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Issue XXIX August 13th, 2009 About        

Luigi 128
Fun Stuff Non-Mario Review
Calendar of Events
Super Mario Bros. and Tucayo
Mario, non-Mario
Luigi 128
Classic Review
Fake News Director's Notes Character Comparision
Top 10
Egg Yoshi
Beta Elements
Z3r0 Tw0
Upcoming Games
P. Trainer
Good Game, Bad Game
Fangamers Report
Super Shy Guy
Art & Music

Entertainment Section

by Luigi 128 (talk)

Hello Shroomers I'm Luigi 128 this month I'll tell you about a clip named...

People's Mario


the clip is based on a silly rumor saying Mario had subliminal communist propaganda in the clip we see how Mario kills all the Goombas in a Super Mario Bros. style but more bloody and finally reaches the end of the level and pulls the flag as you can see it has many references to Super Mario Bros. Even the texture used is from that game but for some strange reason in the clip Mario has a Hammer.

Graphics & Animation

The animation of this one is pretty good and is 95% original, except for some textures, but still is very good; even some scenes are in 3D and when he throws the hammer looks awesome the battle scenes are very bloody also here Mario has a more Humanesque form but I didn't liked the appearance of the Goombas. Some scenes are also very creative, I liked how he grab the flag.


The BGM is a son called Farewell of Slavianka I think this was pretty god election for the video the song is a Russian patriotic march, written by the composer Vasily Agapkin in honour of the Bulgarian women bidding farewell to their husbands who left for the First Balkan War. The march premiered in Tambov in 1912 and was subsequently released as a single. Slavianka means "Slavic woman".


Story=9/10 Graphics= 8/10 Animation= 10/10 Music= 9/10

Well see ya

Mario, Non-Mario

by Luigi 128 (talk)

Hello wikians, we all know the videogame heroes, but, have you ever see who's on his side? yeah the sidekicks, this month I'll compare two sidekicks...



At fisrts he was only a recolored palette of Mario but later Luigi will get his own personality and even his own game

Role in games

Luigi is seen in varius games as a coward (Luigi's Mansion, Mario & Luigi Series, etc) but sometimes he gets the role of hero (most times when Mario is in risk) before he was in the mario adventure games as the second player but in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine he doesn't appear and only appeared in spin-off games

In the shadow of Mario

As I sayed in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine Luigi din't appeared but that's not the only reason that makes Luigi bein in Mario's Shadow also in almost all the Spin-off games he is exactly like Mario but weaker another proof is the number of Luigi in Mario Strikers Series Luigi is #2 when Mario is #1


He appeared in Sonic 2 as a Sonic fan who began to follow him after he was saved by him

Role in games

He appeared in the first Sonic games as Sonic's sidekick and always followed him but in later Sonic games he appeared only as a support character (minus Sonic Heroes) 'cause Shadow, Silver, Blaze and many other characters came to follow (or confront) Sonic and since then Sonic left behind his friend

In the shadow of Sonic

As I sayed before at first he was always behind Sonic but later he was left behind appearing only as a support character or in Spin-offs as a playable character (That sometimes follows Sonic like in old times) but is considered a weak character in these games



Yeah I know what you gonna say "He only let Luigi win 'cause he is his fan" but I swear that this dessision is %100 pure just think it Luigi is Mario's Shadow but at least he wasn't left behind by Mario like Sonic left behind Tails


Mario: 2


Whoa now Mario is winning but there are still to many character to compare


Well 'till next month

Fun Stuff

Mystery Image

By Tucayo (talk)

Guess who is the character in the image!

bogmiremod.jpg crocomod.jpg eelymouthmod.jpg lumamod.jpg internedmod.jpg

Do not click if you didn't guess!]

=Hiding Koopa

By Tucayo (talk)

Just find that koopa!




By Tucayo (talk)

Many of you said in the survey that the picross confused you, so I brought you a very friendly tutorial so you can learn how to make them.


