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Calendar of Events

by Super Mario Bros. (talk) and Tucayo (talk)

HI MARIOWIKIANS! And welcome to the new calendar of events. And know why I say new? No? Well, it is because YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, THAT IS WHAT NEW MEANS! No, that’s not truth, I say new because the Calendar of Events is now split in 2 sections: the Wiki Calendar, and, to pleasure of those who wanted it back, the Mario Calendar. However, the Mario Calendar will be written by my fellow wikian, Super Mario Bros. (talk)!
So, let’s start with my part.

Mario Releases

Unfortunately, there are no Mario releases during the next month.

MW Awards

The Awards ceremony will take place in our forum] tomorrow (August 14th) 5pm EDT.
The Brawl tournament was canceled due to the director being an incompetent. (Or something like that was said in the Anniversary page). The Mario Kart Wii tourney will take place Saturday 3p EDT.

User Birthdays

--August 15- DoctorWho_1995 (14)
31- Smiddle (16)
From The Birthday Thread]

If your birthday is between August 13th and September 12th, feel free to add it.

Now I leave you with my partner SMB.

The following are Mario-related events that have or will take place in the month of August: