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Currently as of April 9th 2021, i have lost interest editing this wiki. Due to personal reasons i won't be editing anytime soon... life is getting me more busy than i thought, not to mention i found my way back into gmod (garrys mod). Dunno if i'll return here but i'll always keep checking here when a new game is out.

I have discord if you wish to ask me something instead on the wiki (not that it really matters anyway...) but its right here: RicoGamerBoi#7138


Howdy there User, the names MarioGamerFan24. I have joined on August 23, 2018, I always check here to see if everything is just as right as it should be.

Want to talk to me bout something on your mind? Go here: My Talk Page (not that it really matters...)

I am on other wikis if you wish to see, you may check there: AnimalCrossingFan24 (Nookipedia)

I am one of those guys that I do my very best to help. Although I may make a bit of mistakes, grammar errors or whatnot. Yes it really does sound unacceptable but it is worthy of my time to help out. (if it did or not...most of the time...)

There are some things that I can or cannot do, though I do my best.

Something a bit important: You might consider me a somewhat unforgettable brain guy (obviously) since I attend to forget things when i make edits here and there and the next thing I know that one little or major mistake I do regardless, big things happen. It's more noticeable if you see my talk page each time when it happens, but as long I know what to do, should be fine. (Always do your best when editing, it can be hard but it will get slightly easier overtime. Always be sure to follow the rules and politics and we're good to go!)

Now with that boring thing out of the way...lets get onto some things about me shall we?

Things about me

  • 1. I am a huge Nintendo fan ever since I was a child, and I currently own about almost all Mario games. Although some Mario games that I do not own may have not been so interesting or some I do not know about.
  • 2. I'll be honest (believe it or not this actually happened...). This final star mission The Perfect Run from Super Mario Galaxy 2 had got me stuck there ever since, countless lives lost and much frustration. I even thought that guide would appear but that failed, twas a nightmare but I finally manage to beat it after 8 years of trying, putting that really difficult level to rest, and I do not want to be near that pathetic level ever again.
  • 3. The very first Mario game I played way back in my day was Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I have made a lot of memories on there and looking at the Pre-release and unused features, looked cool but sadly did not make it to the final game, but in any case they still looked good regardless. So much nostalgia...
  • 4. I been addicted to Minecraft since march 8th 2015 (5 years and counting), although I do not talk much about it nor ask anyone about it unless they mention it regardless. I have quite the knowledge of almost everything and when a new update comes, more and more knowledge I tell ye.
  • 5. The first Mario & Luigi game I got is Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, it was quite fun and not knowing about the series until later on I learned more, the worst memory I could ever have is by finishing the Giga Carrot minigame, and then proceeding to fight Wiggler without saving and having to died from the boss and redo the Giga Carrot again...that was annoying. Nowadays the Giga Carrot is easier as years passed by.
  • 6. I prefer to talk as typing / texting rather than in real life speech, does sound weird but it's what I usually do these days...I really get quiet with voice chat and a tough time to speak of what to say...true story.
  • 7. A big mistake I ever done in my life is when I was somewhat still new to 3DS, I heard about transfer systems, I didn't know what it actually meant at the time and gave it a try, but with me being completely stupid and not realizing what I was doing I transferred my aunt's 3DS data to my 3DS, making me lose my previous data permanently...I still have somewhat nightmares but doesn't matter now.
  • 8. Kinda a fun fact but not important: When I played one of the Paper Mario series, I thought about what would actually happen if Mario in the 3D World and Paper Mario in the Paper World team up to take on Bowser individually, in which it would be cool but when Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam was announced years later, I was quite surprised that I predicted this similarly.
  • 9. Not something bout me but thought I put this here: in 2019 around mid summer to fall, I only sended my left joy-con to repairs not once...but twice because of a...*inhale and exhale* drifting problems, you know how it freaking goes... I got it back on November 1st, 2019 and just experiencing some minor drifting few days after receiving it, which its ok but somehow it returned back to normal for good, however if it gets worse...it goes haywire, I really wish you can see my struggle. As of right now since I last edited this part, it is currently fine for once. However sometimes the joy-cons might think they are off handheld mode, kinda a bit of a problem and it might be annoying to deal with, otherwise I may have to send them back, or perhaps..the handheld console...I really can't even catch a break these days..come on nintendo...
  • 10. I been a huge animal crossing fan since I first played New Leaf on the 3DS since December 25, 2013, but my first ever town got mistakenly deleted, so my first real town was made on December 27, 2013. Many up and downs I tell ya..once again, not going into full detail. In any case, New Horizons is just plain fun, hands down!

