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Entertainment Section

by Luigi 128 (talk)

Hello Shroomers I'm Luigi 128 this month I'll tell you about a clip named...

People's Mario


the clip is based on a silly rumor saying Mario had subliminal communist propaganda in the clip we see how Mario kills all the Goombas in a Super Mario Bros. style but more bloody and finally reaches the end of the level and pulls the flag as you can see it has many references to Super Mario Bros. Even the texture used is from that game but for some strange reason in the clip Mario has a Hammer.

Graphics & Animation

The animation of this one is pretty good and is 95% original, except for some textures, but still is very good; even some scenes are in 3D and when he throws the hammer looks awesome the battle scenes are very bloody also here Mario has a more Humanesque form but I didn't liked the appearance of the Goombas. Some scenes are also very creative, I liked how he grab the flag.


The BGM is a son called Farewell of Slavianka I think this was pretty god election for the video the song is a Russian patriotic march, written by the composer Vasily Agapkin in honour of the Bulgarian women bidding farewell to their husbands who left for the First Balkan War. The march premiered in Tambov in 1912 and was subsequently released as a single. Slavianka means "Slavic woman".


Story=9/10 Graphics= 8/10 Animation= 10/10 Music= 9/10

Well see ya