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MightyMario's Standalone Story Special

Written by: MightyMario (talk)

Hello, and welcome to this very special section for Issue 200! The following stories were created using suggestions from two users on the forums, Waluigi Time and Toadettefan.

Cayde and Zerris mean a lot to me and this wiki. It’s so nice having a place to share my crafted stories with members of the Wiki and Forums. It’s been an honor being able to write for them.

Without further ado, please enjoy these three short stories created specifically for Issue 200!

The Game's Afoot: This story was suggested by Waluigi Time, creator of Shmaluigi. The original idea was to have Cayde and Zerris go on a mystery that only exists inside their heads. I retooled it into a noir-style story where Detective Zerris must rescue Detective Cayde from a gangster version of Bowser (though not explicitly named in the story itself). Out of the three, this was the most interesting one to write. Inspiration came from Family Guy's "The Fat Man Always Rings Twice" and SpongeBob's "Squid Noir", both parodies of the noir genre.

The Show Must Go On: This story was suggested by Toadettefan, a member of the Car Wash Roleplay. The original idea was that Cayde developed stage fright after a rehearsal went wrong. The rehearsal still goes wrong in this story, but it was because Cayde couldn't bring herself to poke Zerris with a prop knife. This leads Zerris to do some improv and help Cayde continue the scene by making an alternative ending.

Surprise: This is an original idea to replace Waluigi Time's Shroom story idea, which wasn't working out. What better way to end a special section by writing a really special story? In this story, Cayde and Zerris celebrate the latter's 25th birthday, with Cayde giving him a very special gift. You'll have to read the story to find out what the surprise is! No spoilers here… A couple Wiki members make cameos either physically or in name only. LeftyGreenMario is a waiter at Ray's, named for Ray Trace, and the dessert Zerris orders is the Hot Cocoa chocolate lava cake, named for my best friend here, CoCo.

The Game's Afoot

Suggested by Waluigi Time

Crime wasn't always this bad in Mushroom City, especially before… she disappeared. I took one last look at her before she exited the office: ocean blue eyes, golden blonde hair, pearl white teeth curved into a smile. My partner never returned, and now the Bob-omb Boys have nearly taken over the Squawky Avenue corner.

I'm Detective Zerris of the Mushroom City Detective Agency. I run it with my partner, Detective Cayde, and together we make quite the team.

She's the brawn, I'm the brains. Simple as that. While I'm inspecting a cloth rag for drool, she's throwing shells at the Goomba Gang after another unsuccessful robbery.

Mulling over the evidence to find where Cayde had gone to, a young girl appeared in the office, Cayde's sister. A familiar face these past few days, she worked at the police station as a volunteer helping with filing and running errands.

"Mr. Huston? Has anything come up with Cayde? Is she okay?"

I'm sure she enjoys a nice game of twenty questions.

Cayde's sister was blonde and blue-eyed just like her sibling, neither had a bad bone in their body. I tipped up my fedora and looked at her, the vibrant blue clashing with my radiant purple. Odd eye color, I know, but I'm special.

"Nothing yet, Siy. When I get something, you'll be the first to know, I promise."

"Thank you, Mr. Huston. Please find her, I'm counting on you."

As Siy turned to leave, the phone rang. I picked it up and put it to my ear, expecting just another kid prank calling. Boy, was I wrong.

"Cayde is safe. Meet me in the alley at 8 PM sharp behind Toad's Diner so we can deal. No cops."

The call ended as quickly as it began. It was nice to know that Cayde was safe, at least. I looked at the clock across from me: 7:30 PM.

Better get a move on.

I arrived at the alley behind Toad's Diner at exactly 8:00 PM, not a minute later or a minute sooner. The smell of well done burgers and overly salted eggs assaulted my nose as I waited ever so patiently for the mystery person to show up.

Pounding footsteps sounded out from behind me, and soon his shadow cast onto the wall, Big, burly, and scaly, he certainly was a tough guy.

"Detective Huston, I hope you're ready to deal."

"Ready as I'll ever be. Make your offer."

The Koopa snapped his fingers and two of his associates brought the one I'd been searching for.

Cayde had her hands together and her hair untied. She never untied her hair. My partner grimaced as the Koopa put his arm around her, grinning and chuckling.

