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A list of Zess T.'s recipes in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

  • Items in green are also available at other locations.
  • 50success.png means have a 50% chance of success.
  • Cookbook PM2.png means that the recipe works only if the player has already given the cookbook to Zess T.

A list of Zess T.'s recipes by ingredient is found here.

Name of Recipe Sprite Sell Price Ingredient(s) Effect (s)
Boo's Sheet Boosheet.gif 10 Point Swap + Repel Cape In battle gives the "Invisible" status.
Choco Cake Chococakester.PNG 25 Cake Mix + Inky Sauce
Mousse Cake + Inky Sauce
Replenishes 5 HP and 15 FP.
Coco Candy CandyGreen.PNG 12 Cake Mix + Coconut Replenishes 3 HP and 15 FP.
Coconut Coconut PM2.png 2 (Westside Goods & Toad Bros. Bazaar), 3 (Souvenir Shop), 4 (Sales Stall), 1 (any other shops) Dried Bouquet + Coconut Bomb Replenishes 5 HP
Coconut Bomb BombCoconut.PNG 8(Deepdown Depot), 5 (any other shops) Coconut + Fire Flower Inflicts damage to an enemy.
Couple's Cake CakeCouplesTTYD.PNG 10 Snow Bunny + Spicy Soup Regenerates HP slowly. It must be eaten by Mario and his partner.
Courage Meal MealOfCourage.PNG 20 (Deepdown Depot), 10(any other shops) Courage Shell + Zess Deluxe
Courage Shell + Zess Dinner
Courage Shell + Zess Special
Inflicts damage on an enemy.
Courage Shell ShellofCourage.PNG 2 Point Swap + Mr. Softener In battle, increases defense by 3 temporarily.
Dried Shroom DriedShroom PM2.png 4 (Twilight Shop),1 (any other shops) Life Shroom + Mr. Softener
Mushroom + Mr. Softener
Super Shroom + Mr. Softener
Ultra Shroom + Mr. Softener
Replenishes 1 HP.
Earth Quake EarthQuake PM2.gif 7 Point Swap + Thunder Bolt Attacks all ground-bound enemies.
50success.pngEgg Bomb EggBombPM2.PNG 15 (Deepdown Depot),10 (any other shops) Dried Bouquet + Zess Dynamite
Mystic Egg + Fire Flower
Inflicts damage on an enemy.
Electro Pop ElectroPop PM2.png 25 Cake Mix + Volt Shroom Replenishes 15 FP.
50success.pngFire Flower FireFlowerTTYD.PNG 8(Deepdown Depot),5(any other shops) Point Swap + Ice Storm Inflicts damage on all enemies.
Fire Pop FirePop PM2.png 24(Northwinds Mart),20(any other shops) Cake Mix + Fire Flower
Cake Mix + Hot Sauce
Replenishes 20 FP.
50success.pngFresh Juice JuiceThatsFresh.PNG 3 Gradual Syrup
Honey Syrup
Jammin' Jelly
Keel Mango
Maple Syrup
Peachy Peach
Gradual Syrup + Turtley Leaf
Honey Syrup + Gradual Syrup
Honey Syrup + Jammin' Jelly
Honey Syrup + Maple Syrup
Honey Syrup + Turtley Leaf
Jammin' Jelly + Gradual Syrup
Jammin' Jelly + Turtley Leaf
Keel Mango + Coconut
Maple Syrup + Gradual Syrup
Maple Syrup + Turtley Leaf
Peachy Peach + Coconut
Turtley Leaf + Coconut
Replenishes 5 FP and cures poison.
50success.pngFried Egg FriedEgg PM2.png 7 Mystic Egg Replenishes 10 HP.
Fruit Parfait Fruit parfait.PNG 10 Gradual Syrup + Keel Mango
Honey Syrup + Keel Mango
Honey Syrup + Peachy Peach
Jammin' Jelly + Keel Mango
Jammin' Jelly + Peachy Peach
Keel Mango + Peachy Peach
Maple Syrup + Keel Mango
Maple Syrup + Peachy Peach
Replenishes 10 HP and 2 FP.
Gold Bar GoldenBar.png 100 Point Swap + Gold Bar x 3 No effect. Can be sold at any store.
Healthy Salad HealthySaladTTYD.PNG 5 Golden Leaf + Turtley Leaf
Turtley Leaf + Horsetail
Replenishes 15 FP and cures poison.
