This page is much better now that I'be gotten rid of my BVB-ness.

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“Stop being yourself!”

Muahaha. I'm a psychic person! I KNOW WHO'S ONLINE!!!!*plays creepy music*

Who's online: BMfan08, Hewer, ExoRosalina, Koopa con Carne, Rodmjorgeh, Lakituthequick, Delsait, Memelord2020, Ahemtoday, Nightwicked Bowser, GloverMist, WayslideCool, Wonder Time!, Tmjjmt, CopyEditFlower, SUPEDUPEmario, Zootalo, TetraFan1000, Big Super Mario Fan, Pdizzle, Nintendo101, TheRaoul1992, Yoshi the SSM, Apikachu68, A username, Sparks, Arend, Iandanielo, System1644, Cobalt David, Mariuigi Khed, Mariofan5000, Benial, Smijes08, WaluigiMan10000

SUP PPL!!!???

Hello! Im XoBlack Veil BridesXo!!!! Here's a little bio of myself: I am completely obsessed with a band called, you'll never guess, Black Veil Brides. They have really good songs even though they're screamo rock and this is coming from a girl who used to be freaked out with that type of music in early March!!!

But let's get into Mario stuffz. My fav character used to be Peach until I found out about this site maybe two years ago or maybe before then. After that, I liked Daisy better. I tried to stay away from this site but couldn't resist going back on! LOL! I am obsessed with Mad Piano and the other thigs on the "Stuff I Like" list. Sgt.Boo(now known as White Ops.) and I play Mario games with each other since we are siblings. I'm the older one by a year. YAY! I also like the female Mario allies.(Ex:Lady Bow, Goombella, etc.)

MAD PIANO!!!!! Mario's gonna DIE! >=D*eats popcorn and watches Mad Piano completely PWN Mario*
XoBlack Veil BridesXo
*Roll over image above
Formerly:For The Win and even before that, DaisyRox02(You might have already noticed)
Real Name: Lauren- I am a target to getting stupid nicknames!!!! My brother calls me TRUCK!!!!
Age: 14
Gender: Female(You might have thought I was a guy, since I'm so evil and demonic, right? RIGHT? RIIIGHT????!!!!)
Favorite Game: SSBB
Favorite Character: Mad Piano(I used to love Daisy, but I grew out of that. She's still one of my favs.)
Least Favorite Character: Waluigi/Wario- They both seem to match up in annoyingness(if that's even a word)
Least Favorite Game: Mario Pinball Land- What a horrid excuse for a Mario game!
State: California
Country: United States- If you're too stupid to know where Cali is
Continent: North America- If you're too stupid to know what the US is
Planet: Earth-If you're so stupid you don't know where the heck North America is
Favorite Genre of Music: ROCK!! *bursts into singing all favorite songs*

Favorite Characters(IN OUT OF ORDER, FOOL!)

  1. Mad Piano(From Super Mario 64. REMEMBER?)
  2. Daisy(Judging by my old USERNAME!)
  3. Boo(Are you kidding? Who doesn't!?)
  4. Yoshi
  5. Shy Guy
  6. Luigi
  7. Mario and Luigi(REALLY? Who doesn't love our favorite heros?)
  8. Bowser(The monster who started it all)
  9. Rosalina(She's prettier than Daisy, but not my favorite.)
  10. Toadette(She's like a Toad version of Daisy!)
  11. I kinda like this person too!

Stuff I Like

  1. Super Mario Wiki
  2. UnMario Wiki(DaisyRox02)
  3. Anything that's Wikia(DaisyRox02)
  4. Mario Games
  5. The Hunger Games
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Percy Jackson & the Olympians["Cool!"(That was said by Nico, if you read the series)]
  8. Club Penguin(My account name is Daisyfan3549. I'm a member. I had a second acc named Green Luma, but it's banned forever.)
  9. Dino Run Multiplayer Edition(I go on occasionally. My account is LorLor)
  10. Greek Mythology(lol)
  11. The Song "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down
  12. The Song "Country Song" by Seether
  13. Fallen Angels, Children Surrender, Heaven's Calling, Knives and Pens, Perfect Weapon, and any other songs by Black Veil Brides
  14. The Song "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage" by Panic! at the Disco(Hehe, long name >=D)
  15. The Band "My Chemical Romance"
  16. The Band "Linkin Park"
  17. The Band "3 Doors Down"
  18. The Band "Panic! at the Disco"
  19. The Band "Black Veil Brides"
  20. The Band "I See Stars"
  21. The Band "Avenged Sevenfold"
  22. My new BROKEN iPod Nano(It's fixed)
  23. My new Junior High School(MORE FRIENDS!)
  24. Roblox(name:DaisyPeep-something. I can't remember. But my second acc is LorgTheGirl. I can't go on, though.)
  25. Books!!! I am now reading Shiver for school, and Favorite on my Kindle at home.

Stuff I Absolutely Dread

  1. Twilight
  2. Miley Cyrus(shudder)
  3. Justin Bieber
  4. Waluigi(ummm, sorry fans?)
  5. Extremely arrogant people(no explaining that)
  6. My old Elementary School(SHHHH!!!)
  7. People who cuss on talk pagesForget that. I sometimes do. But I don't use any word worse than hell. Most of my horrible cussing is at school.
  8. People who insult people on talk pages(a.k.a:Trolls)
  10. Who the crap is Cody Simpson?!?!(It's on here because one of my friends told me he looks like a blond version of Justin Beiber(I don't even know if I spelled his name right XD)
  11. Fans of Twilight(uhh, my BFF is obsessed)
  12. Fans of Miley Cyrus(the same BFF is obsessed with her too)
  13. Fans of Justin Bieber(Wholy crap!! My friend REALLY needs to look for people with talent!!!)


Here is a list of all my friends:

  1. User:The White Operations
  2. User:LeftyGreenMario
  3. User:BabyLuigiOnFire
  4. User:Homestar Runner
  5. User:Fawfulfury65
  6. User:FireBabyLuigi11
  7. User:KS3
  8. User:Baby Mario Bloops
  9. User:Daisyloves10
  10. User:MileycyrussouljaHe's banned forever and was one of my favorites :,(
  11. User:Lilkaykaygal
  12. User-Wait, HEY!!! HOW'D HE IT GET ON HERE?!

If you want to be friends, don't be shy. Just ask and I promise I'll say yes. Even if you blocked me, I'll say yes. Actually. I lied. These are the people I think are my friends. And the truth is I'm a loner.

My Sig.

A StarI <3 BVB!!A Star

Stare in awe.