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Contributor Directory

The 'Shroom: Issue 200 - Credits

The 'Shroom Staff

  • Anton (talk) - Critic Corner Director
  • FunkyK38 (talk) - Palette Swap Director
  • GBA (talk) - Graphic Design Manager, city footer, 'Shroom HQ, Archives banner, Fireworks art, Main page background and buttons, portraits, artistic input and expertise
  • Hooded Pitohui (talk) - Director, Strategy Wing Director
  • Lakituthequick (talk) - Website Manager, Programming Manager, Fireworks JS, CSS additions and maintenance, Main page buttons, technical advice and assistance
  • Meta Knight (talk) - Statistics Manager, Card flip and slideshow JS, Archives overhaul, managing applications, managing reminders
  • RHG1951 (talk) - Spotlight Manager
  • Roserade (talk) - Fun Stuff Director
  • Shoey (talk) - Staff Consultant
  • TPG (talk) - Staff Consultant, graphics and music, 'ShrooMall artwork, 'ShrooMall music, 'Shroom v2 backgrounds, 'ShrooMall footer, artistic input and expertise
  • Waluigi Time (talk) - Sub-Director, Fake News Director, managing reminders
  • Yoshi876 (talk) - Spotlight Manager
  • Zange (talk) - Pipe Plaza Director


  • Andymii (talk) - Guess Who: Issue 200 Special!
  • Anton (talk) - Anton's Half-Baked Reviews, "The Critic Corner", "Tricks & Treats Vending Machine", SOTM Retrospective
  • BBQ Turtle (talk) - Anagrams, A Community Character Celebration
  • BlueShelledKoopaTroopa - Mario & Luigi Memories
  • ClawgripFan9001 - Sport Report
  • Coffee - Peddler's Place
  • Cosmic Cowboy (talk) - Shmaluigi, Private Investigator
  • cpcantimark - MK Trivia From a Nerd
  • Flygon64 (talk) - The Big Cheese is Baaack
  • FunkyK38 (talk) - Where in the Marioverse is Carmen Sandiego?, Book Review, "F.A.M.", "Yoshi876 Fitness and Health", SOTM Retrospective
  • Fun With Despair (talk) - Poll Committee Discussion
  • GBA (talk) - Horrorscopes, "The Star Road"
  • Glowsquid (talk) - All's Fair in Love and Robattle
  • GPM1000 (talk) - Mario Calendar, 12 Months of Mario - From Worst to Best
  • HedgehogGaming - Dogs in Nintendo Games
  • Hooded Pitohui (talk) - News Flush, Mushroom Tribune, Minion Matchups, Mario's Boombox, The 'Shroom Recap, Community Report Character Comparison, Pitohui's Pokémon Academy, Four Steps for a 3D World, So, You Want to Raise a Pokémon?, In Cinemas Now, "Gaming Glen", "Redux Union", SOTM Retrospective, Staff Notes
  • InsaneBlathers - MarioBoards: The Immersive Gaming Experience
  • Koops (talk) - Koops, Your Emblem is on Fire
  • Lakituthequick (talk) - Site Seeing, "Starcoins Coffee", Staff Notes
  • Legend 8 - The Sorcery Show
  • Magolor04726 (talk) - Shmaluigi, Private Investigator
  • Mario jc (talk) - From the Composer of..., Editing Tips
  • MarioMorty (talk) - Crossword
  • Meester Tweester (talk) - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Randomizer
  • Meowkie - Beyond Belief: Mario Wiki Mix
  • Meta Knight (talk) - News Flush, Logic Puzzle, An Overview of Triangles, Sonic Origins Ranking, Galactic Expedition, Meta's Poem, So You've Summoned a Persona, The 'Shroom: Issue 200 Community Playlist, SOTM Retrospective, Staff Notes
  • MightyMario (talk) - MightyMario's Standalone Story Special
  • MiracleDinner (talk) - Beginner's Guide to Debian Xfce
  • Mr. Edo (talk) - In Cinemas Now
  • MrConcreteDonkey (talk) - Shop Scout, Hot Records, 'Shroom FM
  • NEXandGBX (talk) - Love Live: Mario Wiki Project
  • Ninja Squid (talk) - Wanted!, Staff Notes
  • Porplemontage (talk) - A Message from Porple
  • Power Flotzo (talk) - Love Live: Mario Wiki Project
  • Quizmelon (talk) - TV Tomorrow
  • Raregold (talk) - Selling Out the Wrecking Ball with Whomper Thwompite and Realah T.
  • Roserade (talk) - A Budew's Brawlers, "Shrooby Shot Laser Tag", Connections, SOTM Retrospective
  • Shoey (talk) - News Flush, Mushroom Tribune, Our Leaders, Overlook Mountain Auction House Presents, Non-Mario Trivia, Random Image of the Month, Forgotten Stars of a Golden Age, What's in a Campaign?, A Digimon World Soliloquy, A Report on the Effectiveness of Power-ups, Van Shoeul's House of Ghouls, File City Files, The Anatomy of a Pikmin, Shoeyball: Gridiron Conquest, Fading Into Obscurity, Archie Comic Shoebox, The Wrestling Shoeserver, Word Search, Trivia
  • Snack (talk) - Love Live: Mario Wiki Project
  • Super Mario Bros. (talk) - The Countdown Ends
  • Superchao (talk) - Love Live: Mario Wiki Project, Doujin Game Reviews
  • TFP (talk) - Love Live: Mario Wiki Project
  • TheBlueCatMenace - The Sunshine Travel Guide
  • TimeTravelerToad - A Visitor's Guide to Baby Park
  • Toadbert101 (talk) - Peddler's Place
  • Toadettefan - Happy 200th 'Shroom Issue
  • TPG (talk) - Mario: The Musical, "kiln"
  • Tucayo (talk) - Mystery Images/Hiding Koopa
  • Turboo (talk) - Love Live: Mario Wiki Project
  • Waluigi Time (talk) - News Flush, Music Quiz, What's on the Box?, The 'Shroom Report, Character Review, Rising From Obscurity, Building The 'Shroom HQ, Overlook Mountain Auction House Presents, Dear Waluigi Time, Consumer Corner, Diggin' Up Dirt, Dear Waluigi Time, Hiding Koopa, Waluigi Time Comic, Shmaluigi: Private Investigator, Community Report, Digging Deeper, Shine Get, "Tanner Tanooki's Great Outdoor Store, "Charlie Chuckster's Rock-Climbing Experience", SOTM Retrospective, Staff Notes
  • winstein (talk) - The ? Panel
  • Zange (talk) - And That's the Tea: An Intro to the Loaded Tea Craze, "The Book Nook", "Ballyhoo Cineplex", SOTM Retrospective
  • Zdrmonster - The Bubblun and Toadette Roleplaying Battle
  • ZelenPixel (talk) - Zel Says a Lot of Things About Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Depicted in Fireworks

Executive Producer (Proprietor)

  • Porplemontage (talk) - Owner and proprietor of Super Mario Wiki and its associated venues

Special Thanks

And the entire Super Mario Wiki community!