So now to the puzzles, if you complete them, just tell me what character or item is it and I'll say in the next issue if you guessed correctly

box.jpg grow.jpg mushroom.jpg The 'Shroom:Issue XXIX/Brawl Tactics

Classic Review

by Yoshi301 (talk)

Hi! This is Egg Yoshi with the Classic review. In case you didn't know, My name used to be Yoshi301. I decided to do DKC3 this month. This is the third in the DKC series (But I bet you already knew that). In this game, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong go on a fishing trip in the northern Kremisphere and get kidnapped! When Dixie Kong thinks something is up, she travels to the northern Kremisphere and Talks to Wrinkly. Wrinkly tells her what happened and that she should go to Funky's Boat Rentals. Once there, Funky lets her borrow a Motor Boat and lets Kiddie Kong, Dixie’s younger cousin, go with her. They travel through a lot of worlds to get to DK and Diddy. There they must fight King K. Rool and KAOS, the new ruler of the Kremlings. Now, I will start reviewing!


I like the story of the game because instead of one person getting captured, 2 people get captured.

Game Play + Graphics

The graphics stay the same as the first 2 games. Also, saving gets a bit easier than DKC2 because you don’t need any coins. Also, it is a tad easier than DKC because you can actually see on your map where you are going to save.

Characters Places, and Enemies

The Kongs from DKC2 are back, along with Kiddie Kong. The animal buddies are pretty much the same, except Rhambi the Rhino was replaced by Ellie the Elephant. Rattly is gone and Parry is in. There are also the Brother Bears spread out through the land. In the Northern Kremisphere, there are many places to go. There is a small pond, a big forest, a snowy mountain, and a Wastelands Isle. There are new Kremlings. Bazooka uses exactly what his name says; a Bazooka. Kopter flies, using his helmet, up and down, or left to right.


Not as good as the first two games, but I’m not saying the music is bad.


  • Story=8/10
  • Gameplay=7/10
  • Graphics=8/10
  • Characters=10/10
  • Places=9/10
  • Enemies=9/10
  • Music=7/10\
  • Overall=8.2
  • DKC=8.1
  • DKC2=8.2

Well would you look at that. DKC2 and DKC3 tie. Well that’s all for now. So long, Fare well. Until we meet again!

Non-Mario Review

by Leirin (talk)

You must have been thinking every other month we'd be reviewing a MOTHER game, right? Well, sort of... for the month of August, we will be covering EarthBound for SNES, also known as MOTHER2, the final game in the MOTHER series to review.

In 1995, the Super Nintendo was on the edge of its lifespan. Then, suddenly, there came a rather unusual game -- EarthBound. A quirky RPG set in the 1990's, it stars an average teenage boy by the name of Ness, who just so happens to be destined to save the Earth. The game begins when Ness is sleeping, then suddenly hears something strike the Earth. Naturally, he gets up to go investigate. Atop a nearby hill in the peaceful town of Onett is a meteorite, containing a tiny bee-like creature: Buzz-Buzz, who informs Ness of the evil cosmic destroyer Giygas. "In the future, all is devastation!" he says. “There are three other chosen ones who must save the Earth. Find them, and record the Eight Melodies.”

A good thing about EarthBound is that one can't simply nail it as any one genre. EarthBound covers sci-fi, romance, fantasy -- and of course, there's plenty of comedy. It is also easily one of the silliest and most humorous games I have ever played. NPCs don't just recycle boring, tired phrases; they really talk about themselves and their lives. It invites you to the world, it doesn't just feel like you're controlling it from the outside. There are lots of references to pop culture and real-life things and situations too.

Your allies, while they don't say much, are always there for you, and have their own special skills in battle. Ness, Paula and Poo can all learn PSI, a special power that can be used for battle. It can also heal, form shields, make your team stronger, etc.

The battle system is very simple and mostly text-based. While some may complain that it is outdated and unadvanced, it works perfectly for the game, and is pretty funny in itself sometimes. "The Unassuming Local Guy edged closer to Ness! Ness felt uncomfortable." A new feature is the rolling HP meter, which allows you to heal yourself before your hit points roll all the way down if an enemies smashes you hard (which a lot of them will do).