"I want 30,000 coins, all in 100-coins, and an airship to Beanbean Town where the Mushroom City Police will never catch me. Once I get this, you can have your little partner back. Capiche?"

"Please, Zerris. He's making me watch the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. I can't handle another lame pasta pun!"

I sighed defeatedly, I really wanted Cayde back. So, I accepted the offer and got to work getting 30,000 coins.

And now I know you might be asking: "Zerris, why can't you just go to Siy at the police station and ask for 30,000 coins?"

The answer being that it isn't that easy. Too many hoops to jump through.

However, Siy would be a great help in getting 30,000 coins. She has some connections to the bank.

"A withdrawal of 30,000 coins for the police department, please. I know it's a lot, but someone's in trouble."

A pink capped bank teller stood in front of us, sipping a cup of coffee.

"I can't approve a withdrawal that high, ma'am."

"What if you could do 10,000 coins three times?"

"Now that can work… but I expect a Christmas gift this year. You forgot to get me something last year."

"Will do, Jolene."

"Thanks, honey. Hope you can get Miss Cayde back safely."

Okay, I lied. It was that easy. Just have to have friends in the right places. It was back to the alley to get Cayde and deliver the money.

The big Koopa stood there once more, arms crossed. He snorted as we approached with a briefcase containing 30,000 coins.

"You got the money?"

"Cayde first, money second."

"Uh-uh. I need to make sure this is real gold."

The briefcase exchanged hands and the Koopa looked inside. He looked to me and then at Siy, giving a big grin. And then, as impossible it may sound, the big guy started running away, all 1,600 pounds of him.

Siy and I gave chase, running through the streets of Mushroom City. As the Koopa ran toward a Green Shell Taxi cab, Siy began to slow down. She tripped and fell to the ground soon after. Right then and there, I had a decision to make. Do I help her up or do I pursue the criminal?

Fortunately, that answer had been chosen for me. My partner ran past me carrying the shells of the Koopas who held her and tossed one at the head honcho Koopa, causing him to stumble and drop the briefcase.

All three of us pinned the big guy down while the police arrived. I looked at Cayde and smiled. She was finally back and already kicking tail.

So ends the case of my missing partner. The city sleeps for now, until that phone rings once again. If you ever need help, just call Cayde and Zerris, Mushroom City Detectives.

"Zerris, this is pretty good! You have some serious writing skills." Cayde said as she held a blue notebook.

"Ah, it's nothing. It was just a little idea." Zerris said, rolling his eyes. He was glad that Cayde enjoyed it, though.

"So, partner. You wanna solve the case of what's for dinner?"

"A mystery indeed, a big mystery…" Zerris and Cayde both laughed and hugged, two partners in love.

The Show Must Go On

Suggested by Toadettefan

"David, you've been cheating on me?!"

A flash of fury erupted in a pair of blue eyes, teeth gritted together. The scarf she had been wearing fell to the floor, but she didn't care. Too focused on wanting to tear this man, her husband, limb from limb.

The man opposite her stood his ground, showing a calm demeanor.

"No, no. Ashley's just a friend from work. You've got nothing to worry about."


The red-haired woman grabbed a knife from the table and approached the man with murderous intent.


Both stopped what they were doing and went back to their normal selves. Cayde dropped the foam knife back on the table and picked up the scarf.

"I hope I didn't yell at you too hard, Zerris." Cayde said, wrapping the scarf back around her neck. The red hair wig was itchy, but Cayde didn't have time to deal with it.

Zerris rubbed the fake beard they had put on him and chuckled.

"Don't worry, it's all acting. You didn't do anything wrong."

The two had gotten the star roles in a new play called "The Shattered Garden". Cayde and Zerris played the main characters: a wife and husband. Cayde had to wear a red wig to play the role of Erica and Zerris wore a fake beard to be David.

"Alright, let's take from where you grab the knife. Ready? GO!" the director said, afterwards taking a sip of coffee.

Cayde picked up the foam knife again and held at Zerris. She repeated her line and approached Zerris. Her arm raised, ready to deal the killing blow.

She stopped. Frozen in place, with the foam knife aimed at Zerris' chest.