A list of pages I created

This is a list of pages I have created so far to help out this wiki:

(pages marked with "(Completed)" are finished or "(Incomplete)" that needs to be finished or "(Needs more info)" for more information on selected page)

Favorite Mario Characters

Here is a list of my favorite Mario Characters throughout the years and my opinion about them:

Character Comments
NSMBU Iggy Artwork.png Iggy Koopa When I first encountered him back in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, he looked all crazy which highly remarks his personality. As years passed on he gets even more crazier, the way he taunts us by slapping his behind is downright hilarious!
NSMBU Roy Artwork.png Roy Koopa Now one thing is that he is cool, the other is being tough and also a bit rude (as seen in one of the alternative stories of the remakes of Mario & Luigi Series, but when it comes to his debut in Mario Kart 8 he is my main driver! One of his tricks he may say "Yeah Ya" just gets me that good feeling of it. Wowie.

Favorite Quotes from Mario Games

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the Mario Games throughout the years:

  • "But i'm Bowser... I'm Grade-A 100% Prime cut final boss! I'm going to take over the world any day now!" - Bowser, Super Paper Mario
  • "Until you worked off your debt, you naughty little things... I OWN YOU!! ENJOY LABOR!" - Mimi, Super Paper Mario
  • "Well... maybe its because your weak..." -Tippi to Mr.L, Super Paper Mario (BURN!)

Mario related games I own

This is a list of one of these Mario related games I currently own at this time (they are not in order):

This is still a work in progress when im not too busy..tough days.

