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Hello! I'm FireBabyLuigi11 and my favorite character is Baby Luigi! Here is the awesomest userpage ever!


Real Name: Bond. James Bond.
Age: OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: Paper Mario:The Thousand-Year Door
Second Most Favorite Game: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Favorite Character: Baby Luigi
Least Favorite Character: Wario
Least Favorite Game: Mario Kart: Super Circuit
State: The place next to the place
Country: USA
Planet: Earth
Galaxy: Milky Way
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Red Sox Rock!
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Hi!I'm FireBabyLuigi11 and I became a member on January 25,2010 and since then I've been a big fan of the wiki. I don't like giving away any of my personal info and I know right now this is not the best userpage yet, but 'til then this is it. BEHOLD IT!!!!

Who the heck is online?

Who's online: BBQ Turtle, Archivist Toadette, Plastiware, BMfan08, TheDarkStar, Duraner Hawkeye, Kombatgod, Arend, Glowsquid, ThatPeskyKoopaling, MasterAarron, Super Eli, Doomdorm64, Dwhitney, Stopdoor, PrincessLover7777, PhGuy12, Wolf, CameronL365, Alternis, ChillyBeanBAM, Gabo 2oo, Qyzxf, Tomoto17, MarioIsMissingDos, Zachruff, RevampedClobbah, Power Flotzo, Bri, MatiasNTRM, Katakuna, 296lmn20

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About me

Hi!!! I'm FireBabyLuigi11 and i'm just a regular user, but I do edit a lot. I play soccer, basketball, and my favorite sport, Baseball. I'm a big Red Sox fan (Yankees stink!), and I watch more TV than play video games. My favorite TV show is The Middle on ABC. Talk to me if you want to. I want to become a sysop. If u want 2 be my friend, just ask! If you like the 'shroom, well who doesnt! If you hate Wario, and hav sum facts for me tell me! I wanna build up a large collection of Wario and Chuck Norris facts!! So, that's a nut shell(it's dark in that nutshell). Enjoy my page!!

Recomended Sites

Here are some sites I seriously recomend.

For overall awesomeness: (yes it's called "stuff")

For Pokemon info:

For sports logos:

Make your own Pokemon card (even if you don't like them)at:

For funny and awesome flipnotes:

My Brawl Card

[URL=""][IMG]04vyefbr.png[/IMG] Click here to level up my card![/URL]

My Games

Game Rating Status Description
SMB Boxart.png
Super Mario Bros.
6.0 It's BluePikminKong's I only played part of it so I can't give a full review
Mario Party 7 box art.jpg
Mario Party 7
6.0 Played for 15 min.@ a hotel It was OK.
Mario Party 8
7.0 Incomplete My first Mario game!But has no story!
USCover MSCF.jpg
Mario Strikers Charged
7.5 Rented It stole my life! I overreacted when I lost! Other than that it PWND!
Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg
Super Mario Galaxy
8.0 Non complete Pretty good! On and off game, and SMG2 better be better!
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
6.3 Incomplete Not too good.
MSWG UScover.jpg
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii)
7.6 Rented Better than the first, and really fun, but should have Fawful. AND BABY LUIGI! I have some fury!
SSBB Cover.jpeg
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
10.0 Completed Subspace Nintendo made a masterpiece with this. It could only be over powered by a sequal with even more brawlers and an even better plot (kinda impossible, though).
Mario Kart Wii
7.8 Kinda complete Baby Weegee's in it! THIS STARTED MY BABY WEEGEE CRAZE. But gets pretty boring after 6 months.
Mario Super Sluggers
8.5 Almost Complete Baeball plus Mario and Baby Luigi! Just like heaven. But goes by too quick.
NSMBW NA Box Art.jpg
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
8.5 Kong's Awesome! Fun multiplayer, but isn't too fun!
MKSC Box Art.jpg
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
4.0 Kong's BORING!!!
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
9.5 Imcomplete Awesome! Good storyline! Great.

Toadsworth's Blog

This is not to affend anyone who's british. This is how Toadsworth talks.

Ello chaps! Toadsworth here. I just had tea and crumpets with the queen. I tried to snog her, but I snogged the prime minister, instead. My quiffle wilkers are hurting my trousers (just so you know). I hate it when Princess Peach puts plum sauce on me bangers! So i just ate fish and chips anyway. I called me mum on the phone. She was watching Beatles reruns on the tele. Peach is at the lou now so that's why I'm blogging. I had a game of crochet with my younger self. I beat him by so much (actually it was the other way around) I said " Blimey! I'm telling mum you hobknocker! Loony!" Da was there and he called me a lazy bum on my lazy bum! Pip pip cheerio!


The Marauder's Map

If u didnt know I'm a huge Harry Potter fan! So here's a map of stuff I do and like. If u dont like these pages well.....suck it up! Here it is and u have to look at it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *chokes*.


-User:FireBabyLuigi11/Wiki Projects

-Baby Luigi Da Awesomest Character EVA!

-Yoshi Da second bestest character EVA!


Well u can leave thi section now. GO! Leave! I dont want u any more. Leave u stupid animal! *throws rock at sasquach* So long friend.

Blue Yoshi's YouTube videos

“I'll keep you posted on your vids, Fire!'ll cost you 5 bucks!”
Blue Yoshi, FireBabyLuigi11's Userpage

NOTE: The captions are under the videos

Go!Go!Go Mario!!
Charlie the Unicorn pwns!!
The very best of the Charlie the Unicorns!
I'll post #2 of this soon
This is it!!
Luigi's gonna wish he never came to the Mushroom Kingdom!
This is Patrick!!!!
Yoshi died. :(
It's the #47!!!
I'm immortal!!!
Annoying Orange!!!
3! More soon!!!