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Mario, Non-Mario

by Luigi 128 (talk)

Hello wikians, we all know the videogame heroes, but, have you ever see who's on his side? yeah the sidekicks, this month I'll compare two sidekicks...



At fisrts he was only a recolored palette of Mario but later Luigi will get his own personality and even his own game

Role in games

Luigi is seen in varius games as a coward (Luigi's Mansion, Mario & Luigi Series, etc) but sometimes he gets the role of hero (most times when Mario is in risk) before he was in the mario adventure games as the second player but in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine he doesn't appear and only appeared in spin-off games

In the shadow of Mario

As I sayed in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine Luigi din't appeared but that's not the only reason that makes Luigi bein in Mario's Shadow also in almost all the Spin-off games he is exactly like Mario but weaker another proof is the number of Luigi in Mario Strikers Series Luigi is #2 when Mario is #1


He appeared in Sonic 2 as a Sonic fan who began to follow him after he was saved by him

Role in games

He appeared in the first Sonic games as Sonic's sidekick and always followed him but in later Sonic games he appeared only as a support character (minus Sonic Heroes) 'cause Shadow, Silver, Blaze and many other characters came to follow (or confront) Sonic and since then Sonic left behind his friend

In the shadow of Sonic

As I sayed before at first he was always behind Sonic but later he was left behind appearing only as a support character or in Spin-offs as a playable character (That sometimes follows Sonic like in old times) but is considered a weak character in these games



Yeah I know what you gonna say "He only let Luigi win 'cause he is his fan" but I swear that this dessision is %100 pure just think it Luigi is Mario's Shadow but at least he wasn't left behind by Mario like Sonic left behind Tails


Mario: 2


Whoa now Mario is winning but there are still to many character to compare


Well 'till next month