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Art & Music

by Art & Music Team


Hello everybody! This is Super Mario Bros. (also known as SMB). I am the director of the Music and Artwork Team, and it is the first issue that the section is appearing on the 'Shroom. We are currently shorthanded on staff, but don't worry, I filled in those spots for this issue. If you would like to join (please do), go here and put your username next to the position that you want. Make sure it is the section that you want to join, also, be sure to read about your position on the page. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this! By the way, if you have any suggestions, contact me here.

Box-Art of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

The front cover for Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube Mario Power Tennis.

Character Artwork of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

Petey Piranha from Mario Super Sluggers Petey Piranha Sluggers artwork

Music Supplier (SMB)

Are you ready to hear 5 facts about Mario related music? Well, here they are:

Random Image of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

Goldfish Bowl SPM.png Super Paper Mario golfish bowl. It was originaly Merlon's but he gave it to a kid for his Goldfish. Mario later uses it as a helmet.

Screenshot of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

A scene in the ending. SMG Ending celebration

Sketch Related to Mario (Superstar Daisy)


Soundtrack of the Month (SMB)

A cool website that works like Google or Bing (that is, a music search engine). I tried looking for the the original Super Mario Bros. theme, but I couldn't find it. However, some of these other songs are really good, including the first result (which is the Super Mario Bros. underwater theme on what seems to be an acoustic guitar). A lot of them also seem to be related to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

Sprite of the Month (Fire Kirby)

Mario looking up after the player pressed up on the D-Pad, or looking up at a Ghost House or castle