Heartful Cake HeartfulCakeTTYD.PNG 10 Cake Mix + Ruin Powder
Peachy Peach + Ruin Powder
Replenishes 20 FP, but also softens the player.
Honey Candy CandyYellow.PNG 15 Honey Syrup + Cake Mix Replenishes 20 FP.
50success.pngHoney Shroom HoneyShroom PM2.png 10 Honey Syrup + Volt Shroom
Mushroom + Honey Syrup
Replenishes 5 HP and 5 FP.
Honey Super HoneySuper PM2.png 20 Life Shroom + Honey Syrup
Super Shroom + Honey Syrup
Replenishes 10 HP and 5 FP.
Honey Syrup HoneySyrup PM2.png 1 (Keelhaul Galleria), 2 (any other shops) Point Swap + Gradual Syrup
Point Swap + Mushroom
Replenishes 5 FP.
Honey Ultra HoneyUltra PM2.png 75 Ultra Shroom + Honey Syrup Replenishes 50 HP and 5 FP.
Ice Storm IceStorm.PNG 10 (Keelhaul Galleria) ,7 (any other shops) Point Swap + Fire Flower Inflicts damage on all enemies and freezes them.
Icicle Pop Popscicle.PNG 20 (Keelhaul Galleria) ,15 (any other shops) Honey Syrup + Ice Storm Replenishes 10 HP.
Ink Pasta PastaInk.PNG 80 Fresh Pasta + Inky Sauce
Inky Sauce + Koopasta
Inky Sauce + Spaghetti
Inky Sauce + Spicy Pasta
Replenishes 10 HP and 30 FP.
Inky Sauce SauceInky.PNG 15(Northwinds Mart),10(any other shops) Hot Sauce + Fresh Juice
Hot Sauce + Koopa Tea
Hot Sauce + Shroom Broth
Hot Sauce + Turtley Leaf
Hot Sauce + Zess Tea
Tasty Tonic + Hot Sauce
Replenishes 30 FP.
Jammin' Jelly JamminJelly PM2.png 50 Point Swap + Ultra Shroom Replenish 50 FP.
Jelly Candy CandyRed.PNG 100 Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix Replenishes 64 FP.
Jelly Shroom JellyShroom PM2.png 75 Jammin' Jelly + Volt Shroom
Mushroom + Jammin' Jelly
Replenishes 5 HP and 50 FP.
Jelly Super SuperJelly.PNG 100 Life Shroom + Jammin Jelly
Super Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
Replenishes 10 HP and 50 FP.
Jelly Ultra JellyUltra PM2.png 200, (Twilight Shop), 150 (any other shops) Ultra Shroom + Jammin' Jelly Replenishes 50 HP and 50 FP.
Koopa Bun KoopaBunTTYD.PNG 10 (Niff T.'s Shop) , 7 (any other shops) Keel Mango + Turtley Leaf Replenishes 15 FP.
50success.pngKoopasta PastaKoopa.PNG 60 Fresh Pasta + Turtley Leaf

Spaghetti + Turtley Leaf

Replenishes 7 HP and 7 FP.
50success.pngKoopa Tea KoopaTea SPM.png 4 (Niff T.'s Shop) , 3 (any other shops) Turtley Leaf Replenishes 7 FP.
Love Pudding LovePudding SPM.png 10 Mystic Egg + Mango Delight Randomly gives the player an Invisible, Electrified or a Sleepy status.
Mango Delight DelightMango.PNG 10 Keel Mango + Cake Mix Replenishes 10 HP and 3 FP.
Maple Shroom MapleShroom PM2.png 25 Maple Syrup + Volt Shroom
Mushroom + Maple Syrup
Replenishes 5 HP and 10 FP.
Maple Super MapleSuper PM2.png 35 Super Shroom + Maple Syrup
Life Shroom + Maple Syrup
Replenishes 10 HP and 10 FP.
Maple Syrup Maple Syrup.PNG 7 (Sales Stall), 10 (any other shops) Super Shroom + Point Swap Replenishes 10 FP.
Maple Ultra MapleUltra PM2.png 100 Maple Syrup + Ultra Shroom Replenishes 50 HP and 10 FP.
Meteor Meal MeteorMealTTYD.PNG 40 Shroom Fry + Shooting Star
Shroom Roast + Shooting Star
Shroom Steak + Shooting Star
Replenishes 7 HP and gradually regenerates HP for 2 turns.
