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Fangamer Reports

by Shy Guy Banana.gif Super Shy GuyShy Guy Banana.gif

Hey guys. Super Shy Guy here again. My next fangame today is Block Buster/The Block Fairy.



Despite its name “The Block Fairy”, this is different than most Mario fangames. This game is based around shooting ? Blocks into the spaces indicated. Doing so moves on to the next level. There are also several worlds, similar to most Mario games. I have only gotten to World 3, the Space world.


  • Relatively fun
  • Several world to get through
  • Gets more challenging as you move on, which makes it more addicting


  • None really

==Ratings Music: 9/10 This game has pretty cool music. My personal favorite is World 2, the Desert world.

Gameplay: 9/10 You control a Shy Guy with a cannon that shoots ? Blocks into small spaces. Basically a puzzle game as it moves on. Controls are simple: Up and down to move the platform you stand on up and down, left and right to change the cannon angle, and space to fire at a certain power. Relatively easy to control.

Total: 9/10 A fun game overall, mainly just a time waster.

Sorry if it seems short to you guys. This game isn’t too large and doesn’t have much to do other than figure out the puzzles. Oh, and did I mention you have a limit to the ? Blocks you have? You have around 8-10 blocks and these are refilled to max when you get to the next world.