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I am Zero! Hey LGM, you know that proposal you made, well I made a large comment and I will like you to read it because it sounds like a good idea, this is back-uped by Tucayo's comment afterwards. Your proposal is to change the SMW logo in general but your support and most other's sound like if they and you want to change it into the cap one. Well just read my comment on your proposal. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Finally archived![edit]

Hey, do you have any idea on how to take Ds images or record ds videos? Thanks! Btw, is your DS screen bigger than your tv screen? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Ps was it SHINY wario ace and the others shiny? Because that makes them harder. On a side note, you know the way Wario acts when he loses? That makes me feel bad for him:(

Somebody must have cheated...I CAN'T LOSE. I laugh at that, actually. >:D








-CA Weather Advisory

Well, u deserves this....[edit]

Please stop being yourself on Wario's Turf. This isn't a warning, and it's possible that you made a mistake by purpose or realizing it; this is simply a reminder for your information. If the action continues deliberately, then a warning will be issued. Thanks for farting and keep pooping.

Ya, you deserved that


Dinothingparty.gif This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (being yourself) on Wario's Turf. Please adhere to the rules, or you will encounter Wario's butt in Baby Mario's face.

Per BWOF above. KS3 (talk · contribute) 07:10, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

Wario is fat[edit]

Wario was walking one day. I don't know why stories start like that, but whatever. Anyway, Wario saw a blue tent and he saw two humanoid critters named Clark and Stanley. Someone set off a bomb, and there was a huge explosion and Clark and Stanley were sent flying. Wario wondered why and how this happened. He ate some marshmallows and he saw the tent explode. It was a huge explosion and the tent reappeared, exploded again, reappeared, exploded again. The cycle doesn't stop.

A ship arrived at the area Wario is in. Baby Luigi appeared to be driving that ship and he saw Wario just sitting there. Why was Wario just sitting there, he pondered. He then saw the exploding tents and Clark and Stanley (whom both respawned) flew out of there. Baby Luigi said, What-the, and he beamed down from his ship.

He carried some useful equipment to defend him from hostile groups. There was the Grox; he didn't like them. They were hostile to him, so he decided to destroy them. Anyway, the equipment he carried was a large gun that enabled him to use a Pulse Blast and it could wipe out enemies before they had the chance to get to him. If that doesn't work, he has a more powerful weapon, a Missile Launcher, that can wipe out groups of enemies. He also has an Energy Slasher. All of this requires energy, so he carries Energy Boosting and Energy Recharging equipment. He can fly with Jet Packs and soar with Gliding Pack. He has a Freeze Blaster, which makes his opponents frozen and easy targets.

As Baby Luigi beamed down, Wario gazed at a fire and he decided to sit on it. It wasn't pleasant for Wario; he leapt up, screamed, and ran towards Baby Luigi. Baby Luigi screamed and Wario crushed him with his immense weight. Wario grabbed Baby Luigi and used his farting attack which sent them flying to the sky. Baby Luigi screamed and his ship followed him.

Baby Luigi did not know what happened next, but he knew that he landed in a completely, horizon-less pink planet. Mario was there; what was he doing here? That's right: he is a conqueror and he is great friends with the mighty, omnipotent Baby Luigi empire. Mario realized that Baby Luigi was in harm and he decided to follow Wario.

To Wario, all seemed confusing. Wario farted off and landed on this strange pink planet. Mario signaled them to go north and they followed north.

At the top of the planet, they encountered something totally unexpected...


I don't know. Do you?


Yes, it's the Black Door of Death!!!. KS3 (talk · contribute) 05:20, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

Waluigi, duh! Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 05:21, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

And then After they entered the Black Door of Death they found something fishy. First of all, the almighty Poochy, as everyone calls it, is somewhat insulting changed. He decided to put a heading from Wario's intestines (I don't know how, but he did it somehow) and put it there in the middle of the talk page before LGM archived and signed [[User:LeftyGreenMario|KS3]]. I knew it was fake, and so did they, but the number 2257 fell in the middle of the Talk page. So the duo turned around and saw... Cackletta! She was walking next to Waluigi, making some kissing noise...
The preceding unsigned comment was added by KS3 (talk).
And she threw her arms out. Baby Luigi immediately ran behind Wario and Wario absorbed all the thunderbolts Cackletta shot out. Baby Luigi pointed his gun at Cackletta and shot it, but unfortunately, Cackletta ate the Energy Blast. The Almighty Poochy just turned around and ate the numbers 2257 because they are pointless numbers and the Poochy itself was pointless because it appeared in what, 1 game?
Waluigi was very absorbed with his ballerina skills. He started dancing around the room in a tutu, so that made Mario hesitate and cover Baby Luigi's eyes, as little boys aren't supposed to be seeing this. Mario took out his own Heat Seeking Missile Launcher, aimed it at Waluigi and blasted it. Waluigi screamed, "Waluigi.........RUINED!!!" and face-planted on the floor (he's still wearing a tutu). Cackletta was angry and said, "Why did you ruin an entirely good performance, I liked that!" Mario and Baby Luigi looked at each other and wrinkled their faces. Someone liking Waluigi's dancing? Ew.

Then Cackletta threw another lightning bolt and Wario ate it. She then grew large and started making abysses appear out of nowhere, which led the trio somewhere else (and the Almighty Poochy 2257)............