EarthBound is all about the scenery. From the average hometown of Onett to the swampy Deep Darkness, to the odd village of Saturn Valley to the dreamy mind-world of Magicant. You will visit dozens of scenic areas in the game, all of which are crucial to the plot in some way. The game is also fairly non-linear.

The music is easily the closest thing to the music your parents listen to in their car I've ever heard on the SNES. Every song has a certain character to it that is never repetitive when looped. There's also quite a variety -- the music of the game takes up a good deal of the cartridge space.

The graphics of EarthBound are relatively undetailed. Colors bring certain characters and objects out, and the overall setting looks more like a pixelated cartoon than an attempt at being realistic. Everything fits in with the world. Animation isn't the smoothest either -- but still, for such a huge game memory-wise, it's best this way.

Because of the modern setting and relatable characters, the player can connect with EarthBound more than most RPGs. That is an element not often present in most modern games. There’s a certain charm to the game that’s pure, silly, fun, and touching.

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Top 10

by Egg Yoshi (talk)

Egg Yoshi here with the Top Ten. Today, I decided that I would be doing the Top Ten Non-Mario Games! Now I will start.

10. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

The third and last in the Banjo Kazooie series. All of the challenges are done with vehicles.

9. Duck Hunt

Just use your "Zapper" to shoot down all of the ducks.

8. Banjo Tooie

The Second Banjo Kazooie game where the Witch gets revenge By killing Banjo's best friend, Bottles.

7. Wii Music

A great game to play with company or alone. Just make the Music!

6. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Toon link's first appearence when his sister, Ariel gets kidnapped and he has to travel the see to find her.

5. Ledgend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

Young link link has to save Princess Zelda By getting the Sword of time. But it makes him fall into a deep sleep and he wakes up 7 years into the futor

4. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Young Link returns looking for Navi, but he meets the Skull Kid on the way. The Skull Kid had just stolen a powerful mask so he decides to turn Link into a deku scrub.

3. Animal Crossing

A game that goes on forever. You can meet new neighbors, Customize your house, Go fishing, and participate in holiday activities. Every day is fun in the town you name.

2. Legend of Zelda: A link to the past

Links one and only SNES game. You must save Princess Zelda, and then go into the Forest and get the Swoard and Go into the dark world to save the maidens.

1. Banjo Kazooie

The first Banjo Kazooie game made. Banjo's Sister, Tooty, has been kidnapped because Grunty Winkybunion wants to be the prettiest instead of Tooty. Banjo must go through many worlds to save his sister.

The 'Shroom:Issue XXIX/Monthly Report

Calendar of Events

by Super Mario Bros. (talk) and Tucayo (talk)

HI MARIOWIKIANS! And welcome to the new calendar of events. And know why I say new? No? Well, it is because YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, THAT IS WHAT NEW MEANS! No, that’s not truth, I say new because the Calendar of Events is now split in 2 sections: the Wiki Calendar, and, to pleasure of those who wanted it back, the Mario Calendar. However, the Mario Calendar will be written by my fellow wikian, Super Mario Bros. (talk)!
So, let’s start with my part.

Mario Releases

Unfortunately, there are no Mario releases during the next month.

MW Awards

The Awards ceremony will take place in our forum] tomorrow (August 14th) 5pm EDT.
The Brawl tournament was canceled due to the director being an incompetent. (Or something like that was said in the Anniversary page). The Mario Kart Wii tourney will take place Saturday 3p EDT.

User Birthdays

--August 15- DoctorWho_1995 (14)
31- Smiddle (16)
From The Birthday Thread]

If your birthday is between August 13th and September 12th, feel free to add it.

Now I leave you with my partner SMB.

The following are Mario-related events that have or will take place in the month of August:

Upcoming Games

by P. Trainer (talk)

Well, it has been a slow month in news. Only 1 game has had further information revealed, it is slim. For information on ‘’Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, WarioWare: D.I.Y.’’, and further information on ‘’Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games’’, see the previous issue. For now, here is the new information revealed.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

The Box-arts for both the Wii and Nintendo DS versions have been revealed, as have new art for Blaze, Shadow, Dr. Eggman, and Vector.

