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Director's Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

HI READERS! And I welcome you again to the Director Notes. I am your again-Director Tucayo, if you wonder why, well, Stooby resigned (again) and I was left as Director (again). What I don't know it's if he will remain as Sub, or will retire from The 'Shroom....

This month I have many things to tell you, so let's start:

  • We have a new section, a new team, that is appearing for first time in this issue, it is the Art & Music section!!! So if you want to see something artistic, just go there and you'll find it!
  • Many of you said in the Survey that you hated late sections, bad punctuation, grammar and spelling, so I made new rules enforcing them, users who will not follow them will be warned OR fired.
  • Special Issue: Next month will be the special issue, I have many things prepared, many of them are surprises, but here's one that's not. We will have Guest Writers, who will be, well, special guests who will write a special section, I will invite some, but you can suggest who you will like to see as a special writer!!!! Just write his/her name in the box below and click submit!

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  • No current writers, please.
  • There will be many new things, so please read it!

And from part of all The 'Shroom staff, I want to wish the wiki a happy birthday!


And I think that is all, get ready for the Special Issue!! See ya!

Any suggestions, at my talk. Thanks :) BYE!