To Mario's big, fat smelly mouth. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 05:41, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

After that, They teleported back to whatever you're talk archive horror and left Cackletta and Waluigi marrying eachother and going into a black hole in Wario's stomach. The the Trio met Peach and the Quadrio or Quado or whatever went to get Kirby. Kirby was trying to Get the Dream Land back, while Yoshi came walking the other way. The 6 people + Poochy decided to camp outside in the open in Peach's Backyard... KS3 (talk · contribute) 05:46, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

They met this knife sitting on Kirby's Pillow, which turns out to be Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic said "Ow!!!" Sonic then tried to steal the knife, which turns out to be Percy Jackson's Riptide, and Percy jackson appears and gets it back. Then Lord Voldermort appears and tried to kill everyone, but Wario just ate him. Afterwards, Fawful appears and Mario starts attacking him. Baby Luigi said to Mario to stop attacking Fawful. Then they became friends and their next stop is Carvahall from the sucky movie and found out that Murtagh already destroyed it. Now this weird group is in the middle of nowhere but they find another sword called Zarroc and brought it over to the Ancient Minister. He said that nothing is worth it now because of Tabuu... KS3 (talk · contribute) 05:56, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

Afterwards, Mario said that he is bored and that he needs to eat something. So he ate a lot of pasta and everyone except for him got kidnapped by Bowser. Luckily everyone except for Peach excaped, and [snip] (there was supposed to be LGM's very long story, but it caused the last talk page to be archived, so no, not going to be on here) [/snip]. Then the last LGM's long story happened, with User:Red Shell 68066vr's long story with it (or it is mines?). Then Romeo and Juliet happened, and just when they were about to commit suicide Baby Luigi teleported them to modern day Somalia. Since they were in the middle of a pirate ship they committed suicide anyways. Then Wario went into the story and killed all the rest of the people in there. After that, some R.O.B.s came over from Mario Kart DS, which has bad graphics anyways, and started to try to kill Bedlem, but Dooplex (or however you spell the ghost's name) blocked and died as a result. Then this complainer interfered with the so called story and set up the commercial about "how this wiki is going to die", in the middle of Great Expectations, which Wario ate the characters anyways. Then Ebenezer Scrooge came here and start hating everyone and bossing everyone around. Then the 3 ghosts or whatever came here and took him on a vast jounery. Tom Sawyer came here with a random black cat from Napowan, Wisconsin, and it scratched Wario in the face. It DID NOTHING!!! Now, this Wheel Of Fortune uploader on Youtube randomly decides to create a stuffdestroyer named Willy and claims that he has autism, but when I ask him a few months ago for a project on autism for class, he deleted my comment. Bad, Wayoshi, bad. Just wait and see what happens when he comes here at Friday the 13th, August, 2010. Daniel Webster, the dictionarymaker guy, is an old guy, but please look at Wario, he voted to keep him!!! Probably some premature aging and some disease I read on scientific american. Now, for the drumroll... Saudy!. Let's welcome all the old people back to Baby Luigi's world. Only problem, Bowser's raiding Toad Town and Rogueport, and everyone from the UnMarioWiki is teasing us, expecially this user named Sixeightyseventyone. . Welcome, YellowYoshi###, to the rescue. Time to repel Bowser Dark Star with Welcome Message Attack. Also, Aurum, please user Fake Message Box attack against the evil Darth Vader, except we're getting off track, so then Baby Luigi woke up to see a full fledged battle in the Korean War. Nintendo wouldn't allow that, but thanks to Microsoft, the UnMarioWiki was created, and Rareware got the DK games back. Traveling back to the War of the Austrian Succession, we see Luigi fighting against the awesome King Boo. Baby Luigi decided to assist King Boo anyways, because Baby Luigi changed his name legally to Baby Weegee in California. Mario was assisting the USA against the communist dictatorship North Korea, which is still dictatorship today. Daisy was randomly in Mario Party 8, who just ate The Weegee Candy, and turned into a bunch of weegees. Bowser kidnapped Peach again, and Mario had to go to the Vietnam War to fight Bowser, in the middle of the Vietnam War. (No one is on anyone's side, because they are on opposite sides, and Vietnam won't allow any foreign games in the 1970s. Dear everyone, but Willy the Conquerer conquered England, bringing feudalism to England. Europe was in the state of war because of the feudalism, a thing caused by after Charlemagne lost control. Again, we lost track of it. But eventually, a person, and his wife took over the whole of France Italy and crowned themselves as king. Because they were Japanese from the future, everyone tried to assassinate him, but failed epicly. Now, the reason why they failed epicly is because of Kirby's epic yarn, which made the fail epic. Kirby eventually took over Sicily and took over Italy, knocking Mario and Peach from their positions. Now, they decided to become King of France, but everyone considered them Italians. Link, the King of Germany, decided to do something about it. Now, As Baby Mario woke up from this nightmare, I shall coin it, Wario was still walking for some reason I do not know. Baby Mario noticed the last thing he wanted to see... The Vandal/Troll/Sock Peachycakes!!! (not this user). A full fledged battle occured, while Wario walked slowly away towards Peach's Castle. Peachycakes blew up a piece of TNT, and Baby Luigi came rushing to see what happened. All that they saw was Peachycakes, dead, Willy on Wheels, continuing to battle. Creating 2 puppets, Willy, and King Willy MCCCXXXVII, they vandalized the area around it. Suddenly, help arrived, from Bucken-Berry!... KS3 (talk · contribute) 06:43, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

Dear LeftyGreenMario,

If this story is starting to sound weird, it should. It is my nature to start writing something random in the middle of a story. Someone by the name of Wayoshi somehow inspired me, go check the main page archive, somewhere like 12 or something. I apologize for writing random stuff on you're random talk page, I kinda overreacted on 2257's edit on you're old talk page. ($%^& you God)



Hey, I don't have to sign it up there, I can sign it down there:

Dry Bones 225 (talk) Contributions 07:02, 23 July 2010 (UTC) Oh yeah, and Pirate Goomba is a Pirate Goomba.


That was the most random story ever. It's still funny!!!Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

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It might be a bit outdated, since that user was either retired or blocked, so don't get mad over you're alliance with a number.