Game Comments Completed?
Super Mario Maker box art Super Mario Maker The first game to make players dreams come true, making levels. However i'm not very creative about it... Why would there be a completion? endless possibilities!
Super Mario Maker 2 boxart Super Mario Maker 2 The sequel to the previous game, more stuff, more fun, including rage. Still not creative making levels but story mode? Very interesting. When it comes to online play...lag is my enemy! Story Mode finished.
The North American cover for Super Mario 3D Land Super Mario 3D Land Ahh my first 3ds game ever, it was nice at first then got tougher. Overall still a fun game. 100%
North American box art of Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World I have no words...but CAT POWERUPS? cuteness overload! 100% "cat-tastic!"
North American box art for Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Sunshine Boy oh boy...this one is tough, some missions are impossible for me to beat, how can anyone just..think so clearly to 100% it? ain't going back there anytime soon...However in the all-stars release, i manage to 100% the first time... what is my life? Incomplete..forever probably..but surprisenly, completed in the all-stars version
Luigi's Mansion boxart Luigi's Mansion The first game of the series is truly fun, most of em aren't scary but that intro tho?...yikes..I regret nothing! Rank A (unsure for all gold portraits..)
Cover art for Luigi's Mansion on the Nintendo 3DS. Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS) The remake of the original with additional features and updated graphics, very amazing indeed, but achievements and Gooigi? cool jazz! But hidden mansion? slightly more tough.. Rank S (along with every platium portrait, ghosts, boos and rank mansions)
North American Box Art, for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Oho, the sequel to Luigi's Mansion! the missions are cool, scarescraper is very fun, countless hours playing many random players..e-4 mission? oh my god...might want to figure that out for yourself... 100% Completed except e-4...still trying..
The front cover of Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi's Mansion 3 The third one is here, I kinda expected same old mansions, but hotel? not too bad but why is it called "Luigi's Mansion 3"? should be "Luigi's Hotel"..whatever you say Nintendo..anyway everything is all cool, still find it odd but fitting about polterpup's eyes from the sequel not presented here... All ghosts, boos, rare ghosts, gems and achievements...so much for A Rank though.. (Now working on getting new ghosts from DLC)
North American box art of Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 Gotta be honest, the remake is slightly better, while this here...mario's movement is kinda slow, and it is also slightly harder to get some of the stars, did manage to beat the game but not all 120 stars..probably wont complete it anytime soon..but once again in the all-stars release, i 100% the game.. was around...76 stars..but then 100% in all-stars game
Sm64ds.jpg Super Mario 64 DS Wowie, 4 playable characters into one game, not too bad, Wario is the baddest of em all but so..slow like a snail..literally. Bit of a funny and cringy story that i always thought it was still possible to see yoshi on the roof of this game, till i realize yoshi was playable... me childhood self stucks.. 150 stars and all minigames
Super Mario Kart One of my childhood games i played a lot, the controls are really odd when first playing and yet coming back to it..but you might get the hang of it eventually.. All trophies
Mario Kart 64 Similar to Super Mario Kart but slightly different, controls are ok, but how can the CPU karts catch up so quickly? still a mystery... All trophies
Mario Kart DS I also have no words for this...yet R.O.B.'s only playable appearance...why tho? All trophies including 3 star missions
Mario Kart Wii Oh yeah, the mother of all greatness of best racing games out there, but funky kong is my man here, many memories made, miss ole WFC24... All trophies but not all 3 stars..
Mario Kart 7 mhm, now this, got some good music in this game, characters are cool..but why the Queen Bee? come on.. All trophies but not all 3 stars..
Mario Kart 8 Quite a lot of ups and downs on this one, i did complete it, but many complains to myself about memory space..this was frustrating..besides i think this release is kinda better than the port.. Multiple occasions of completing it..why bother..
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Now this is kinda slightly better, not to mention of how slow red and blue shells are, and some hit detections online..yikes, but this is still kinda good though wii u is better, also not to mention is where I get use to 200cc All trophies and all 3 stars
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Man, this game is dark, but overall fun (really wish for a remake see what i mean below if you wish to read about it) Ain't no expert on these beans or block locations or whatever..yesh..
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Now this, is also beyond my favorite and first Mario & Luigi game! Still had those times about that giga carrot...everyone's worst enemy Kinda...100% ish...
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Gotta love the new style back when it was first shown, it's rather very amusing to see and also some hilarious moments, hell I even tried hard mode but the furthest I gotten is to the third fight of kamek...and gave up, rough times.. Almost 100%..not quite
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Holy hell, like I said way above about me I somehow predicted this similarly, the adventure is amazing...except those annoying paper toad rescue missions...but still a fun crossover to enjoy, still said paper luigi isn't playable but also understandable why it isn't in the final game Almost 100% but not quite..
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions The remake of the very first Mario & Luigi game, never played the original before and im glad they remake it for new players to experience, sure there was some changes but overall much fun. Even an alternative story mode, not too shabby at all, it's nice to see how Bowser's Minions experience their adventures, how can one goomba be so determined to make a team? Guess goombas aren't so bad afterall 100% for main story, almost 100% for alternative story
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey The remake of the best original game of all time, i was surprised when it was announced, just like the previous remake it gives is an alternative story mode, only this time Bowser Jr. is the protagonist, the changes are cool, few are much more understandable, the story mode is also pretty cool and sometimes sad, overall still a good remake, im still sadden we haven't got a partners in time remake... 100% for main story, very close to 100% in alternative story
Paper Mario Boy I played this game numerous times from beginning to end and it is quite fun once in a while, but getting all stamps and recipes? No thank you...but overall, the good one out there from its beginning beat it many times but not 100%
Super Paper Mario I really do not have many words to say, this is pure one of the bestest games on the series before it was ruined, and I replay this game countless times and it is still good...Bowser has got the best quotes here, not to mention the endless spinning of his arms (props to you if you heard it somewhere before), but trying to get all those cards and recipes? Hoo boy...a lot of work there... not quite 100% but staying like this forever..
Paper Mario: Sticker Star Here I thought this game is the next good one until I realized later in the game..no partners but kersti...no wonder why many people hate it so much, also lacks any humor..can't think how many times I played it for reasons.. 100% except those flags or whatever
Paper Mario: Color Splash Quite similar to sticker star, but this time its a game of paint, it is quite a long adventure and only one save file for some reason..its got good humor as well and some references, cool jaz. Its also a good way to use things more often that is required in bosses. its...hard to keep track everything..
Mario Party 2 This is where it begin on loving Mario Party Series, at first i did not 100% and erase it couple times (stupid reasons) and then i decide to finally do it, mini-game coaster hard mode is pretty tough but overall not too shabby. 100% completed
Mario Party 8 Wasn't into the other party games but this, gotta love Mc Ballyhoo and Big Top on this game, bit of a challenge on star battle arena... 100% completed
Mario Party DS Tiny characters into a big adventure? Seems legit, but trying to 100% it? No thank you... Not quite 100%
Mario Party 9 Here i thought the next game would be nice, that's until it was ruined over a vieicle...how very convient...what sucked is losing half of the mini stars..huge blowout.. 100% completed
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island The first ever game I played back in my childhood and after many years playing it over and over countless times, it is still the best game from good old days, course there was times where it was acting up and...very odd glitches that sometimes I encounter like never before...long story though... 100% Completed
Yoshi's Story I really do not understand this whole...story (no pun intended), it is fun and all but..how can you understand this? Unknown...
Yoshi's Island DS I find this game pretty boring tbh, I mean yeah you can switch to different babies throughout the adventure, but it is rather freaking tough I'll say... Eh..why bother
Yoshi's New Island I honestly don't even get it, similar to Yoshi's Story, one thing I hate is when you pass the checkpoint and lose a life, restart from last checkpoint, back to 10/30 stars, wth Nintendo? Idek anymore...
Yoshi's Woolly World This is actually the best Wii U game when it was released, so much yarn, and lots of different designs of Yoshis, Amiibo ones too, etc. Wonder how its all possible... Almost 100% completed
Yoshi's Crafted World Holy crap this is slightly more better than Woolly World, everything is so cute, two thing i do not like is those annoying side quests where you have to find souvenirs and boss challenges...hoo boy. Very close to 100%...but then deleted it
Tetris Attack Well...im not a fan of tetris but THIS, type of tetris is better! Again, why would there be a completion?
Super Mario Galaxy Oh my god, I LOVED this game way back it came out, course it was really tough at first during my first playthrough, but it only took me about a few years to beat it, same thing to all-stars release and i just never get tired of it! 100%

