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The Bubblun and Toadette Roleplaying Battle

Written by: Zdrmonster

A recap of a roleplay between Zdrmonster and Toadettefan

Hello, I'm Zdrmonster. You may know me for almost exclusively posting on the Forum Games section of the Super Mario Boards, though I wouldn't call myself active on even that section of the forum. You may also know me for being a fan of Taito's hit franchise "Bubble Bobble," enough so that my current profile picture is one of the sprites of Bubblun's appearance in Puzzle Bobble 4.

Believe it or not, my PFP wasn't always that sprite. I once switched from that sprite to a picture of a Go!Animate Stock Character for a little bit before switching back, though I'm not sure if many noticed that (There was also a time where I used a picture of Jerry from the 1975 Tom & Jerry Show as my PFP, and some did notice that). Well before that though, I remember having the Super Mario 64 Box Art as my profile picture between 2018 and 2021. I also remember my signature used to have screenshots of the anime "Kirby of the Stars," also known by its English name of "Kirby: Right Back At Ya," alongside a Mario Kart 8 license card that did nothing because I didn't have a Wii U back then.

But let's put all of that aside, and talk about something that happened within the Super Mario Wiki's forum about one year ago. Specifically the story of a few roleplays between me and Toadettefan on the Mushroom City Car Wash thread on the roleplaying sub-section of the Forum Games section. (Because apparently I can't find the time to write about EVERYTHING I did on Forum Games.)

The lead-up to the battle.

I sometimes do some roleplaying as Bubblun in the most popular thread in the roleplaying sub-section, Mushroom City Car Wash. In Toadettefan's preparation for the Mario Boards Mega Brawl (What happpened to that?), I requested to RP with her because in a few previous RPs between me and her version of Toadette in the car wash thread, Bubblun accidently turned Bobblun into a slimy soul during some sciency stuff, and in Toadette's efforts to help Bobblun get back into his own body, her soul turned into a slime and separated from her body too (Don't ask). After Bubblun got Toadette's soul and body back together, I had the "bright" idea to bring Toadette back to Bubblun's lab and do some more experiments with her soul when it's slimy and outside of her body. Bubblun and Bobblun ended up teaching Toadette how to possess inanimate objects and then got her back to normal to wave goodbye.

Sometime after that second RP involving turning Toadette into a slime, Toadettefan adopted this slimy soul concept into a full-on slime form for the mushroom girl. She used this new form during some arc involving a crook taking pictures of the crew managing Mushroom City Car Wash (Why else do you think the thread is named like that?), and also added it in as one of Toadette's abilities when she first entered the Mario Boards Mega Brawl. Around July 9th was when I wanted to get back to RPing with Toadettefan after seeing Toadette's slimy self being used for iirc, and Toadettefan told me about being busy for the Mega Brawl. The idea for Bubblun seeing how far Toadette has gone was brought up, but she was writing at that time. There was a brief consideration for Bubblun being a part of her "Before the MBMB" story series, but she preferred Bubblun being in an actual RP instead.

The meeting at the Battle Court.

On July 10th within the Car Wash thread, Bubblun (me) went to an arena (Battle Court) to meet up with Toadette (Toadettefan). Toadette told Bubblun about a flyer for the Mega Brawl, and that she's entering the tournament. She asks Bubblun if he's excited how much her slime form has been improving, and Bubblun suddenly gets confused.

Toadette explained that after she first got her slime form that it "became one with her body" and that she can transform just by saying a spell, and she can also get back to normal by saying said spell in reverse. She also talked about having improved her possession abilities, but asks Bubblun about solving the issue of her slime form not being able to use "alien tech." Bubblun wasn't familiar enough with possessing objects as a slime to answer though.

Bubblun suggests that Toadette fight him so that they can see what she has learned. Bubblun suggests the idea of putting down some objects and then they'll do two rounds, one where both of them are normal, and another where Bubblun turns himself into a slime. Toadette suggested that she should fight with only her slime form in the second round too, and wants to see how not using her hair could work out in a fight.

Both of them go to the left side of the field, and Bubblun puts down a few items. He then quickly blows a bubble at Toadette and then starts charging his multi-bubble attack. Toadette transforms into her slime form to attempt to melt into the bubbles coming at her, but she falls right through them as they aren't solid. She quickly gives up and melts into an Apple on the ground instead.

Bubblun finishes his multi-bubble attack, but quickly gets confused as to where Toadette currently is. Toadette quickly shoots seeds from inside the apple at the dragon, of which two of the seeds hit him. Bubblun quickly realizes where Toadette is and slashes his claw hands at the apple, which breaks it apart.

Toadette returns to normal and starts punching Bubblun with her hair from behind. This makes Bubblun fall onto the floor, forcing him to get back up and to blow another bubble at Toadette.