The big news however, is a Bowser Jr.-like emblem appearing on a flag, similar to how Silver the Hedgehog was “confirmed”. More events have been confirmed as well. For the Wii: Dancing on Ice, and for the DS: Ice Shuffle boarding.


by YosharioYoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS.

Yoshario How did you find out about the MarioWiki? Palkia I was Googling Mario sites when I found SMBHQ (Super Mario Bros. Headquarters). I only used to go to the Neglected Characters site and a few others, until I decided to take a look at MW. Yoshario NG is a pretty good comic. Anyway, moving on..... Yoshario Did you ever get a welcome and if so, by whom? Palkia I can't exactly remember who gave me my welcome, sadly. Yoshario I've checked, you were welcomed by a guy named "DarkZero". Palkia Oh, I remember him. Yoshario Cool. Yoshario Question 2: What was your first edit? Palkia It was on Jigglypuff's Final Smash article before the game was released, and then that page got deleted along with my edit. Yoshario What do you consider your greatest contribution to the wiki? Palkia I've never done that kind of massive work, but probably when I helped Birdoshi and Toadette4evur with Super Mario Bros. 2 stage articles. Yoshario Okay. Thanks for the interview :) Palkia No prob. :p

Fake News

by the Fake News Team

Travel Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

Thunder Island inMario Strikers Charged

Who here loves cows, jeeps, and cheep-cheeps? No, don't answer yet! How 'bout wind, too? Then come to Thunder Island! Plus, you get a discount for every bone you break when you're hit by the aforementioned objects!

Fake TV

by Ralphfan (talk)

The Star Cup is back!

Also, college football!

Fake Games

by Hyper Guy (talk)

1) Super Morshu Kart
Phillips finally get their revenge! Super Morshu Kart features all sorts of Zelda CDi themed characters! Like: The King, with his special item: Dinner!
Zelda, with her special item: -------
And not forgetting the deadly Gameleon's Wand item or Morshu's lamp oil, rope, and bombs!
All sorts of Karts are available, including Gwonam's magic carpet!
It's looking like a very bad comeback for Phillips here!

2) Motel Mario
Phillips are on fire at the moment!
Whilst driving their pimped ride through New York, Malleo and Weegee discover a Motel. After a quick decision, the two drive in and park their pimped ride to enter the Motel. Malleo and Weegee stare move their heads to look at a painting of Bowser on a moped. Malleo and Weegee get a room from a Koopa that strangely looks like Iggy Koopa. After room service interrupted Malleo and Weegee's staring competition (which wouldn't really be a competition anyway), they head downstairs, and Malleo falls down a trap door, and is driven off in a pimped-out truck. Weegee, without blinking, watches his brother get driven away. Weegee jumps into his totally pimped ride and the chase begins! Help Weegee rescue Malleo by driving to all the known Motels in the world, and get into gun fights, meet hookers, and commit crimes on the way! Perfect for your child's birthday!


by Clyde1998 (talk)

Sadly, Goompapa was involved in a car crash and was killed. Every Goomba was at the funeral, including many Goomerang Bros, they were on holiday in Isle Delfino. The car was owned by Krash and he hasn't been seen since, he was having a break off his job. He crashed into Goompapa on Mushroom Bridge (picture 1), he did get court on speed cameras, the Mushroom Police arrested him later. Krash has been seen attacking Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (picture 2), in the past.

R.I.P. Goompapa 1996-2009.

Mushroom City Diddy Kong in a Mine Mine Cart in a Minecart Race in the game Donkey Kong 64

Cooking Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

There will be no cooking guide this month! Why, you ask? Because, in the September Special Issue, there will be two! You can PM me your suggestions (if you don't have a forum account, my talk page will work.)


by Ralphfan (talk)

There will be no interview this month! Why, you ask? Because, in the September Special Issue, there will be two! You can PM me your suggestions (if you don't have a forum account, my talk page will work.)


by Ralphfan (talk)

User:Ralphfan/Star Cup


by Clyde1998 (talk)

Global Cooling is down, CO2 is up 20% this month, maybe it's over? Nah!