Non-Mario Nintendo Games I Owned

This is a list of games I have that isn't related to Mario (unless it has cameos, ones im into that also has mario or I just downright love it):

Mario Related Games I no longer own

There is not many in this list but I'll be putting it here anyways:

  • Mario Tennis Open, reason: well..gave it up for my bud, plus not much of a fan of tennis.
  • New Super Luigi U (wii u) reason: my god I had pretty rough times when it comes to miiverse, my account was once banned and then they push limits of not letting me use it again, forcing me to start a new one and..well..once again, not going into full detail.
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (DS) reason: Well I do have the Wii version, I once had the DS version of this game, hell, in story mode, I can't even get passed the freaking first mission, total waste of money I say!

Nintendo Consoles or Handhelds I currently or formally owned

This is a list of nintendo consoles or handhelds I currently have or once had owned before:

Consoles/Handhelds Comments Owned?
The SNES model 1.Super Nintendo Entertainment System

(North America Version)

The first console I ever owned, this was bought back around 1990s (I wasn't present at the time) and that is where me and the family begin to take shape in video games, it is still working to this day and I want that to keep ongoing until the day it stops working, all bout the legacy! Yes
The Nintendo 64Nintendo 64 (Green) Cant remember when it was brought or anything, but despite only have three games, its still good nonetheless, once again, still works to this day and legacy! Yes
Game Boy Advance SP.jpgGame Boy Advance SP

(formally light blue ish, replaced with gray)