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Arghhh, HanuukahYoshi's template is ruining me monobook colorz :( Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 04:49, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

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Good luck for a good future here,
YellowYoshi398 (talk)

Here's another one

Can you please type YOUR correctly? It makes a whole lot easier for my brain >.< -KS3
Okay... Xzelion


You live in Cali too? That's awesome! So. Cal or Northern california? Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Southern California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!11! Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 04:12, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

SAME HERE!!!! 1337!!!! I'm not surprised you're a girl. My cousin lieks Mario and Luigi. She used to be a dieheart Peach fan, but turned a new leaf. lol. I don't like peach for three reasons: She has an ANNOYING voice, she's a complete priss, and she gets herself kidnapped WAY too much!!!!! And she's not even pretty!Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

If you hate her that much, why don't you just beat in 100-0 in Mario Strikers Charged or something. I mean, that's what I did a few days ago. Besides, Daisy is awesome in that game. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 04:28, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

LOL Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 04:21, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

Here's a userbox if you want it. ;P


Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Yay, another userbox for my mountain DX Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 04:31, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

Do you like Wario? I have yet to meet a girl that LOVES Wario as much as you like Daisy. I hope you don't like him. I hope you HATE him. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 04:34, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

Yep, I hate him! But I hate waluigi more. He's an anorexic creeper that stalks Daisy. I feel bad for her. Wario is just a typical fattie who sits on the couch 24/7and eats nothing but CRAP. I'm surprised he gets active sometimes. LOL.Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Btw I read BLOF's Crane Fly section of her talk page and commented on it. Aren't the ugly things horrible? Stupid kids at school called then Daddy Long Legs and Mosquitoes. Aren't they idiots? This is completely off topic but MY ARMS HURT!!! I had to go to the doctor for my stupid checkup before going into junior high. I got three friggin shots! two on my left arm and one on my right! GRRRR! Oh, and if you're gonna leave a comment plz go to my talk page to say something. That way it's more noticable. Thx!Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

LOL, Sgt.Boo and I are siblings also. We sometimes destroy Wario and Waluigi in games also! ROFL. Sgt.Boo hates wario too, even though he's a boy! But he and I aren't twins. He's younger... I HAVE POWER!!!!Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Wait are you seriosely blocked or is it just one of those stupid fake ones? I doubt it's real cause of what it said.Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Do you live near the STUPID FRIGGIN fires going on? Ugh, I feel like i'm still in the wavepool. I'm completely burned out from wlking around. Have you been to Magic Mountain or Hurricane Harbor?Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

I've recently discovered more people who HATE, that's right, hate Wario!!!Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.pngPS-Crap, my dogs are barking!

My sister got mad at me when we were at HH because I started coughing in the wavepool and she told me to get out and i didnt so TOO BAD!!! btw did I ever tell you that wario sux?Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png


Actually a lot of guys hate wario. as a matter of fact, I get surprised if anyone LIKES him.LOLOLOL!!!Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

So people like Wario cause they can torture him?Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

I hate the new Main Page. I can't beleive they took away featured images! I mean seriousely, I go on vacation for THREE DAYS and when I come back, I see this crap!Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.pngPS-They should bring FI's back. And the first Image nominated should be one of Wario so everyone opposes it.

This is my last comment on this section. The next comment will be at the very bottom.Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Final Warning FOR YOU!!![edit]

Dinothingparty.gif This is your last warning. The next time you are being yourself on Wario's Turf, you will face getting farted in the mouth from Wario and your account will get pooped on as the result from Baby Mario eating too much meatballs with broccoli and chili (with beans).

Ya, you deserved it.

KS3 (talk · contribute)


Warning!!! (FOR REAL)[edit]

[[1]] Bazooka Mario/Archive 2 has been blocked from visiting the Super Mario Wiki, per ruling of Wario's Butt .

This user is not allowed to stare at
Mario's malfunctioning spleen under any dumb old circumstances while a square block is being created against her. The user is able to eat the site if the toy block is on her head and the expiration date set by The humongous skeletal bad guys is past. If it is past, the user is not longer considered fresh and must be thrown away, just like milk!

If the block is "uninfinitly bad", this probably means that the user gets a permanent ugly banner of Waluigi from the site and is forbidden from destroying any new accounts to decorate the banner.

Smell the wrath of Baby Mario's nasty cheesecakes and eat them too! Bwahahahahahahahahachokes.

Warining 2 (FOR REAL!!!)[edit]

Hooray. Get fooled by THAT Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 03:36, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

Ha! Beat that![edit]

Eliminate Mainstream Signatures[edit]


I was listening to what one of the fellow wiki members have said, and I actually think my proposal about allowing certain signatures was dumb. I myself own an eleven year old computer as well. So, I am going to say what this proposal is about now. If this proposal passes, signatures will be banned from MarioWiki and Help talk pages as well as other pages that say that they are, but will be allowed on article talk pages, user pages, and user talk pages. I think that it slows down older computers and it looks more professional with the {{User|Username Here}} format on the mainstream wiki.

Proposer: Super Mario Bros. (talk), with ideas from Walkazo (talk)
Deadline: Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 17:00


  1. Super Mario Bros. (talk) Per reasons above.
  2. Alan Warp Zone (talk) I have a good computer, but I think so, cause old computers take time to load.
  3. Blitzwing (talk) Signatures look silly on public pages, and they can cause coding problem (Infact, I remember when a signature made it completely impossible to access a page.)


  1. KPH2293 (talk)—I understand banning them from organized voting pages, but this is too extreme. Why don't we just ban signatures that cause technical issues? Not all of them are disruptive.
  2. Tucayo (talk) - Oppose, oppose, OPPOSE. Blitz:You can just revert that edit. TimeQ: Theyre banned from voting pages, and that only really leaves us talks pages. Stooby: Not all sigs cause problems, so i dont see why the sigs of users who are fine must be deleted from other pages. SMB: If you have an old computer, just mark on your browser something to not show the images
  3. Nerdy Guy (talk) - Per KPH and Tucayo, plus the following: 1) Having all signtures look the same makes it hard to keep track of who's talking. 2) If the things listed in the perposal happen, we would look boring and dull to anyperson looking at talk pages to see what we think. 3) We can just give a reminder and/or a note to anyone whose sig is causing problems. Besides those reasons, there are other reasons why I think this proposal shouldn't pass; the perposal is a little too extreme, no offense.
  4. Stooben Rooben (talk) - KPH convinced me. Having no sigs on this page is understandable; but let's not go for overkill.
  5. Leirin (talk) - Per all.


