Slider
A vehicle shaped like a banana bunch. The wheels and the inside of the vehicle, including the seats, appear to be wooden.

The Play Nintendo website has a section with Nintendo-themed printables, divided into three categories: "Cards", "Crafts" and "Print and Play". The printables come in the form of PDFs which can be downloaded from the website directly, and are usually accompanied by instructions on how to use them.