List of constellations in Mario Party 9

Players can purchase constellations to view in the sky.
A screenshot, displaying some of the constellations that can be unlocked

The following is a list of all 50 constellations and their descriptions as seen in Mario Party 9. All constellations cost 50 Party Points to purchase. They are based on playable characters, bosses, and entities that appear in various boards and minigames. For one Party Point, players can launch a firework into the sky while viewing the constellations.


Image Constellation Based on In-game description
  Super Bro Major Mario A constellation named after a hero famous for his mustache, red cap, and indomitable spirit. He's also quite popular with the princesses.
  Super Bro Minor Luigi A constellation named after the brother of a hero. He's still pretty brave in his own right, even if he's scared of ghosts, monsters, and everything.
  Princess Major Princess Peach A constellation named after a beautiful princess who has a tendency to get kidnapped by reptilian villains.
  Princess Minor Princess Daisy A constellation named after a princess who enjoys tennis, golf, soccer, and not getting kidnapped.
  Scheming Major Wario A constellation named after a pesky prankster who can't help but involve his friends in get-rich-quick schemes.
  Scheming Minor Waluigi A constellation named after a man whose dastardly deeds were so devious they caused the tips of his mustache to point straight up.
  Hero's Best Buddy Yoshi A constellation resembling Mario's trustworthy companion. When he jumps, he appears to pedal the air, which is the cutest thing you ever did see.
  Egg Thrower Birdo A constellation resembling a strange creature that launches eggs from her mouth. But how adorable is that ribbon?!
  The Advisor Toad A constellation inspired by the loyal attendant of Princess Peach. Though small, there are few who work as hard.
  Speedy Shell Koopa Troopa A constellation that brings to mind a ferocious shelled warrior. When kicked, he is capable of spinning away at frightening speeds.
  Fire Flower Fire Flower A constellation resembling a lovely flower. Though it makes a surprisingly tasty snack, it's spicy enough to cause any who eat it to breathe fire.
  Brick Blocks Brick Blocks A constellation named after blocks that break when struck from below. Be sure to break those blocks with your fist and not your head.
  Mushroom Super Mushroom A constellation based on a type of mushroom that causes any who eat it to grow bigger.
  Pipe Warp Pipe A constellation based on magical plumbing that causes those who enter it to be transported to fantastic places.
  Gluttonous Gobbler Piranha Plant A constellation based on a species of carnivorous plant that will eat almost anything. Some species are even said to breathe fire!
  Ground Soldier Goomba A constellation inspired by the stalwart mushroom monsters who never give up, no matter how many times they're squashed.
  Straight Shot Bullet Bill A constellation named after a bullet that always flies in a straight line. Some find this attitude quite charming. Others less so.
  Hello Mole Monty Mole A constellation that takes its name from a mole famed for his digging. Some people think he was cooler when he was still underground.
  Sharp Shell Spiny A constellation named after a turtle who hides beneath a spiky shell. If you step on him by mistake, there will be pain afoot.
  Cloud Charmer Lakitu A constellation based on a creature who rides through the skies on a cloud. He enjoys causing trouble by dropping things on anyone below him.
  Killer Caterpillar Wiggler A constellation that calls to mind a gigantic caterpillar. Rumor has it that a ride upon his back is more comfortable than you'd think.
  Timberheads Whittles A constellation based on tree spirits who inhabit many forests. They're a little creepy--but super nice when you get to know them.
  Nail Shell Hammer Bro A constellation based on a turtle with the troublesome hobby of lobbing hammers. Think of all he could get done if he put those to good use!
  Fierce Fish Cheep Cheep A constellation that takes its name from the pudgy fish who can often be seen happily leaping through the sky.
  On Porpoise Dolphin A constellation based on the goggle-wearing Dolphin. Would a sea mammal need goggles? You sure ask a lot of questions.
  Blooper Reel Blooper A constellation based on a gigantic squid. Mario has fought this squid countless times, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. That's just life.