I don't really care either way, but let's assume this passes. In that case, that template should really be moved to {{sig}} to avoid accidental userpage transclusions. e.g. "{{user:twentytwofiftyseven}}", instead of "{{user|twentytwofiftyseven}}" Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)

KPH: That's a good idea. However, certain sigs cause certain problems on different computers. One of my older sigs that had a blue background messed up talk pages for some users, (Pokemon DP, Walkazo, Stumpers, and a few others), while it cause no problems for others. It'd be kind of difficult to narrow down what does and what doesn't cause technical problems, unfortunately. - Stooben Rooben (talk)
Tucayo: You misunderstood me. I know that not all sigs cause problems, but some do for certain computers. (Example: Super-Yoshi's signature causes the background of a talk page to turn lightgray on my computer, while on others, I'm sure it's fine. So it's hard to target which sigs are "problem-causers", for lack of a better term. - Stooben Rooben (talk)
By "not all of them are disruptive", I was mainly referring to signatures that are no more problematic than {{user}}, like "KPH2293 (T/C)". Most technical issues are caused by colors/images, and a signature like this uses neither of those. —KPH2293 (talk)
Then we can just edit sigs taht affect Tucayo (talk)
Why edit those sigs? I don't even think it is possible, users are not allowed to edit other people's user space. If they were, i

Limiting sigs to User space does seem a tad extreme. Maybe they should just be banned from MarioWiki and Help talk pages, but allowed on article talk pages. - Walkazo (talk)

Check the proposal. Is it ok? Super Mario Bros. (talk)
Honestly, I wouldn't mind this proposal as much if it didn't ban anything besides {{user}}. Look at the example I posted in my previous comment - how is that anymore disruptive than the template? Furthermore, why ban them from only MarioWiki/help pages? How would they would be any more problematic there than they would be on a mainspace talk page? —KPH2293 (talk)
Well, are you suggesting that we delete them from the mainspace? Also, Tucayo, why edit those sigs? I don't even think it is possible, users are not allowed to edit other people's user space. If they were, I don't think that would be right. Super Mario Bros. (talk)
Sorry, I should have been more specific. What I mean is, I believe it should be all or nothing. There is little difference between mainspace and MarioWiki talk. Why ban them from one and not the other? Leaving user talk alone makes sense, since what's disruptive on those pages is really up to whoever owns the userspace. Also, you are correct; users do not have the technical power to edit others' pages. Only sysops have that function. —KPH2293 (talk)
Mainspace talk pages rarely gather enough comments to be problematic (and the ones that do are generally for the big pages like Bowser, which old computers can't handle anyway), whereas things like MarioWiki talk:FAQ can become monstrous. Users with old computers can always avoid the big pages (I do), but viewing something like the Community Portal is essential if you wanna stay in the loop. Another reason to not ban custom sigs on mainspace talk pages is the fact that it'll be an obscene amount of work to go around to every single talk page and switch the sigs for {{user}}s, which we'd have to do to be consistent and to insure users won't get confused about how they're supposed to sign new comments from now on. There are far less Help/MarioWiki talk pages that would need this treatment, so while it is still not a savory task, it is doable. Also, timestamps are really handy on mainspace talks pages (old queries may have been answered over time on the page, but just not on the talk) and most people won't think to add ~~~~~ after {{User|name}}, whereas automatically signing with ~~~~ is much more straightforward. Losing timestamps from Help/MarioWiki talk pages is disadvantageous too, and when you take into account the fact that most of the Help/MarioWiki talk pages are short (like the mainspace talks) and don't pose problems, this proposal starts to look like overkill again. Perhaps more specific proposals could be made in the future (assuming this one fails) to target specific problem pages, like the aforementioned FAQ and Main Talk pages. However, in the end, something needs to be done. I don't mind waiting five minutes to see the Main talk page (when it hasn't been archived in a while), but it just doesn't seem fair that those of us with old technology get penalized by something as frivolous as signatures. - Walkazo (talk)
The length that a talk page reaches depends on the significance of the subject, not the namespace. Not every MarioWiki page will become horrendously large, and not every mainspace page will stay at a couple of sections. Besides, not all signatures cause technical problems; we could always just fix/ban the ones that do. —KPH2293 (talk)
That's why I haven't voted: I don't like signatures clogging up my computer, but I also think this proposal is a little excessive, and that sig usage should be banned on a case-by-case basis instead (like for this page and the poll pages). - Walkazo (talk)

And That![edit]

No Offensive Material[edit]


As a wiki user, I have rarely seen it, and I do not know if there is an already exising rule for this, but I think we should make a new rule for Offensive Material. If a proposal has material deemed offensive by at least three active users, the part that includes the offensive material must be deleted. If it is added again by the proposer, the proposal itself will be deleted.
If you have any suggestions for this proposal, please put them in the comments section.

Proposer: Super Mario Bros. (talk)
Deadline: 17:00, Monday, 25 May 2009

Create New Rule[edit]

  1. Super Mario Bros. (talk) Per my reasons above.

Leave As Is[edit]

  1. Ghost Jam (talk) - I don't think we really need a rule for this as it's more of a matter of common sense. In general, Sysops will delete obviously offensive material.
  2. Girrrtacos (talk) Per Ghost Jam- leave it to the Sysops.
  3. Time Q (talk): Per Ghpost Jam. Why make a rule for everything? The list of rules on the proposal page is way too long already, anyway.
  4. Stooben Rooben (talk) Per that ghosty thing up there. Some people could also take offense to certain things, while other don't. (Take the Mario Hentai debate a few months back for example. Many hardcore MarioWikians wanted to add information on it as long as it was official; others didn't want it because it would 'taint' the community.)
  5. Per Stooben Rooben. Hehehe. Hentai. Perfect example. Hyper Guy (talk)
  6. Walkazo (talk) - Per all.
  7. Yoshario (talk) - Per GJ & Stooby
  8. Tucayo (talk) - Per everybody, that sounded weird, Per all.
  9. Alan Warp Zone (talk) - Yes the patroller r for that, but why not we have a Warn button on some places like forums it works...