After that, Toadette falls onto the ground which makes Bubblun win. The Bubble Dragon gets confused, but Toadette compliments his bubble blowing skills and that she had a lot of fun battling with him.

A few moments later, Toadette and Bubblun meet up with MightyMario's Cayde (Introduced in The Tales of the Megaverse, I believe.) and Toadettefan's version of Oxide (that I think originated from a Crash Bandicoot racing game?). Bubblun introduces himself and asks Toadette on what Oxide can do, but Oxide himself answers with: "I'm the fastest racer in town, with lots of speed! I'm also a budding fighter, with tricks up my sleeves! Behold, the Plasma Gun. On full charge, it shocks people and slows them down! Plus, with my speed and claws, I dodge attacks easily and slice those who're in my way! Now, that's worthy of conquering Mega Brawl, is it not?!" (Source:

Meanwhile, Cayde isn't feeling well. Toadette and the usual Toadettefan group hug Cayde, and she suggests Bubblun to give Cayde some encouragement because "That might help her feel better!" So Bubblun jumps and down and says "Go for it Cayde, win with Toadette! I'm gonna cheer you on!" before asking Toadette if he's doing it right.

Toadette believes that the dragon is on track, but waits until Cayde tells if the cheering up worked. After an indecisive response from Cayde, Toadette asks Bubblun if he can get back to the Battle Court to do the next round of fighting. The Bubble Dragon answers by asking the Mushroom Girl what's the spell used for transforming her into her slime form, to which she answers with saying her new spell ( and transforming into slime again.

After hearing the spell, Bubblun says it himself to transform into his own slime form. Toadette leads the way for everyone else to get to the battle court, and Bubblun follows first. Everyone prepares for a free-for-all fight between slime Toadette, Oxide, MightyMario's Cayde, and (of course) Bubblun!

Toadette got to the bottom of the field and struck a pose, which caught Bubblun off guard for a moment until she indicated her location. Afterwards, Bubblun got to his own position and prepares for the fight to begin. After a few seconds, Toadette melted into a Bubble Flute and started blowing many bubbles at everyone else, while Oxide spread presents containing Ice Mines and Static Orbs around the field. Bubblun's slimy body quickly got caught in one of Toadette's bubbles, and he starts questioning why he's struggling to break out of the bubble.

Toadette teases Bubblun to catch her, which quickly makes the slimified green dragon angry and breaks out of her bubble to eject her out of the bubble flute, which ends up working but at the cost of Bubblun getting knocked out by a star thrown from Cayde's star rod that was obtained in the background. (I believe by the time this happened:, I was on an Android-based laptop and didn't have enough time to keep seriously participating in the battle.)

After what seemed like hours, Bubblun woke up in his melted slime body after hearing his name get mentioned by Toadette. Not knowing what to do, his gooey body started rumbling for help. Toadette says the slime spell in reverse to get Bubblun to his normal self, before giving Cayde a thumbs-up.

"Thanks, Toadette. How did the rest of the fight go while I was gone? I didn't quite see..." Bubblun asked Toadette. (

Toadette explained to the Bubble Dragon how Oxide tried his best to attack her and Cayde, but he got hit by a frying pan Cayde picked up. Then, Toadette melted into one of the presents while Cayde was chasing her, but the present exploded after a few moments. Toadette talked about having fun during the battle, even though Cayde ended up being the winner.

Bubblun says sorry about not doing as well in his slimy form as he was in his formal form during the earlier battle, and feels like he needs more practice for avoiding stars thrown from a star rod. Toadette tells the bubble dragon that it's okay, and then asks him if there's anything else he needs to do before saying goodbye. Bubblun says no, simply wishing the rest of the participants in the battle good luck at the Mario Boards Mega Brawl. "Bye, Toadette!" He said. (

We end our recap with everyone else waving goodbye to Bubblun before he leaves the arena.

Where are they now?

Turns out that after the battle happened, the Mega Brawl got delayed? I'm not sure what happened, but now it's scheduled to happen sometime in December, if I recall correctly.

Bubblun's current where-abouts are unknown, since I haven't roleplayed as him in the Car Wash thread after that RP with Toadettefan yet. Toadettefan is currently involving Toadette in...something? There's something about someone's offer to upgrade Toadette's slime form abilities, at least.

I'm not sure where Oxide is, neither am I certain of the position of MightyMario's Cayde character that got featured in the RP. Funny thing about that though, there was a time where I was RPing as another character in the Tales of the Megaverse thread (Where Cayde first came from, I believe.), and that character actually met up with Cayde a few years before the pre-Mega Brawl battle! That, however, is a story for another day...

Happy 200 issues, The Shroom!

If there's something I'd like to see from this newsletter, could there be a more active section on updates on roleplays on the Super Mario Boards? Thanks!

This is Zdrmonster, signing off!