Mini Mr. Mini Minimrmini.gif 4 (Souvenir Shop), 5 (any other Shops) Point Swap + Power Punch Use in battle to give enemies the "shrink" status.
Mistake Mistakepmttyd.jpg 3 (Twilight Shop), 1 (any other shops) Any item or two items that doesn't mix together effect. Replenishes 1 HP and 1 FP.
Mousse Cake Moussecake.gif 10 Cake Mix Replenishes 15 FP.
Mr. Softener MrSoftener.PNG 4 (Niff T.'s Shop), 5 (any other shops) Point Swap + Courage Shell Use in battle to give enemies the "soft" status effect.
Mushroom MushroomTTYD.png 1 (Pungent's Shop, 2 (any other shops) Point Swap + Honey Syrup
Point Swap + Dried Shroom
Point Swap + Poison Shroom
Point Swap + Gold Bar
Replenishes 5 HP.
Omelette Meal OmletteTTYD.PNG 10 Mystic Egg + Horsetail
Mystic Egg + Mushroom
Mystic Egg + Super Shroom
Mystic Egg + Life Shroom
Replenishes 5 HP and 5 FP.
Peach Tart PeachTartTTYD.PNG 10 Peachy Peach + Cake Mix Randomly gives the player a Dodgy, Electrified or Sleepy status.
Poison Shroom PoisonMushroomTTYD.PNG 20 Inky Sauce + Slow Shroom
Slow Shroom + Point Swap
Poisons the player, but has a small chance it will replenish all HP.
Power Punch Powerpunch.gif 7 Point Swap + Mini Mr. Mini In battle gives the "Huge" status.
Repel Cape Repelcape.gif 7 Point Swap + Boo's Sheet In battle gives "Dodgy" status.
Ruin Powder RuinPowderTTYD.PNG 7 Point Swap + Spite Pouch In battle gives "Confusion" status to all enemies.
Shooting Star ShootingStarDoor.PNG 15 Point Swap + Thunder Rage In battle causes 6 damage to all enemies.
Shroom Broth ShroomBrothTTYD.PNG 20 Golden Leaf + Slow Shroom
Golden Leaf + Poison Shroom
Turtley Leaf + Poison Shroom
Regenerates 2 HP for five turns but, gives the player the soft status effect.
Shroom Cake ShroomCakeTTYD.PNG 20 Mushroom + Cake Mix
Super Shroom + Cake Mix
Life Shroom + Cake Mix
Replenishes 10 HP and 10 FP.
Shroom Crepe ShroomCrepeTTYD.PNG 100 Ultra Shroom + Cake Mix Replenishes 30 HP and 20 FP
50success.png Shroom Fry ShroomFryTTYD.PNG 5 Dried ShroomCookbook PM2.png
Poison ShroomCookbook PM2.png
Super Shroom
Volt Shroom
Dried Shroom + Fire Flower
Dried Shroom + Volt Shroom
Mushroom + Dried Shroom Mushroom + Turtley Leaf
Mushroom + Golden Leaf
Replenishes 6 HP and 2 FP.
Shroom Roast RoastShroom.PNG 15 Slow Shroom
Life Shroom
Mushroom + Fire Flower
Mushroom + Super Shroom
Mushroom + Volt Shroom
Mushroom + Gradual Syrup
Super Shroom + Dried Shroom
Super Shroom + Volt Shroom
Super Shroom + Turtley Leaf
Super Shroom + Golden Leaf
Replenishes 15 HP and 5 FP.
Shroom Steak ShroomSirloinTTYD.PNG 45 Ultra Shroom
Life Shroom + Dried Shroom
Life Shroom + Mushroom
Life Shroom + Super Shroom
Life Shroom + Ultra Shroom
Life Shroom + Turtley Leaf
Life Shroom + Golden Leaf
Ultra Shroom + Dried Shroom
Ultra Shroom + Mushroom
Ultra Shroom + Super Shroom
Ultra Shroom + Volt Shroom
Ultra Shroom + Turtley Leaf
Ultra Shroom + Golden Leaf
Replenishes 30 HP and 10 FP.
Sleepy Sheep SleepySheep SPM.png 10 (Niff T.'s Shop), 5 (Keelhaul Galleria), 4 (Other Shops) Point Swap + Tasty Tonic Temporally puts all enemies to sleep, immobilizing them.
Snow Bunny SnowBunnyTTYD.PNG 15 (Keelhaul Galleria), 10 (any other shops) Ice Storm + Golden Leaf Replenishes 15 HP, but in battles causes "Frozen" status.