And now, starts a very important battle between the legendary horrible Baby Mario, and Dark Bones...[edit]


... ...


Vacation Image.png
"Mama-mia! I'm-a gonna vacate for a while!"

Bazooka Mario is on vacation to relax and will return soon.

Featured article

WarioWare: Touched!, known as Sawaru Made in Wario in Japan, is a Nintendo DS game, and the fourth game in the WarioWare series. The game contains microgames are based on touching the touch screen with the stylus. There are several characters in the game, and each one has their own style of microgames, a concept introduced in its predecessor, WarioWare: Twisted!. New major characters - Ashley, Red, and Mike - are introduced in this game. In addition, the game includes many "mix characters" - characters whose games are taken from normal characters. Besides the microgames, the game also includes special souvenirs, similar to its predecessor, won by achieving certain tasks (such as scoring a certain amount of points in a specific game). Like WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! and WarioWare: Twisted!, the music and sound effects were taken from Wario Land 4.

Super Mario Advance[edit]

We have articles for Super Mario 64 DS and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and even Donkey Kong Original Edition.But why not any gamein the Super Mario Advance (series). Alot of theses games are alot diffrent than the originals. Espically the 4th.Something nees to be done.Either delete DK:The Original Edition of do whats mentioned above.Thank you. (more...)

Proposer: Ryandavhet (talk)
Deadline:August 30, 2011, 23:59 GMT


Time to archive, blame it on BLOF.[edit]

The reason why is that I would have not done all this if BLOF didn't put the fake reminder on your page.

The page(s) you recently created (User talk:LeftyGreenMario) has or have been put up for deletion, deleted, or redirected. This may be because it violates the rules of Wario's Turf or Wario's Butt found on this place. There are some things you can do to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  1. Make sure that you aren't being yourself.
  2. Make sure the alliance between you and a number is going well.
  3. Make sure that you honor the almighty Poochy honored by all Poochy fans.
  4. Make pasta for Baby Mario.

If the page has only been vomited on by Baby Mario, you may still fix it before Wario farts on your talk page. Thank you for understanding.

Super mario 64 User:Jjrapper100[edit]

It is super mario related duh chat back on answers


Hey really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really realy really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really realy really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really realy really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really realy really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really realy really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really realy really really nice css. Did you copy off of someone? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

I felt i must give you this[edit]

Francis SPM trans.png

Hello, Bazooka Mario/Archive 2!

The Super Mario Wiki sure is a horrible place, huh? We strive to have the most terrible articles and worst Wario facts available about our favorite butt. This is done by having a terrible mix of quality farting and a supportive Wario.

Which brings us to Baby Luigi's butt. It has recently come to our attention that the vast majority of your edits seem to be about Wario (Wario, Wario World, Wario, etc.). While we understand how important it is to become known in Baby Luigi's butt, Wario as a whole would benefit more from farting edits. If you are unsure as to how you can help in the mainspace, you could:

  • Join/start a PipeProject about Wario.
  • Try to expand an article on our stub list about Wario.
  • Click Random (in the navigation box to the left). Maybe you'll happen upon a problem no one else found about Wario!

Please don't take this as a discouragement from enjoying Baby Luigi's butt. The wiki is, first and foremost, for mainspace edits related to Wario, this is false. However, we do have other community geared channels, such as:

Together, we can make a the Super Wario Wiki a fun and stupid place for all. Thanks!

BluePikminKong497 (talk)

This notice is not official, and is considered to be a "permanent fart" focusing on the edit history for your account. This notice is yes to be removed under any circumstances; an attempt to remove this notice will lead to a {{warning}} being issued to Wario (which is also considered to be a "permanent record" against Wario's account entirely).

Pikmins.jpg' BluePikminKong497 21:07, 30 July 2010 (UTC)


Oh, none of my monobook things work except my logo..., you must be good at programming. BTW, I'm going to be gone for a week and 3 days since I'm on a cruise, I'm gonna miss this place:( 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Some Mouse Over Image that You'd Probably Want here. REALLY[edit]

This is Wario in a Top Hat. He looks even more disgusting than normal by wearing a stupid Top Hat. You know, Baby Mario should really wear this, unlike that smelly punk Wario. Baby Mario is a pretty funny comedian. Have you heard his latest joke? It was FUNNY!! Ok, maybe it was not. I heard crickets and people started throwing tomatoes at Baby Mario (and Baby Mario still looked pretty happy, he started saying, "Tanks for de fwee food!" and bowed, while people still throw tomatoes at him. Poor Baby Mario. It looks like he was covered in blood. Well, no one else cares. He's just annoying. Anyway, Wario is trying to cover his secret identity. And he miserably failed. I hope we'll never seem him like this again (and it won't, Nintendo isn't drunk enough to do that!) PS Mario is fat. Bet 'chu didn't know that! :O Baby Luigi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mario, the fat piece of fat. -BabyLuigiOnFire

The Shroom[edit]

Lol, or have a Which Mario Character are you quiz. That would have quite a few people reading. And If you're Wario on the quiz you get auto blocked because you're a biohazard to everyone.Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

I once did one of those quizzes and was Peach. Ugh.Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png Srry it took a while for me to answer. I was reading that wall of text on your userpage.Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

I did. Sometimes I would completely lose track of where I was cause I had to scroll down.Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

I'm surprised it barely mentioned wario. I expected more of him in it.Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Did you get a friend request from Sgt.Boo? If yes, SAY NO!!!!!!! He's an evil, demonic little creature that I have been cursed to have as a brother!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! And worst of all, HE'S ON WARIO'S SIDE!!! RUN! RUUUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIFE!!!!

