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Lakitu Valley is the first course in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. As the first course in the game, it does not feature any major obstacles aside from trees and water. Despite the course's name, there are no Lakitus on this course, aside from the Lakitu that retrieves the ball from the water. By winning the tournament in Lakitu Valley, the player earns the Lakitu Cup and unlocks the next golf course, Cheep Cheep Falls, which slightly resembles Lakitu Valley.


  • Hole 1 (Par 4, 363 yards): As the first hole of the course, there are no major hazards present, other than a pool of water on the right and a few patches of sand near the hole. The rest of the terrain is mostly flat, and there are only two trees on the course.
  • Hole 2 (Par 4, 382 yards): This hole consists of many more bumps and sand traps than the first hole. However, there are still few trees in the way.
  • Hole 3 (Par 3, 144 yards): The third hole is much shorter than the previous two, and there is only one tree on the course.
  • Hole 4 (Par 4, 375 yards): The fourth hole contains nothing more than some trees and a few sand traps.
  • Hole 5 (Par 5, 496 yards): The fifth hole is much longer, and contains many sand traps and trees that the player must traverse in order to reach the hole.
  • Hole 6 (Par 4, 387 yards): The sixth hole has mostly flat terrain, with trees in the middle and sand traps near the middle and near the hole.
  • Hole 7 (Par 3, 131 yards): The seventh hole is short, the hole being in the middle of a circle of sand traps.
  • Hole 8 (Par 4, 358 yards): The eighth hole contains hills and sand traps circling the hole.
  • Hole 9 (Par 5, 479 yards): The ninth hole consists of trees, rough terrain, and a large sand trap in front of the hole. There are also smaller sand traps on the course.
  • Hole 10 (Par 4, 367 yards): The tenth hole contains sand traps near the hole, as well as a few trees and rough terrain near the middle.
  • Hole 11 (Par 4, 333 yards): The eleventh hole has several sand traps scattered about.
  • Hole 12 (Par 3, 162 yards): The twelfth hole contains a starting area in which the ball must be hit over a ramp to the a deeper area where the hole is, along with a few sand traps.
  • Hole 13 (Par 5, 488 yards): The ball must be hit over a small river, then beyond several sand traps where the hole lies.
  • Hole 14 (Par 4, 391 yards): The ball must be hit around sand traps and trees. There is a sand trap near the hole.
  • Hole 15 (Par 4, 342 yards): The ball must be hit off a high platform onto a deeper surface, where there are trees as well as larger sand traps.
  • Hole 16 (Par 3, 114 yards): The shortest course in Lakitu Valley; the ball must be hit between a sand trap and a large pool of water to reach the hole.
  • Hole 17 (Par 5, 519 yards): The longest course in Lakitu Valley; there is a large pool of water on the right. There are also sand traps around the course and near the hole.
  • Hole 18 (Par 4, 350 yards): The final course in Lakitu Valley, where the ball can be hit over or around a large pool of water. The player must also avoid a few sand traps before reaching the final hole.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モンテカントリー
Monte Kantorī
Monte Country; named after the Piantas from Super Mario Sunshine
French Vallée Lakitu Lakitu Valley