Got it around christmas 2007 or 2008 from me loving sis, it was somewhat light blue but that's when one day we accidentally drop it and..broke it, it is currently replaced with a gray one, not as bad anyway. Yes
A Polar White Nintendo DS Lite modelNintendo DS Lite (Blue) Got this back in christmas 2009, and boy I had a few up and downs on this one, won't go into full detail. Yes
Black Nintendo DSiNintendo DSi (Light Blue) Moved on from my DS to this, which I barely use nowadays, had great memories viewing flip-notes on flipnote studio (wasn't into all that drawing or whatnot), wish it was still around. Yes
The Wii.Wii (White) One of the best known consoles of all time, lots of great memories made, barely had some friends on there, i was shocked when wfc got discontinued, things cant last forever i suppose. Yes
Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS (Blue) Hoo boy, got quite a big history on this one, once again i wont go into full detail, it is also where i got into animal crossing series, a bad memory i have there is when i had...issues just to make my screen worse, to the touchscreen going haywire, etc, i gave it up to my bud after transfer but after about a week, it was no longer his. No
Black 3DS XL Powered Off.pngNintendo 3DS XL (Black) Moved on from my former 3DS to this, quite better, but messed up 3D (go figure), then theres times where it was dropped a few times, slowly breaking until after some few transfers with no data in it, the screen came off.. Yes but broken
New Nintendo 2DS XL frontNew Nintendo 2DS XL

(Blue Outline)

The current use to replace my 3ds xl prior before the screen came right off, and it is so much better, might miss 3D in games but no matter. Yes
Wii U ConsoleWii U (White) Moved on from wii to wii u, and it is slightly better, Miiverse took shape, lots of good memories, countless ups and downs of adding in games and deleting them...hoo boy..kinda not a fan of wii u chat tbh.. Yes
The Nintendo Switch in Handheld ModeNintendo Switch

(Older version, gray Joy-Cons)

The current console that everyone uses this day prior before they updated the longer lasting battery (which got me kinda triggered..), the current games we have so far are good some aren't too bad, few are not so great, had a very rough time with joy con drifting (see above why), hope more good games come into the future out there. Yes

Mario Games I wanted to have a remake

This section is not much to talk about but I'll list them anyway (these are my opinions):

Game Comments
MarioLuigiPartnersTimeBox.jpg Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time It goes without saying, this game is pretty fun to experience, yet a bit dark, while Superstar Saga and Bowser's Inside Story did have remakes, I wish there be a remake to this game, despite the fact one of the few shroobs in Bowser's Inside Story remake (in this case: Shroobs, Junior Shrooboid, Princess Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob) have some sprites during the optional boss fight of the Shroobs, I still find it unknown why the game was not having a remake, but now with AlphaDream being all bankrupted and such, alongside the discontinued production of all 3ds families... the fate of the Mario & Luigi series is currently unknown and only time will tell for now...
North American box art for Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Sunshine This game is fun and all, and yet, F.L.U.D.D.'s only major role here, the challenges are fun but I really hate some missions that are very difficult to do (to me at least), while it was released way back in 2002, I feel like it should have a remake as well like I said above. It be nice to see some extra 30 Shine Sprites (like in the remake of Super Mario 64) with some additional cut-scenes or whatnot.
The front North American cover of Super Princess Peach Super Princess Peach This is probably by far one of my personal favorite DS games, with Princess Peach as the main protagonist, and also Perry's only major role there similar to F.L.U.D.D., I think it would be nice to have a remake with additional bosses like the unused koopalings, and also a way to get Starfish into the Glossary again, since it seemed like you can get it one time and never again if didn't succeeded (which it happened to me..).

Future Mario/Non-Mario Games I want to see

As of December 23, 2020 when I write this, there would be some predictions I would mostly likely want to see and just to hope one day that will happen, here is a list of my predictions:

  • A new Donkey Kong Country Game: Now we do have the port of the same name on switch (aka Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze), I would most likely want to see and play a new Donkey Kong Country game, and also mark the return of previous characters from previous enteries. The one I would love to see to return is Kiddy Kong. Aside of cameos and whatnot over the years, his only playable appearance as we all know is Donkey Kong Country 3 (Both SNES and GBA). It kinda feels like Nintendo doesn't seem to care about him anymore, I really do not know but I would love to see him return...
  • Remakes of previous Paper Mario Series: Now I know this seems out of hand, following the release of The Origami King, I think it be cool to do something like Super Mario 3D All-Stars but with ACTUAL, redesigns. It be nice to experience it for people who has not played those enteries, for me myself, I wanna try Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door someday.
  • A new Mario & Luigi Game: Now after the events of AlphaDream being bankrupted, the fate of the series is still unknown, but my only hope is that Nintendo keeps the series going, by releasing a new game, Of course I still kept thinking about Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time, as it still has not gotten a remake, and probably will never be one since the 3DS families have ended production...