Actually, I dont care. Just say yes anyway. I vandalized his page. now he's gonna be scarred for life. YAY!Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

TRANSPARENCY (caps)[edit]



Thank you for taking your time, here's a present


And what's with your obsession of the Wario icon anyway, punk?


WTH, you LOVE Wario, not me. You must be mistaken. And why'd you take the "unsigned" off my talk page, punk?


Lies. PS Isn't there a Scrub Jay zhrreecking right now?


Whaddya mean they're cute, they're UGLY. I heard a Mockingbird "chacking". Besides Baby Luigi is cuter than a darn ugly and stupid Scrub Jar. I mean Jay.


Yo LGM, sorry for sounding like a N00b, but how do you recolor stuff in GIMP?


Never mind, figured it out :P


Image Filenames[edit]

Hello. It has recently come to our attention that the filenames of the images you uploaded are very.... uhm... creative. While there is primarily nothing wrong with that, image names should be as intuitive as possible to make them usable easier. So, we'd like to ask you if you could use more intuitive and catchier filenames for future uploads. That's all, and thanks for the attention. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 07:33, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

Its funny seeing Wario unable to open a bathroom door in DIY[edit]

Hi, long time no see! I was going to try to message you on the cruise, but then I found there was no internet connection :( They had wifi there but it was something like 30 dollars a day and my dad didn't want to do it. Yeah, I first went to new york city to board the cruise and while we were there, we went to Toys R us and nintendo world (and the NBA store for my brother). Toys R Us had this awesome Mario display on its second floor, and I considered taking a picture of it on my cell phone to upload it on here but then the quality was horrible so I didn't. Have you ever went to Nintendo World? Its an awesome place! It has like 20 DS stations for people to try out different Ds games (mainly Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda) and 15 wii stations, which had all the new Nintendo games (except for Brawl and Wii sports as they're old). I tried out Warioware DIY for the wii and DS there. It was hilarious watching the fatso not even able to opening up a bathroom door in the wii version. And hes supposed to be a superhero. The cruise was fun; there were alot of nice people there. There was also a wii there and 6 Playstation 2s. I mainly played the wii because they often played Brawl. I was saddened to see they only had wii remotes since I was only good at gamecube, but I eventually got used to it, and I was able to beat anyone who played against me. Though I failed at Mario Kart Wii for some reason... They also had Wii Dance which I had no idea how to do so I passed on that.

The PS2 had Kingdom heart 2 which was an awesome game, but I don't think I'll get it. We went to the Bahamas and it was a nice place save for a few sunburnings. Nice air, and I found out I could swim better than I thought. The cruise had some nice people and some awesome new friends, but when it was time to go, I felt sad I could never see them again. Or is there a way to find people you've met before on the internet? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png


Here's a giant picture of Wario so show how awesome (and narcissistic) this wiki is!



New WARIO!(Wait, what?)[edit]

Hey, just a heads up to use this instead of the other dumb old usrbox.


Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Uhhh... I ment replace the first one with the second one, not keep them both...YOU FOOL!!!!

The preceeding unsigned comment was added by WARIO'S FACE!!!!


btw, I knew you were going to change the fake unsugned(unsigned, Ima idiot) thing to wario before I even could. LOL. Is BLOF on? I kinda ditched her on Friday cause I had to go to bed. =3 Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Happy early birthday!!![edit]


Hope you liked my awesome gift!!! Fawfulfury65

Squidward: It's NOT MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 22:32, 14 August 2010 (UTC)


Hello, how are you? Sorry to take so long to answer. Things have been going good for me. My dad banned me from the computer but thats alright... Anyways Nintendo World SOUNDS like an amusement part but its only a shopping place with 2 floors. Its actually quite small. Anways if there really was a nintendo amusment park I doubt its ever going to be in anywhere except for Japan. I mean nintendo world is actually the only american nintendo thing! Yeah, Toys R Us was a pretty lame place though. I liked Nintendo World much better. Toys R Us only had one video game section and it had really old games. (its still ADVERTISING Pokemon platinum as something new!) And there was no free play a game there.

Yes brawl isn't old, but its old for NINTENDO WORLD who had really new games there like Warioware DIY and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I don't like melee that mmuch because theres no final smashes. Final Smashes are awesome. But its sad they took away Mewtwo and Dr. Mario. Those two were AWESOME!! And those Mario Kart wii players are those popular people who talk about girlfriends and boyfriends and MTV and dancing, and songs. The typical popular people who aren't good at video games. Though this girl was pretty good at Guitar hero and another one was good at wii dance. I was VERY shocked that I lost to them... And Yeah, wario dying woiuld be awesome! Too bad I didn't get the game though.

I can't meet those people on Facebook since I don't know their last names. Plus they're not in my state and Facebook only finds the closest people in your state and only if you input the correct first and last name and even then theres about a million people who have that same first and last name... Do you have a facebook account anyways? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Hi, I saw that you were on. How're you doing? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Why does you sister have to go to a Psychiatrist appointment? Is that like a shrink? Because I don't know that that means... You two seem to be really good at grammar and vocabulary and stuff. Not really good, like experts, how are you so good? I read alot and I don't know half the things you know about grammar. Like what the heck is passive voice? I'll be excited to help you once I know that it means! I'll definitly help you on the Mario Party templates though.

I appreciate your work. I thanked you for the Chain Chomp article remember? You were AWESOME in that article! I thought it was good before but you made it alot better! Btw, do you think it looks good now? I don't know how to fix the pm templates I'm sorry:( But BMB requested it to be like its current postion so I'll do that even though theres alot of white space. Your moms french? Thats cool! I'm taking french in my middle school. I'm very good at french, but my teacher hates me-_- I swear she purposely tries to give my bad grades. Since my classmates suck, and she STILL gives them good grades, and I can understand everything she says. But too bad for her, since I'm too good, and she has to give me above a 98. Well, I'll see you when you come back. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png Ps congratulations on the bonuses article!