Weather for all weeks, yep it's stays the same on the Monday as it does the next week even if Sunday has Sandstorms! WEATHER FOR THE DOLPHIN!

MON: Sun.gif

TUE: Sun.gif

WED: Sun.gif

THU: Sun and Cloud.gif

FRI: Sun.gif

SAT: Sun.gif

SUN: Sun.gif

It looks Sunny this week, maybe a storm will break out.

Fake Movies

by Luigi 128 (talk)}


The famed comic gets to theaters! The movie talks about Peter Toad, a teenage Toad who gets super powers from a radioactive Pider! Now, he must fight the Green Koopa and Dr. Bloopertopus to save Toad Town and his love, Mary Toad Watson! Coming to the Yoshi Theater in December 2009.

Screenshots: 1-1.jpg

2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg[ 


by Luigi 128 (talk)



By Toadbert101 (talk)



This month, I'll look at a must-play game (Which I ironically don't own):
Super Smash Bros Melee
North American box art for Super Smash Bros. Melee

I've always loved the history of smash games, and this one is pretty cool:
1. There are 5 beta stages called TEST, AKANEIA, 10-2, IceTop, and Dummy. These can be accessed via Action Replay.
2. The Japanese version of the game had a completely different Motion-Sensor Bomb, called the Proximity Mine from Perfect Dark. It was oddly changed to the Motion-Sensor Bomb all other releases are familiar with.
3. Many stages had differences from their present state. The "Topi" enemies in the Ice Climber's stage are seals in Japan, but Yeti-like in other versions. The Temple Stage had an elevator leading from the top to the bottom of the stage. Players were able to walk through the labratory in Great Bay, and the Mushroom Kingdom and Yoshi's Story were completely different in design.

Pretty cool, right? Well, here's how I see them:
1. The TEST stage was obviously made to test the game. I bet anyone could figure that out. Plus, the pub-like background doesn't match the game at all. AKANEIA is supposedly a Fire Emblem stage. Now, I'm a fan of the series, so I think putting in a stage for Marth and Roy would be a great idea. However, I believe they removed it because the Fire Emblem games were very obscure to the Western World, so I guess Nintendo figured people would be saying things like "What?" rather than "Cool!" Now I don't know watch the heck 10-2 is supposed to be. I'd say it'd be based off of some Mario Level, but I don't recall there ever being a level 10-2... IceTop seems pretty self explanatory, doesn't it? It's at the Top of something made of Ice, presumably intended for the Ice Climber's use. I envision it as something like Iceberg from Brawl. And then there's Dummy. It freezes the game upon entering it, so you'd fell like...a dummy. Really, I think this was just to scare off hackers, but I not like it's stopped anyone.
2. Censorship. Just censorship. After looking up Perfect Dark on Wikipedia, I discovered it was an M-Rated game. Bombs in an M-rated game. Go figure. Naturally, Nintendo doesn't really want to associate (E-T rated) Mario and Zelda with some M-rated game, so they changed it. Now, they lightly censored the Motion-Sensor Bomb by labeling the game GoldenEye 007 as "TOP SECRET" on the trophy description because it's a T-rated shooter game. It seems as though Nintendo has a problem with violent, first person shooters, but then they'd be hypocrites. (i.e. Samus and the Metroid games).
3. Wow, a lot of changes occurred between Beta and Final stages. The Icicle Mountain stage once featured cute, innocent little seals as enemies. What's worse is that you get to beat them up! They were changed to these ugly, hairy things that don't appear in the natural world. I guess it's just to be sure no little kid is gonna beat up the next seal at the aquarium screaming "DIE TOPI!" Now, the Temple stage having an elevator? Bah, that'd remove the stage's "do-it-yourself" feel, since you'd only have to press a single button to go upward instead of rapidly pressing Y (or X) to jump level to level. I'm not so sure what the labratory would do to the Great Bay stage, except add a bit more fighting room. It may also provide an extra obstacle or two, but I'm not sure. The Mushroom Kingdom and Yoshi's Story stages are on their own, since I haven't seen a picture of their redesigns. Perhaps more/less platforms/obstacles/features. I don't know.

