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Not to be confused with Clog.
Clog Monster
The Clog Monster
Species  ???
First appearance "The Marios Fight Back"

The Clog Monster is a large, hairy and cycloptic entity seemingly mutated from a variety a chemicals who appeared in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "The Marios Fight Back" the Clog Monster, originally just a clog stuck in a sink, was mutated to its monstrous form after apparently absorbing some Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner and Mario Brothers Plant Food. Dragging itself out of the drainpipe it was stuck in, the Clog Monster attacked the first person it saw, reporter David Horowitz.

Trying to bite David Horowitz's arm off, the Clog Monster was eventually left alone in Mario Brothers Plumbing when David Horowitz managed to pull his arm from the Clog Monster's mouth and fled the apartment.

Later, Mario and Luigi, returning to their apartment after getting some pizza, found the sink they were to unclog in complete working order and David Horowitz gone and assumed that, after seeing that Mario Brothers Clog Cleaner worked perfectly, David Horowitz had left. Unbeknownst to Mario and Luigi, the Clog Monster, having pulled itself completely from the sink, was planning to attack them. Eventually hearing the Clog Monster's roars, Mario and Luigi, scared of the bizarre mutant quickly began running from it, as the Clog Monster chased them through their apartment.