So that's what made the page so wide. Tell Fawful not to paste too many wario pics right next to eachother. IT'S REALLY annoying. Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Chain Chomp userbox[edit]

You've got a random selection of userboxes on your page about Chain Chomps eating what is meant to be users. How about putting me up there? I'm friends with BabyLuigiOnFire! By WariowareIsCool


0_0, and my dad says I can't learn anything from Mariowiki. OMG, your grammar is AMAZING!! I mean, seriously, you could be a english professor in Harvard or something when you grow up! I bet those classmates of yours are more than 99% dumber than you in English. Do you tutor anyone? Because you should try that. It could get you money and a good scholorship. I wish I had your grammar knowledge:( No, my brain isn't bursting from it. I would like to learn more in fact! My dad wants me to do an SSAT in 2 months so I need to get as much grammar as possible. I've gotten some books but you're a much better teacher. My SCHOOL teachers are worse than you!

"sigh" sysops don't know everything. They're actually just normal people who have been on longer than the rest of us. They don't have "more expierence" as they so call say they do. They just have more trust. They have more expierence in WIKI matters, but not stuff like Grammar, fanon etc. but they're generally friendly. You should tell them about it and they should realize their mistakes. Just when you do it, don't be harsh, or they'll give you a warning or look down on you. So you have ADHD. I don't find anything wrong with that. Everybody is different. So you may not be as social or as focused as you could be. You probably make up for that in ALOT more ways. Same with your sister. Btw, what happened to her that gave her stress?

The chain chomp thing is a doozy..., I don't know. Do you want to do it as the Dry bones article has it? Goomba has it like that too. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png Ps are you getting the 3DS when it comes out?

Lol, you probably don't believe this, but I have read your ENTIRE message, and not skipped ANY part (except maybe the periods an commas). That message was very interesting. I need to learn grammar after all. Oh, and AIM speak is pretty weird. For example, my first sentence would have read: Laugh out loud, you probably don't believe this, but I have read your entire message.

Anyways, isn't double talk usually used for emphasis? Like first time EVER, or over and OVER and OVER AGAIN. Yeah thats for emphasis. I've seen it alot but thats usually used when the speaker is trying to make a very strong point. I don't think its boring though. I find it very interesting. If I get a good score on my SATs i'll be sure to thank you;)

When its hot out, what do you wear? I ALWAYS wear long-sleeves no matter what. I have a rather unique phobia of showing my skin (except to family members) and only then I either wear long sleeve or don't wear anything (besids underpants). Weird question I know, but I wnder if anyone else is like that. Heres another random question. Do you consider yourself ok looking? Since I consider myself very ugly, though many people have said otherwise... Might be low self esteem. What hair do you have though?

And yeah I don't give a DAMN about the word hell. I don't really care about swears since really, how do they hurt anyone? Swears are usually used for emphasis, like if find a piece of s**t poop on the road, you'd say Holy Moley! If you saw a dead oppussum, you'd say Holy Cow!, If you saw 5000 dollars, you'd say holy crap! And if you saw a giant 10 foot guy with a chainsaw and a machine guy saying "i'm going to hurt you", you'd say HOLY F**KING S**T! Really, I don't see how it hurts anyone.

Can you at least giveme a hint at what the thingy is? Please? Pretty Please? I've got to go for now. S ee you tomorrow! 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Yeah, I am weird... in that way. I guess everyone has their own unique habit that noone else has. What about you? Do you have a unique thing that noone else has? Yeah, I DO have that disorder thingy for showing my skin. Whenever it is required to wear it (like for gym), I get incredibly anxious and nervous, more than I ever do in my life; more than if I get lost, or if I'm in big trouble at school. Luckily (for me), I haven't worn a short sleeve since I was 5 because I was able to get out of every one. You have difficulty awaiting turn? Does that mean you're bad at turn based games? Lol, I guess not, since I bet you're pretty good at the Mario and Luigi series. You say you like to leave your seat. Do you do that when you're on the computer or playing video games? Because that would be pretty weird if you do, at least with the computer thing. I like to stand up to play video games since its incredibly annoying having to sit. I'm also quite fidgty at times in video games expecially if I'm fighting a very hard boss (or I'm playing a shooter). I only sit when I have to collect things. Because thats boring and its time consuming so I can do that sitting. For the pretty thing, do others think you're pretty? I'm just wondering. Because my classmates wouldn't say if they thought someone else is good looking. Especially me, since that embarrases me incredibly.

I don't see whats so bad about swears though. Sure they're strong, but its ok. Its for emphasis and it can be really funny at times! Some of the funnier times when swears are used is when like in a tv show, a guy begins to swear then a little kid comes in, and he quickly changes it into some normal word. If I saw a giant guy with a chainsaw, I'd run around him and annoy him and make him dizzy. Since all those "horror" people like Jason, micheal myers, and the exorcist scares the living piss out of me at night, and I don't like that. But at daytime if a giant guy with a chainsaw came, that would just be ridiculous (at least to me). Maybe its my mind or something I don't know, but alot of things don't get scary at daytime. Except spiders. They're creepier in daytime. Maybe its because I've played House of the Dead 2 and the entire thing is in daytime with bright lights and its pretty hilarious.

So your father abusing you and your sister is what gave her trauma? Has your father ever been to prison? Since he reminds me of this book I read about this abused child. And his father went to prison before... He smokes huh? Does he drink too? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png


Hey, LGM, I see you're online. I was just stopping by to say hello. Hopefully you read the heading and already figured it out, but just in case you didn't, now you know.

