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Classic Review

by Yoshi301 (talk)

Hi! This is Egg Yoshi with the Classic review. In case you didn't know, My name used to be Yoshi301. I decided to do DKC3 this month. This is the third in the DKC series (But I bet you already knew that). In this game, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong go on a fishing trip in the northern Kremisphere and get kidnapped! When Dixie Kong thinks something is up, she travels to the northern Kremisphere and Talks to Wrinkly. Wrinkly tells her what happened and that she should go to Funky's Boat Rentals. Once there, Funky lets her borrow a Motor Boat and lets Kiddie Kong, Dixie’s younger cousin, go with her. They travel through a lot of worlds to get to DK and Diddy. There they must fight King K. Rool and KAOS, the new ruler of the Kremlings. Now, I will start reviewing!


I like the story of the game because instead of one person getting captured, 2 people get captured.

Game Play + Graphics

The graphics stay the same as the first 2 games. Also, saving gets a bit easier than DKC2 because you don’t need any coins. Also, it is a tad easier than DKC because you can actually see on your map where you are going to save.

Characters Places, and Enemies

The Kongs from DKC2 are back, along with Kiddie Kong. The animal buddies are pretty much the same, except Rhambi the Rhino was replaced by Ellie the Elephant. Rattly is gone and Parry is in. There are also the Brother Bears spread out through the land. In the Northern Kremisphere, there are many places to go. There is a small pond, a big forest, a snowy mountain, and a Wastelands Isle. There are new Kremlings. Bazooka uses exactly what his name says; a Bazooka. Kopter flies, using his helmet, up and down, or left to right.


Not as good as the first two games, but I’m not saying the music is bad.


  • Story=8/10
  • Gameplay=7/10
  • Graphics=8/10
  • Characters=10/10
  • Places=9/10
  • Enemies=9/10
  • Music=7/10\
  • Overall=8.2
  • DKC=8.1
  • DKC2=8.2

Well would you look at that. DKC2 and DKC3 tie. Well that’s all for now. So long, Fare well. Until we meet again!