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This is the list of Recipes that Zess T. is able to make in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is found in Rogueport, in a building to the left of the plaza. From the start, she can bake with one ingredient, but she can also bake with two after Mario gives her the Cookbook that he finds in Creepy Steeple. Zess T. cannot use two of the same ingredient in a single recipe.

There are many recipes that can be made, with some only available through cooking while others are available in shops. All possible combinations of ingredients are listed here, with the exception of Space Food, which is created using Dried Bouquet and any restorative item. The following list displays all recipes, their ingredients, their effect, and their selling price in various shops. If a shop is not specified, the selling price is the same throughout all shops.

All recipes that use two ingredients require the Cookbook, though there are one-ingredient recipes that require the Cookbook as well, which have an * marking them. Recipes that only have a 50% chance of being successfully cooked (failure will result in a Peachy Peach or a Dizzy Dial being given instead) are colored green.

Name of Recipe Sell Price (in Coins) Ingredient(s) Effect(s) Recipe Entry #
BoosSheet.pngBoo's Sheet 10 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + Repelcape.gifRepel Cape In battle, makes Mario temporarily invisible. N/A
Chococakester.PNGChoco Cake 25 CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + SauceInky.PNGInky Sauce
Moussecake.gifMousse Cake + SauceInky.PNGInky Sauce
Replenishes 5 HP and 15 FP. 29
CandyGreen.PNGCoco Candy 12 CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + Coconut PM2.pngCoconut Replenishes 3 HP and 15 FP. 45
Coconut PM2.pngCoconut 2 (Westside Goods & Toad Bros. Bazaar), 3 (Souvenir Shop), 4 (Sales Stall), 1 (other shops) DriedBoquetTTYD.PNGDried Bouquet + BombCoconut.PNGCoconut Bomb Replenishes 5 HP N/A
BombCoconut.PNGCoconut Bomb 8 (Deepdown Depot), 5 (other shops) Coconut PM2.pngCoconut + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower Inflicts damage on an enemy. 54
CakeCouplesTTYD.PNGCouple's Cake 10 SnowBunnyTTYD.PNGSnow Bunny + SoupSpicy.PNGSpicy Soup Regenerates HP slowly. It must be eaten by Mario and his partner. 26
MealOfCourage.PNGCourage Meal 20 (Deepdown Depot), 10 (other shops) ShellofCourage.PNGCourage Shell + DeluxeZess.PNGZess Deluxe
ShellofCourage.PNGCourage Shell + DinnerZess.PNGZess Dinner
ShellofCourage.PNGCourage Shell + SpecialZessT.PNGZess Special
Inflicts damage on an enemy. 53
ShellofCourage.PNGCourage Shell 2 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + MrSoftener.PNGMr. Softener
DriedBoquetTTYD.PNGDried Bouquet + MealOfCourage.PNGCourage Meal
In battle, increases defense by 3 temporarily. N/A
DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom 4 (Twilight Shop), 1 (other shops) LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + MrSoftener.PNGMr. Softener
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + MrSoftener.PNGMr. Softener
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + MrSoftener.PNGMr. Softener
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + MrSoftener.PNGMr. Softener
Replenishes 1 HP. N/A
EarthQuake PM2.gifEarth Quake 7 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + Thunderbolt 2.pngThunder Bolt Attacks all ground-bound enemies. N/A
EggBombPM2.PNGEgg Bomb 15 (Deepdown Depot), 10 (other shops) DriedBoquetTTYD.PNGDried Bouquet + Dinnermite.PNGZess Dynamite
Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower
Inflicts damage on an enemy. 55
ElectroPop PM2.pngElectro Pop 25 CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom Replenishes 15 FP. 48
FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower 8 (Deepdown Depot), 5 (other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + IceStorm.PNGIce Storm Inflicts damage on all enemies. N/A
FirePop PM2.pngFire Pop 24 (Northwinds Mart), 20 (other shops) CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower
CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce
Replenishes 20 FP. 49
JuiceThatsFresh.PNGFresh Juice 3 GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup
JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly
KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango
Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup
PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango + Coconut PM2.pngCoconut
Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach + Coconut PM2.pngCoconut
TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf + Coconut PM2.pngCoconut
Replenishes 5 FP and cures poison. 40
FriedEgg PM2.pngFried Egg 7 Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg Replenishes 10 HP. 21
Fruit parfait.PNGFruit Parfait 10 GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup + KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly + KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango
JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly + PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango + PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup + KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango
Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup + PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
Replenishes 10 HP and 2 FP. 31
GoldenBar.pngGold Bar 100 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + GoldBarx3.pngGold Bar ×3 No effect. Can be sold at any store. N/A
HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad 5 GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf + Horsetail PM2.pngHorsetail
Replenishes 15 FP and cures poison. 24
HeartfulCakeTTYD.PNGHeartful Cake 10 CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + RuinPowderTTYD.PNGRuin Powder
PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach + RuinPowderTTYD.PNGRuin Powder
Replenishes 20 FP, but also softens the player. 30
CandyYellow.PNGHoney Candy 15 HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix Replenishes 20 FP. 46
HoneyShroom PM2.pngHoney Shroom 10 HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + SlowShroom.PNGSlow Shroom
Replenishes 5 HP and 5 FP. 4
HoneySuper PM2.pngHoney Super 20 LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup
Replenishes 10 HP and 5 FP. 7
HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup 1 (Keelhaul Galleria), 2 (other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom
Replenishes 5 FP. N/A
HoneyUltra PM2.pngHoney Ultra 75 ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup Replenishes 50 HP and 5 FP. 10
IceStorm.PNGIce Storm 10 (Keelhaul Galleria) , 7 (other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower Inflicts damage on all enemies and freezes them. N/A
Popscicle.PNGIcicle Pop 20 (Keelhaul Galleria) , 15 (other shops) HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup + IceStorm.PNGIce Storm Replenishes 15 FP and freezes the user if used in battle. 42
PastaInk.PNGInk Pasta 80 PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta + SauceInky.PNGInky Sauce
SauceInky.PNGInky Sauce + PastaKoopa.PNGKoopasta
SauceInky.PNGInky Sauce + SpagettiTTYD.PNGSpaghetti
SauceInky.PNGInky Sauce + PastaSpicy.PNGSpicy Pasta
Replenishes 10 HP and 30 FP. 19
SauceInky.PNGInky Sauce 15 (Northwinds Mart), 10 (other shops) HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + JuiceThatsFresh.PNGFresh Juice
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + KoopaTea SPM.pngKoopa Tea
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + ShroomBrothTTYD.PNGShroom Broth
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + Zess TEA.PNGZess Tea
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + TastyTonicTTYD.PNGTasty Tonic
Replenishes 30 FP. 41
JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly 50 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom Replenish 50 FP. N/A
CandyRed.PNGJelly Candy 100 JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly + CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix Replenishes 64 FP. 47
JellyShroom PM2.pngJelly Shroom 75 JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly
Replenishes 5 HP and 50 FP. 6
SuperJelly.PNGJelly Super 100 LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly
Replenishes 10 HP and 50 FP. 9
JellyUltra PM2.pngJelly Ultra 200, (Twilight Shop), 150 (other shops) ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly Replenishes 50 HP and 50 FP. 12
KoopaBunTTYD.PNGKoopa Bun 10 (Niff T.'s Shop) , 7 (other shops) KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf Replenishes 15 FP. 23
PastaKoopa.PNGKoopasta 60 PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf

SpagettiTTYD.PNGSpaghetti + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf

Replenishes 7 HP and 7 FP. 17
KoopaTea SPM.pngKoopa Tea 4 (Niff T.'s Shop) , 3 (other shops) TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf Replenishes 7 FP. 37
LovePudding SPM.pngLove Pudding 10 Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg + DelightMango.PNGMango Delight Randomly gives the player an Invisible, Electrified or a Sleepy status. 33
DelightMango.PNGMango Delight 10 KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango + CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix Replenishes 10 HP and 3 FP. 32
MapleShroom PM2.pngMaple Shroom 25 Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup
Replenishes 5 HP and 10 FP. 5
MapleSuper PM2.pngMaple Super 35 ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup Replenishes 10 HP and 10 FP. 8
Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup 7 (Sales Stall), 10 (other shops) ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap Replenishes 10 FP. N/A
MapleUltra PM2.pngMaple Ultra 100 Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup + ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom Replenishes 50 HP and 10 FP. 11
MeteorMealTTYD.PNGMeteor Meal 40 ShroomFryTTYD.PNGShroom Fry + ShootingStarDoor.PNGShooting Star
RoastShroom.PNGShroom Roast + ShootingStarDoor.PNGShooting Star
ShroomSirloinTTYD.PNGShroom Steak + ShootingStarDoor.PNGShooting Star
Replenishes 7 HP and gradually regenerates HP for 2 turns. 25
Minimrmini.gifMini Mr. Mini 4 (Souvenir Shop), 5 (other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + Powerpunch.gifPower Punch Use in battle to give enemies the "shrink" status. N/A
Mistakepmttyd.jpgMistake 3 (Twilight Shop), 1 (other shops) Any item or two items that won't create anything. Replenishes 1 HP and 1 FP. 57
Moussecake.gifMousse Cake 10 CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix Replenishes 15 FP. 27
MrSoftener.PNGMr. Softener 4 (Niff T.'s Shop), 5 (other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + ShellofCourage.PNGCourage Shell Use in battle to give enemies the "soft" status effect. N/A
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom 1 (Pungent's Shop, 2 (other shops) DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom + HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce
DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom + PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom + Powerpunch.gifPower Punch
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + PoisonMushroomTTYD.PNGPoison Shroom
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + GoldenBar.pngGold Bar
Replenishes 5 HP. N/A
OmletteTTYD.PNGOmelette Meal 10 Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg + Horsetail PM2.pngHorsetail
Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg + MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom
Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg + ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom
Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg + LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom
Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg + ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom
Replenishes 5 HP and 5 FP. 22
PeachTartTTYD.PNGPeach Tart 10 PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach + CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix Randomly gives the player a Dodgy, Electrified or Sleepy status. 36
PoisonMushroomTTYD.PNGPoison Shroom 20 SauceInky.PNGInky Sauce + SlowShroom.PNGSlow Shroom
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + SlowShroom.PNGSlow Shroom
Poisons the player, but has a small chance it will replenish all HP. 51
Powerpunch.gifPower Punch 7 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + Minimrmini.gifMini Mr. Mini In battle gives the "Huge" status. N/A
Random Item ? Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + Mystery SPM.pngMystery Depends on the item. N/A
Repelcape.gifRepel Cape 7 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + BoosSheet.pngBoo's Sheet In battle gives "Dodgy" status. N/A
RuinPowderTTYD.PNGRuin Powder 7 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + Spite Pouch.PNGSpite Pouch In battle gives "Confusion" status to all enemies. N/A
ShootingStarDoor.PNGShooting Star 15 Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + ThundahRageTTYD.PNGThunder Rage In battle causes 6 damage to all enemies. N/A
ShroomBrothTTYD.PNGShroom Broth 20 GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf + PoisonMushroomTTYD.PNGPoison Shroom
GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf + SlowShroom.PNGSlow Shroom
Regenerates 2 HP for five turns but, gives the player the soft status effect. 39
ShroomCakeTTYD.PNGShroom Cake 20 MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix
Replenishes 10 HP and 10 FP. 28
ShroomCrepeTTYD.PNGShroom Crepe 100 ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix Replenishes 30 HP and 20 FP 35