Space Food SpaceFoodTTYD.PNG 10 Dried Bouquet + Any item that restores HP or FP. Replenishes 5 HP and causes the "Allergic" status.
Spaghetti SpagettiTTYD.PNG 30 Fresh Pasta Replenishes 6 HP and 4 FP.
Spicy Pasta PastaSpicy.PNG 60 (Northwinds Mart), 30 (any other shops) Hot Sauce + Fresh Pasta
Hot Sauce + Spaghetti
Hot Sauce + Koopasta
Replenishes 10 HP, 10 FP and raises power by 1.
Spicy Soup SoupSpicy.PNG 20 (Northwinds Mart), 5 (any other shops) Fire Flower
Dried Bouquet
Snow Bunny
Fire Flower + Hot Sauce
Fire Flower + Dried Bouquet
Replenishes 4 HP and 4 FP
Spite Pouch Spite Pouch.PNG 5 (Twilight Shop), 7 (any other shops) Point Swap + Ruin Powder Briefly cuts the enemies' attack power by half to those who attack directly.
Super Shroom ShroomSuperTTYD.PNG 14 (Pungent's Shop), 10 (Westside Goods), 6 (Keelhaul Galleria), 7 (any other shops) Point Swap + Maple Syrup
Point Swap + Life Shroom
Point Swap + Volt Shroom
Replenishes 10 HP.
Tasty Tonic TastyTonicTTYD.PNG 5 (Keelhaul Galleria), 1 (any other shops) Point Swap + Sleepy Sheep Cures any status ailment.
Thunder Bolt (item) Thunderbolt 2.png 5 (Westside Goods), 6 (Souvenir Shop), 4 (an other shops) Point Swap + Earth Quake Inflicts damage on an enemy and stuns it.
Thunder Rage ThundahRageTTYD.PNG 7 (Sales Stall), 10 (any other shops) Point Swap + Shooting Star Inflicts damage on all enemies and stuns them.
Trial Stew TrialStew SPM.png 1 Poison Shroom + Couple's Cake Reduces HP to 1, FP to 0, and restores all SP.
Ultra Shroom ShroomUltraTTYD.PNG 75 (Pungent's Shop), 50 (any other Shops) Point Swap + Jammin' Jelly Replenishes 50 HP.
Zess Cookie SweetCookieSnackTTYD.PNG 20 Cake Mix + Maple Syrup
Cake Mix + Gradual Syrup
Cake Mix + Mystic Egg
Replenishes 15 HP and 15 FP.
Zess Deluxe DeluxeZess.PNG 60 Shroom Steak + Healthy Salad
Whacka Bump + Golden Leaf
Ultra Shroom + Fresh Pasta
Replenishes 40 HP and 40 FP.
Zess Dinner DinnerZess.PNG 15 (Souvenir Shop), 7 (any other Shops) Mushroom + Horsetail
Super Shroom + Fire Flower
Super Shroom + Horsetail
Super Shroom + Gradual Syrup
Super Shroom + Keel Mango
Super Shroom + Peachy Peach
Ultra Shroom + Keel Mango
Fresh Pasta + Mystic Egg
Fresh Pasta + Coconut
Fresh Pasta + Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad + Shroom Fry
Healthy Salad + Koopasta
Healthy Salad + Spaghetti
Spicy Pasta + Coconut
Meteor Meal + Fruit Parfait
Replenishes 10 HP and 10 FP.
Zess Dynamite Dinnermite.PNG 40(Deepdown Depot),20(any other shops) Egg Bomb + Coconut Bomb Inflicts 7 damage to all enemies.
Zess Frappe FrappeZessStyle.PNG 35 (Keelhaul Galleria), 30 (any other shops) Ice Storm + Maple Syrup
Ice Storm + Jammin' Jelly
Replenishes 20 FP, but causes "Frozen" status.
Zess Special SpecialZessT.PNG 20 Dried Shroom + Fresh Pasta
Fire Flower + Ultra Shroom
Fresh Pasta + Mushroom
Fresh Pasta + Super Shroom
Fresh Pasta + Life Shroom
Slow Shroom + Ultra Shroom
Whacka Bump
Replenishes 20 HP and 20 FP
Zess Tea Zess TEA.PNG 6 Golden Leaf
Maple Syrup + Jammin Jelly
Replenishes 20 FP