  Hermit Claw Huckit Crab A constellation based on the curious crustacean that has long defied classification. Hermit crab? Crayfish? Shrimp? He's not telling.
  Delfino Islander Pianta A constellation based on the strange race of islanders with plants sprouting from their heads. Dancing and wrestling are their two great loves.
  Snow Bird Penguin A constellation based on penguins who like to race their friends across the ice on their bellies!
  Cold Guy Mr. Blizzard A constellation named after snowmen who are fond of hurling snowballs. Don't worry--the snow they throw isn't part of their bodies.
  Bomb Major King Bob-omb A constellation inspired by the king of all bombs. His explosion is every bit as big as his size indicates. Approach with extreme caution.
  Bomb Minor Bob-omb A constellation named after a curious type of wind-up walking bomb. Red and black varieties exist, but both are powerful.
  Ghost Major King Boo A constellation resembling the king of timid ghosts. Despite his impressive size and cool crown, he doesn't like being looked at.
  Ghost Minor Boo A constellation based on the little ghosts who cannot bear the gaze of others, turning away to hide their shame. Poor little guys. Or are they?
  Bound Biter Chain Chomp A constellation named after mysterious, endlessy chomping creatures. Thanks goodness for their chains, or we'd all be devoured!
  Rodent Thief Scaredy Rat A constellation based on rats that prefer to attack their prey in large groups. Like all rodents and villains, they should be handled with care.
  Skull Shell Dry Bones A constellation that calls to mind a skeletal turtle. Though these turtles crumble when stepped on, their ability to reassemble is truly weird.
  Drop Bat Swooper A constellation based on bats that hang around in dark places. Always seeing the world upside down has warped their view on life.
  Riled Rock Thwomp A constellation inspired by a giant slab of stone with anger-management issues. He's heavy too, so woe be to anyone who tries to use him for shade.
  Magic Shell Kamek A constellation of a turtle mage who often rides the skies on his broom. Despite being great at his job, he always seems so unhappy.
  Sore Stone Whomp A constellation based on a towering rock wall that loves to topple onto its foes. Unfortunately, this reveals the weak point on his back.
  Malevolent Mask Shy Guy A constellation based on a creature so shy he wears a mask to hide his face. What's behind the mask? Your guess is as good as mine.
  Bad Ball Boy Spike A constellation that calls to mind a fiendish turtle who spits spiked balls at his foes. Nobody ever told him how rude that is, so it's hard to blame him.
  Koopa Major Bowser A constellation based on the lord of the Koopa Troops himself. Though selfish and prone to fits of rage, he takes good care of his underlings.
  Koopa Minor Bowser Jr. A constellation based on the spoiled son of a dark lord. He may be a bit of a brat, but he tries hard to impress his dad, and that's never easy.
  Fireballs Podoboos A constellation based on the bubbling balls of fire that shoot up from pools of magma. They're super hot, so touching them is a big no-no.
  Jungle Major Donkey Kong A constellation named after the legendary lord of the jungle. He often wears neckties as a sign of his professional dedication to bananas.
  Jungle Minor Diddy Kong A constellation named after the long-tailed Diddy Kong. Don't let the T-shirt and cap fool you; he's as serious about bananas as anybody else.
  Barrel Barrel A constellation that calls to mind a mysterious barrel. Some say barrels shoot people into the sky. Others say barrels store things. Could be both.
  Banana Banana A constellation evocative of that tasty treat beloved by animals everywhere: bananas. In the jungle, they're quite valuable.


  • Every constellation that is based on a starting playable character, except Yoshi and Toad, is shaped according to that character's emblem.
  • Some constellation names could be puns: "Hero's Best Buddy" is likely a pun on "man's best friend," "Killer Caterpillar" is likely a pun on "killer bee" or "killer whale," "Blooper Reel" is a pun on the eponymous term, "Snow Bird" is likely a pun on "sunbird," "Nail Shell" is likely a pun on "snail shell," "On Porpoise" is a pun on "on purpose," and "Drop Bat" is likely a pun on "bat drop."