ShroomFryTTYD.PNGShroom Fry 5 DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom*
PoisonMushroomTTYD.PNGPoison Shroom*
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom
VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower
DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom

MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf

Replenishes 6 HP and 2 FP. 1
RoastShroom.PNGShroom Roast 15 SlowShroom.PNGSlow Shroom
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf
Replenishes 15 HP and 5 FP. 2
ShroomSirloinTTYD.PNGShroom Steak 45 ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + TurtleyLeaf PMTTYD.pngTurtley Leaf
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf
Replenishes 30 HP and 10 FP. 3
SleepySheep SPM.pngSleepy Sheep 10 (Niff T.'s Shop), 5 (Keelhaul Galleria), 4 (Other Shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + TastyTonicTTYD.PNGTasty Tonic Temporally puts all enemies to sleep, immobilizing them. N/A
SnowBunnyTTYD.PNGSnow Bunny 15 (Keelhaul Galleria), 10 (other shops) IceStorm.PNGIce Storm + GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf Replenishes 15 HP, but in battles causes "Frozen" status. 44
SpaceFoodTTYD.PNGSpace Food 10 DriedBoquetTTYD.PNGDried Bouquet + Any item that restores HP or FP. Replenishes 5 HP and causes the "Allergic" status. 50
SpagettiTTYD.PNGSpaghetti 30 PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta Replenishes 6 HP and 4 FP. 16
PastaSpicy.PNGSpicy Pasta 60 (Northwinds Mart), 30 (other shops) HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + SpagettiTTYD.PNGSpaghetti
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + PastaKoopa.PNGKoopasta
Replenishes 10 HP, 10 FP and raises power by 1. 18
SoupSpicy.PNGSpicy Soup 20 (Northwinds Mart), 5 (other shops) FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower
DriedBoquetTTYD.PNGDried Bouquet
Horsetail PM2.pngHorsetail*
SnowBunnyTTYD.PNGSnow Bunny*
FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower + HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce
FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower + DriedBoquetTTYD.PNGDried Bouquet
Replenishes 4 HP and 4 FP 20
Spite Pouch.PNGSpite Pouch 5 (Twilight Shop), 7 (other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + RuinPowderTTYD.PNGRuin Powder Briefly cuts the enemies' attack power by half to those who attack directly. N/A
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom 14 (Pungent's Shop), 10 (Westside Goods), 6 (Keelhaul Galleria), 7 (other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
Replenishes 10 HP. N/A
TastyTonicTTYD.PNGTasty Tonic 5 (Keelhaul Galleria), 1 (other shops) Coconut PM2.pngCoconut
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce*
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + HoneySyrup PM2.pngHoney Syrup
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly
HotSauce PM2.pngHot Sauce + Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + SleepySheep SPM.pngSleepy Sheep
Cures any status ailment. N/A
Thunderbolt 2.pngThunder Bolt 5 (Westside Goods), 6 (Souvenir Shop), 4 (an other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + EarthQuake PM2.gifEarth Quake Inflicts damage on an enemy and stuns it. N/A
ThundahRageTTYD.PNGThunder Rage 7 (Sales Stall), 10 (other shops) DriedBoquetTTYD.PNGDried Bouquet + VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom
Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + ShootingStarDoor.PNGShooting Star
Inflicts damage on all enemies and stuns them. N/A
TrialStew SPM.pngTrial Stew 1 PoisonMushroomTTYD.PNGPoison Shroom + CakeCouplesTTYD.PNGCouple's Cake Reduces HP to 1, FP to 0, and restores all SP. 52
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom 75 (Pungent's Shop), 50 (other shops) Point Swap.PNGPoint Swap + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly Replenishes 50 HP. N/A
VoltShroom SPM.pngVolt Shroom 5 Thunderbolt 2.pngThunder Bolt + LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom
Thunderbolt 2.pngThunder Bolt + MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom
Thunderbolt 2.pngThunder Bolt + ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom
Thunderbolt 2.pngThunder Bolt + ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom
ThundahRageTTYD.PNGThunder Rage + LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom
ThundahRageTTYD.PNGThunder Rage + MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom
ThundahRageTTYD.PNGThunder Rage + ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom
ThundahRageTTYD.PNGThunder Rage + ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom
In battle gives the "electrified" status. N/A
SweetCookieSnackTTYD.PNGZess Cookie 20 CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup
CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
CakeMix PM2.pngCake Mix + Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg
Replenishes 15 HP and 15 FP. 34
DeluxeZess.PNGZess Deluxe 60 ShroomSirloinTTYD.PNGShroom Steak + HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta

