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Good Game, Bad Game

This time, I thought i'd go into the Mario Golf series. I had a lack of time this time. If there is any idea's put on my talk page!

Good Game: Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour was a good game. There are many characters, good graphics, plenty of games to play, 7 courses and a superb introduction to the game. You can play Tournaments, Character Matches, Ring Shots, Challenges, Speed Golf and Training for 1 player and Doubles, Club Slots, Ring Shot, Face-Off, Coin Shoot, Quick Cash, Cash Cup, Stroke Play, Birdie Challenge, Practice Games, Match Play, Skins Match and Near-Pin for 2-4 players

Bad Game: Golf

Golf was a bad game, 1 character. Simple game-play: ball, map and person (Mario), you swing the club and go for the hole. The game was out on November 15, 1986 in Europe (October 18, 1985 in the US) for the NES and the next golf game Mario was in was NES Open Tournament Golf for the NES, the game was out on June 18, 1992 in Europe (September 1, 1991 in the US), 6 years later!

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