The director motioned for Cayde to continue, but she found herself unable to do so. The toy weapon dropped to the floor as Cayde looked at her boyfriend, not willing to murder him even if it was fake.

"Erica, you… you came to your senses." Zerris employed some quick thinking and decided to improvise.


"I knew that deep down, you would never want to kill me. Yes, Ashley and I… have kissed, but it was only because we're friends. I'm not having an affair, and never will be. I love you, honey."

"I-I love you, too… D-David…"

"Why don't I take you to see her? I think the two of you could be great friends! You could teach her how to make your mac and cheese recipe…"

"It's not that hard, all you do is Swiss cheese instead of cheddar."

"Erica, let's forget this whole thing ever happened. Okay? We never have to speak of this again."

David gave Erica a kiss on the lips and the two hugged, having improvised an alternate ending to the play. The director was in shock.

"You two… have turned this play… into a STAR! Come back tomorrow for rehearsals, I want you two to have the biggest letters on the marquee! Cayde, Zerris, welcome to center stage!"

As the curtain came down and reviews rolled out, there were two names that appeared in almost all of them: Cayde and Zerris.

The former picked up a newspaper and flipped through it, beaming with joy upon seeing a three star review, proudly stating that the two were the best thing about it.

Zerris looked at the theater marquee and smiled at the large letters reading both their names.


A MightyMario Original

Today was a special day, for it was Zerris' 25th birthday. Cayde had given him presents and went to the movie theater to watch a new movie he really wanted to see. Now, the two were headed to Ray's, a somewhat-fancy restaurant in Mushroom City, to end the night.

"You go on ahead, I just have to adjust my earrings." Cayde said to Zerris as they entered the restaurant. Cayde wore a red dress and Zerris had on a nice polo shirt.

Zerris sat down at a table and patiently waited for Cayde to return. In the restroom, Cayde put something in her purse and took a deep breath.

"Don't blow the surprise. This will be the best gift he receives. It's all been leading to this…"

She exited the restroom and joined Zerris at the table. The waiter, a version of Mario wearing green and brown, approached them and set menus in front of them.

"Good evening, and welcome to Ray's. I'm Green Mario. What can I start you off with to drink?" the waiter said as they gave a big smile.

"Water for the both of us, please, thank you." Zerris looked at the menu and surveyed the options. While he was distracted, Cayde thought she could put the surprise in his water and he would notice. No, too obvious.

Soon, the water was served and the two had ordered their food. Cayde could slip the surprise under his plate and he would discover it after the plate was gone. No, that was too risky.

Dessert, she thought. She could sneak the surprise into the Hot Cocoa molten lava cake he ordered for dessert. No, that would be too dangerous.

Out of options, Cayde excused herself to the restroom to think of something. How would she get the surprise to Zerris without messing something up?

Then, it dawned on her. She didn't have to do it in public. After all, she felt most comfortable at home. It was all finally coming together.

Exiting Ray's, Zerris felt satisfied. This had been a really great birthday so far. He was ready to spend the rest of the night with Cayde.

"Thanks for doing this, you know, it's really been great." Zerris spoke, wrapping his arm around his girlfriend. Cayde smiled and laughed. It would only get better.

Arriving at the apartment, Zerris followed Cayde inside and yawned. He was tired, but Cayde wasn't going to let that ruin the surprise.

"Zerris, let me just say that I hope you've enjoyed your birthday so far. I have one last present for you, and I really think you'll love it."

Cayde grabbed a small box from her purse and sighed happily. Everything that happened in this moment would be the new normal.

"You are such an amazing boyfriend to me. Zerris, I don't even know where or who I would be without you. Supportive, loving, caring, funny, smart… there's a million words to describe you. It's really nice having you be there to pick me up. I've never had anyone do this much to help me ever since my parents. I can't believe I've waited this long to say this to you, but…"

Cayde opened the box, revealing what was inside: a ring.

"Zerris, will you marry me?"

Zerris did a quiet gasp and covered his mouth in awe. Tears of absolute joy came down from his eyes and he turned away to laugh heartily.

"Cayde, you just made this the best birthday I've ever had. Yes, YES! I will marry you!"

He ran into Cayde's arms and hugged her tight. He never thought his best gift would be right in front of him. The two gave each other a kiss, now as future husband and wife.