WhackaBump PMTTYD.pngWhacka Bump + GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf

Replenishes 40 HP and 40 FP. 15
DinnerZess.PNGZess Dinner 15 (Souvenir Shop), 7 (other shops) MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + Horsetail PM2.pngHorsetail
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + Horsetail PM2.pngHorsetail
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + KeelMango PM2.pngKeel Mango
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + Horsetail PM2.pngHorsetail
PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta + Mystic egg.PNGMystic Egg
PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta + Coconut PM2.pngCoconut
PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta + HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad
HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad + ShroomFryTTYD.PNGShroom Fry
HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad + PastaKoopa.PNGKoopasta
HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad + SpagettiTTYD.PNGSpaghetti
PastaSpicy.PNGSpicy Pasta + Coconut PM2.pngCoconut
MeteorMealTTYD.PNGMeteor Meal + Fruit parfait.PNGFruit Parfait
Replenishes 10 HP and 10 FP. 13
Dinnermite.PNGZess Dynamite 40 (Deepdown Depot), 20 (other shops) EggBombPM2.PNGEgg Bomb + BombCoconut.PNGCoconut Bomb Inflicts 7 damage to all enemies. 56
FrappeZessStyle.PNGZess Frappe 35 (Keelhaul Galleria), 30 (other shops) IceStorm.PNGIce Storm + Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup
IceStorm.PNGIce Storm + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly
Replenishes 20 FP, but causes "Frozen" status. 43
SpecialZessT.PNGZess Special 20 MushroomTTYD.pngMushroom + PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta
DriedShroom PM2.pngDried Shroom + PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + FireFlowerTTYD.PNGFire Flower
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + PeachyPeach PMTTYD.pngPeachy Peach
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + GradualSyrupTTYD.PNGGradual Syrup
ShroomUltraTTYD.PNGUltra Shroom + Horsetail PM2.pngHorsetail
ShroomSuperTTYD.PNGSuper Shroom + PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta
LifeShroom PM2.pngLife Shroom + PastaFresh.PNGFresh Pasta
HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad + PastaInk.PNGInk Pasta
HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad + RoastShroom.PNGShroom Roast
HealthySaladTTYD.PNGHealthy Salad + PastaSpicy.PNGSpicy Pasta
Replenishes 20 HP and 20 FP 14
Zess TEA.PNGZess Tea 6 GoldenLeaf PM2.pngGolden Leaf
Maple Syrup.PNGMaple Syrup + JamminJelly PM2.pngJammin' Jelly
Replenishes 20 FP 38