The 'Shroom:Issue 200/In Cinemas Now

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The cinematic event you've been waiting for since issue 195 is finally here!

Catch The 'Shroom: Issue 200 at the Ballyhoo Cineplex in the 'ShrooMall with weekday showings at 2:00 PM (matinee), 5:30 PM, 8:00 PM, and 10:30 PM. Weekend showings are 3:00 PM, 6:30 PM, 9:00 PM and 11:30 PM.

With newspaper revenue falling fast, The 'Shroom staff enters uncharted waters, looking for new sources of cash and interest to keep the 'Shroom brand afloat! When they settle upon refocusing the newspaper-printing operation into a commercial mall, a race against the clock begins. Can the staff of the paper meet the biggest deadline of their lives and take from the old 'Shroom HQ to build up a thriving mall? Can they overcome the chaos of demolition and construction? Will there be fireworks at the end of the night, or just a whole lot of rubble?

See the blockbuster of the autumn season for yourself today, and read on below the poster to find out exclusive details about the film's production!


Commentary on Production from Film Co-Director Hooded Pitohui

Yeah, no, really, we had the best o' the best workin' on this movie. I mean, we're talkin' every request filled. 'Shroom Staff Consultants and The 'Shroom Staff spared no expense when it came to bringin' this film to the silver screen. They put us in contact with the darlings of the industry. From writin' the original screenplay to the caterin', we had it- I mean, we had it all. People you hear- you hear it all the time from the other studios. "Oh, you want Zange? You want Zange doin' your castin'? Pfff, good luck, bud, 'cause you're askin' for the most in-demand castin' director in the industry". But with this studio? Nah, none of that. We said we wanted Zange, Poochy said he wanted Zange, and we got Zange. They dug deep into the Rolodex, too. I mean, wew, did we ever get the special guest features packed into this movie. Tucayo, Shoey, BBQ Turtle, Porplemontage, and... well, there's so many you can't even count 'em on both hands.

'Course, even from the start, it made a massive difference that the studio had such a clear-eyed vision so early in the process. I mean, from the outset we knew where this film was goin'. We had our orders from the studio, and we had Meta Knight, our screenplay writer, right by our side the whole time, along with our special effects masters, GBA and Lakituthequick. What that let us do was to- It let us ramp up promotional efforts early. That poster we released over the summer? The wonderful work by the outstanding Mr. Edo and GBA? You know that it was already foreshadowing the mall element of the movie's plot even before we revealed it?

Look real close now at that poster, goin' up from Meta Knight's head. You see those letters gettin' blasted off by the explosions? What they do say? That's right, they say "MALL". Might take clickin' between the poster and a pic of the place to make the connection, but, yep, all along that building in the poster has been the Coconut Mall, in the process of blowin' up as part of the demolition process so the staff o' The 'Shroom can cannibalize it for pieces for their new 'ShrooMall.

Now, I don't want to go givin' too much away o' what happens, but I think that'll give you a pretty good idea o' how long we've been workin' with the core storyline o' this film. It's really been a magical experience, workin' with so many talents on this production, and, well- You know, what else can I say? We hope you'll give it a watch.