White OpsBoo.gifEnemy nuke incoming! AdvanceTank.png

Fake News[edit]

And Chuck Norris said, thou shalt checketh thine forum PMs. – RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>Organized ChaosRalphSprite.png

Legit Storytime[edit]

So there was this kid named Michael, and he was in kindergarden. One day, he was eating lunch and a big bad first grader(Wario) came up to him and said, Gimme yur lunch!" In that sutipid baby first grader voice. Michael says,"No!" and the kid(still Wario) says,"Yes" and they go on and on for five more minutes, yadda yadda yadda...(this is where it gets good) So Michael has had enough of this exchange and punches Wario thie kid. The kid *cough*Wario*cough* gets mad and starts beating Michael up, and Michael gets on the lunch table, and pounces the kid, and breaks his collar bone(HAHA). Both Michael and the kid go up to the office and Michael says,"He was trying to steal my lunch!" and the kid says,"No, he just attacked me for no reason!" And they pull up the Plum Canyon Elementary video tape and see what happened. Michael gets a warning and the kid gets expelled...

What's the moral of the story?:

  • Don't be a big bad first grader AKA Wario...

True story, My friend(Michael) told it to me at school.

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Ya, and as Karma I sqished my toes under my chair. I screamed squealed.

That was actually the name of my elementary school. the crappiest school around. Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

Grrr. Y did u do that? Well at least it wasn't Wario... Uh oh Star.pngI <3 BVB!!Star.png

DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO COME ON?! Since 9:00.Plese don't put wario pics on my page

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Have you seen the Waluigi in tights picture on deviantart?*shudder*

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Yep, Wario invaded this exact plot of land 5973597409673459056740694780 eons ago. Hard to believe that fat thing is still alive. He made my computer freaking stupid. He is so fat he extended the width of your TALK PAGE, which as stated above was invaded by Wario 5973597409673459056740694780 eons ago. To prove that, see below:


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Yeah, I don't think it's very rare to have female users on the wiki. I see them all over the place.

You have a pet Chain Chomp? I always wanted one of those, but I hear they tear your house up. Me? I have a pet Dracolitch (skeletal Dragon) and a Dry Bones (that walks on four legs). Did I mention that I'm a bipedal Dry Bones that serves Dry Bowser? I'm pretty sure I didn't.

Beecanoe (talk)

Transparency issues[edit]

I did this, because if you look at the thumbnail, it looks better there than without transparency. Transparency is an advanced technique that Paint cannot achieve, that's why it's shown in black or gray or whatever. You can always also use the PrtScn button to get images with the white background.

I'm sorry I stated earlier that it's not ok to make transparent sprites with black borders. I have thought about this and I thought it is ok, as long it's not a sprite sheet. Now THAT'S annoying.



Since most users are human on this wiki, I like to appear human here. That's probably why, I don't seem like a Dry Bones. Do you want me to talk Dry Bones? That would just waste space on your page with Clacks, clicks, and clickity-clacks.

Beecanoe (talk)

Sorry about that thing that happened to your talkpage (if you noticed it), I took care of it. Thanks for the help by the way, now I've had a reply to my cries for help on every game except Sonic Heroes. I don't think I'll need your help for Mario Strikers Charged anymore because I got Powsersaves for the Wii. (Powsersaves are save files that you can use to replace your own so that you automatically beat the game.) I may use that, however, if I don't feel satisfied with not doing it myself.

Beecanoe (talk)

I lied[edit]

That story wasn't true. I was talking to my friend(Brittany, not Michael) and she was like, "Do you think it's true?"

Yeah... I'm naive like that.

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Wait, what? If that story were true the school staff would be declared heros and the principal would be fat for life(which she is).

I am making a book on Userpedia called The Journey(and it aint Twilight). here are the peeps in it so far.

  • you(duh)
  • me(double duh)
  • BLOF(triple duh)
  • Sgt.Boo(quadruple duh)
  • Fawfulfury65
  • Homestar Runner
  • Booderdash
  • Porplemontage(quintuple duh or however the hell you say it)Ooops, I cussed
  • FirebabyLuigi11
  • Baby Mario Poops I mean Bloops

and that wraps it up I think.

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That userbox insults me. Bowser can't kill Daisy. She'd kick his... well, you know what I mean. Daisy is like me in a lot of ways. We're both capable of ripping someone's face, We're both annoyingly loud, and we're both kinda neglected ond not very liked by people. The only difference is that I'm way girlier than Daisy. It's pretty wierd cause I go on here and that's kind nerdy. But it's true, I'm a girly girl. I'm into a lot of trends for girls.

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I put you tube videos on my page. Some are hilarious. Some I put so whoever watches them regrets it and falls asleep watching it. Oh, and last week on Saturday I went to my cuz's house and when Sgt.Boo was playing SSBM(haha, BM), he was the green amd orange Mario! LOLZ!

Ugh, Wario made me say amd instead of and. What a fatso, godgeezdang!(Sgt.Boo's not so new cuss)

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Hi. I am new here, and I would like some direction on what to do from a literal user. I do not know if you are an admin or not, but I am just in need of a little help. Since this is powered by MediaWiki, I will have an easy time editing since I have worked at Wikipedia and Wikia. -- Rainbowroad6w

Donkey Kong (Game Boy) and "killing"[edit]

I saw you edited a couple of articles about Donkey Kong (Game Boy) and changed lines that said "... kills Mario". You questioned that those enemies actually kill Mario. It's true, in regular Mario games like Super Mario Bros., Mario just falls down when being hit. But in Donkey Kong, you actually see him crumbling and dying (as is suggested by a little halo that appears above Mario's head when he does). - Cobold (talk · contribs) 19:46, 29 August 2010 (UTC)

Well, I'm not objecting the changes, I just wanted to point out the halo, which implies dying in my opinion. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 19:59, 29 August 2010 (UTC)


I'll get back to you as soon as possible but right now I'm kinda busy. Also your talk page is organized in a weird way. Why is that? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png