I liked this one much more than some of my other sections. I haven't played this game much, but it's pretty awesome from what I gathered. The beta elements are pretty cool, and some of them were changed for better (i.e. No elevator on Temple), and others, for worse (i.e. exclusion of Akaneia). Thus, my 11th section is finished, and keep writing that feedback!


The 'Shroom:Issue XXIX/Character Comparision

Fangamer Reports

by Shy Guy Banana.gif Super Shy GuyShy Guy Banana.gif

Hey guys. Super Shy Guy here again. My next fangame today is Block Buster/The Block Fairy.



Despite its name “The Block Fairy”, this is different than most Mario fangames. This game is based around shooting ? Blocks into the spaces indicated. Doing so moves on to the next level. There are also several worlds, similar to most Mario games. I have only gotten to World 3, the Space world.


  • Relatively fun
  • Several world to get through
  • Gets more challenging as you move on, which makes it more addicting


  • None really

==Ratings Music: 9/10 This game has pretty cool music. My personal favorite is World 2, the Desert world.

Gameplay: 9/10 You control a Shy Guy with a cannon that shoots ? Blocks into small spaces. Basically a puzzle game as it moves on. Controls are simple: Up and down to move the platform you stand on up and down, left and right to change the cannon angle, and space to fire at a certain power. Relatively easy to control.

Total: 9/10 A fun game overall, mainly just a time waster.

Sorry if it seems short to you guys. This game isn’t too large and doesn’t have much to do other than figure out the puzzles. Oh, and did I mention you have a limit to the ? Blocks you have? You have around 8-10 blocks and these are refilled to max when you get to the next world.

Art & Music

by Art & Music Team


Hello everybody! This is Super Mario Bros. (also known as SMB). I am the director of the Music and Artwork Team, and it is the first issue that the section is appearing on the 'Shroom. We are currently shorthanded on staff, but don't worry, I filled in those spots for this issue. If you would like to join (please do), go here and put your username next to the position that you want. Make sure it is the section that you want to join, also, be sure to read about your position on the page. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this! By the way, if you have any suggestions, contact me here.

Box-Art of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

The front cover for Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube Mario Power Tennis.

Character Artwork of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

Petey Piranha from Mario Super Sluggers Petey Piranha Sluggers artwork

Music Supplier (SMB)

Are you ready to hear 5 facts about Mario related music? Well, here they are:

Random Image of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

Goldfish Bowl SPM.png Super Paper Mario golfish bowl. It was originaly Merlon's but he gave it to a kid for his Goldfish. Mario later uses it as a helmet.

Screenshot of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

A scene in the ending. SMG Ending celebration

Sketch Related to Mario (Superstar Daisy)


Soundtrack of the Month (SMB)

A cool website that works like Google or Bing (that is, a music search engine). I tried looking for the the original Super Mario Bros. theme, but I couldn't find it. However, some of these other songs are really good, including the first result (which is the Super Mario Bros. underwater theme on what seems to be an acoustic guitar). A lot of them also seem to be related to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

Sprite of the Month (Fire Kirby)

Mario looking up after the player pressed up on the D-Pad, or looking up at a Ghost House or castle

Review Corner

by Luigifreak (talk)

Hey, this is Luigifreak, back with a rushed review. This month is one I start a new school, had to work like crazy on my wards, but enough of my rant and onto another. This game really made me angry. It just wasn’t appealing at all. Ready for it? Get ready to put on your shocked face for it is…… New Super Mario Bros.! Yes, the wildly popular DS game is one of my least favorite Mario games ever. Why? Well…… READ THE REVIEW!!!


Bad even for a Mario Platformer. Lightning strikes the castle and Mario goes to look. Bowser Jr. steals Peach. At least there was a small story in every other platformer. Graghhhhhh. VERY disappointing.

Music/ graphics.

Music: Horrible. Search “New Super Mario Bros. Theme” on YouTube. The theme that you here is 100 times better than the music in the game. I’m serious, my head hurts thinking about the music. Every song in the game has annoying little vocal blurbs that sound like “DUH DUH”. It sounds like mentally challenged people made part of the music. Worst part? NO classic tunes in the game. Graphics: Okay. Mario, objects, and enemies are in 3-d, background is in 2-d. No complaints.


Here we go….. So, of course it’s a platformer so expect to do platformer stuff. For those poor souls who haven’t played a platformer, basically you jump on enemies while jumping over gaps and other obstacles. This game adds a few new moves: The triple jump, which you never use, and the wall jump, which you use once. I question why they added these moves, but they didn't really bring down the game. Of course they have to change the power-ups. They take away very good ones like the flower/cape and the hammer suit, put in way too many fire flowers, and add 3 useless ones. The first one, the Koopa shell, limits Mario’s jumping ability and makes him go super fast when he runs. Yay. However, when he goes superfast you have no control. This power-up is VERY rare. The next one is the Mini Mushroom. It turns Mario mini, giving him better jumping and let him enter the 4 places only he can enter. The catch? He goes down in one hit. Again, super rare. The last one is a Mega Mushroom that turns Mario invincible and crushes everything in his path for a few seconds. This makes the toughest levels a joke. In other games I enjoyed that they had a few common powerups, so in this game, just having fireflowers as a common item really brought down part of this game for me. Bad powerups, bad moves, what’s next? You had to ask. Well, when I saw screenshots and thought “YAY! They added cool new platforms for you to navigate!” I was wrong. The ones they do have are only used once, and they only add about 5. Very boring. The obstacles are very easy to navigate, so no challenge. I think I’ve said enough. One last thing: many people really like the "nolstalgia aspect" of this game. I felt like the purpose of this game was pure nosltagia, and I thought that they could have done so much gameplay wise.


The easiest Mario Platformer. I had trouble with two levels. TWO! Another thing that ruins it? You have to EARN two of the worlds. So I had to go back and redo levels several times to get something that should have been there all along? The levels weren't difficult, but I was dissapointed they left out something to make it a bit easier.

Diversity of Enemies

Bad. They have the basic Koopas and such, keep that, and add new enemies every 6 levels. The new enemies appear once. So you’re stuck with the same enemies OVER and OVER.

Diversity of Levels

Meh, okay. Not really many new things, but not extremely boring. I’m done.


Mario and Luigi. Doesn’t need any more than that.


Okay. Replayability: Unlocking the two world and collecting the three star coins for each level (there are roughly 64 tedious levels)

I’m not gonna do Pros and Cons as there are too many cons.

So here are the ratings for each section.

  • Story: 3/10
  • Music: 1/10
  • Graphics: 7/10
  • Gameplay: 3/10
  • Difficulty:1/10
  • Diversity of Levels/Characters:4/10
  • Replayability: 6/10
Overall: 3.5, F-
Overall without Story: 3.6, F-
Overall without difficulty: 4, F-

Okay. I know that this game is very contriversial. But to me, this game is bad. I just really was disappointed when I got it. I know it’s really popular, but in my opinion,this is THE WORST Mario platformer to date. Well, see you with, hopefully, a better game next time.

Director's Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

HI READERS! And I welcome you again to the Director Notes. I am your again-Director Tucayo, if you wonder why, well, Stooby resigned (again) and I was left as Director (again). What I don't know it's if he will remain as Sub, or will retire from The 'Shroom....

This month I have many things to tell you, so let's start:

  • We have a new section, a new team, that is appearing for first time in this issue, it is the Art & Music section!!! So if you want to see something artistic, just go there and you'll find it!
  • Many of you said in the Survey that you hated late sections, bad punctuation, grammar and spelling, so I made new rules enforcing them, users who will not follow them will be warned OR fired.
  • Special Issue: Next month will be the special issue, I have many things prepared, many of them are surprises, but here's one that's not. We will have Guest Writers, who will be, well, special guests who will write a special section, I will invite some, but you can suggest who you will like to see as a special writer!!!! Just write his/her name in the box below and click submit!

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  • No current writers, please.
  • There will be many new things, so please read it!

And from part of all The 'Shroom staff, I want to wish the wiki a happy birthday!


And I think that is all, get ready for the Special Issue!! See ya!

Any suggestions, at my talk. Thanks :) BYE!