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Beyond Belief: Mario Wiki Mix

Written by: Meowkie

In this world, the world of the World Wide Web, lies are a rather common sight that one might come across but, at the same time, one might come across the unbelievable-but-true. Here, we stumble upon the tales of a specific online community with me, your host with the most, the one and only Meowkie Frankes. This is Beyond Belief: Mario Wiki Mix.

Delightfully Devilish

An unused texture of a Yoshi Egg, from Super Mario 64

For the longest time, it was believed that a Yoshi Egg was hidden in the data of Super Mario 64; however, it was later found out this egg was supposed to be the egg of Hoot The Owl. But this isn't the only egg-related mystery in Mario leftovers. Would you believe there was a discovery of a whole game where Mario is possessed by the devil in the data of Super Mario Land 2? The story goes that the user George The Blingo combed through the data of the infamous "Giga Leak" and found sprites and leftover for a game called Mario in Deviled Eggs. One sprite which has Mario holding a cross to release the devious demon and more discovered date suggests this was planned for a Japan-only release, most likely to avoid the infamy it would get in other regions as well as because Nintendo of America's practice and standards would simply not allow it. Is this story real or fake? Well, as they say, the devils are in the details.

Breaking News or is the News Just Broken?

All as fake as the Fake News?

You surely know what The 'Shroom is. After all, you are reading it right now, are you not? At the time I'm writing this, The 'Shroom is getting near its 200th issue, the one you are reading this in right now, obviously. Clearly, 200 is a rather large number, so that signifies that it's been going on for quite awhile. Now, I wish to take you to amongst the earliest days, all the way back in 2007, in issue IX in the Fake News section, where you would not have found Fake News, but a one-line apology stating that it will be delivered on November 8th, 2015. In reality, the sections were there the whole time, hidden in the page's code. Now, personally speaking, I don't have the greatest memory, but to show how committed the great staff here were, the paper would reach that date, and, via the simple power of the edit button, set forth this Fake News for more of the world to see nearly years later in 2018. But is this an actual story of missing Fake News or just plain-out fake news?

Dust in the Wind

The Justice League, The Avengers, Toad Force V, there are many teams assembled to do what is right and to help others. What if I told you that there is a team like that in a place very near you? The "Dark Winds" is a team assembled to help people on the Super Mario Boards, made up of not mods, not admins, but just regular users who like to help each other. Rumor has it that I might have some sort of connection of this team, but is the Dark Winds a real group or has the truth been blown away?

Yoshi Blows Up?


Yoshi has always been a popular character. The basis of the character came in the NES days even though the character wouldn't get his proper debut until Super Mario World, and he later got his own series with the Yoshi's Island games. But what if I told you that, between his conception and debut, the character's concept was supposed to be used elsewhere? If you compare the games Balloon Fight and Joust in terms of gameplay, they are very similar. However, in Joust, you ride an ostrich. A planned-but-unreleased sequel to Balloon Fight would take inspiration from Joust, making the comparison between the games more apparent by making proto-Yoshi a power-up that the Balloon Fighter could ride for extra height and speed. That's right. Yoshi nearly debuted in a Balloon Fight sequel. Would we see the green dino differently if it hadn't been cancelled?

Balloon Fight did eventually get sequels in the forms of Balloon Kid and Tingle's Balloon Fight, but what's the truth about this cancelled game? Does this lost sequel exist or do I have egg on my face?

The Only Way to Win is not to Play... or is it?

The Game Over screen in Super Mario Bros.
When you weren't even playing?

Imagine if you were woken up by a dear friend who told you that you have just lost a game of Mario Party. This puzzles you. As you were asleep, you could of not played to begin with, so how exactly did you lose? While you ponder that question, let me tell you a tale, or rather two, of something similar happening in the ever-chaotic mafia games. The first incident happened during the World of Plight Mafia when, curiously, despite not even participating, Hooded Pitohui was put on the tally to get voted out. Curiosity arose as to what would happen when someone who wasn't even part of the game was voted out, and, thus, voted out he was. Though I can't help but ponder what would happen if he somehow won, ultimately no harm, no foul. It did not take long for the second event to occur as, a few months later, Shroom Mafia 4 occurred, and this fate fell upon Snack, who, despite not signing up for the game, had the crime of not participating spoken against him. The hosts would soon clear up the confusion by "removing" him from the game. Presumably, Snack was out living his life regardless. Can we confirm this is a true story, or do we have to eliminate the mere possibility?

Now that we have reached the end of the stories, what is just fiction and what is the truth? Was Mario in Deviled Eggs ever a real game? It was never real; it's fiction. Was the Fake News story real all along? Indeed it was; it's fact. That real story of fake news was based on testimony of Hooded Pitohui. What of the tale of the Dark Winds team on the Super Mario Boards? I made this one up... as in "I founded the very team" and literally made it; it's fact. Was Yoshi ever planned to debut in a sequel of Balloon Fight? Looks like the chance of it being true just popped like a balloon; it's nothing but a made-up tale. Many crazy things have happened in mafia games, but is the elimination of two on the sidelines something that really happened? Yes it is; it's a crazy truth. That story was based on testimony of Waluigi Time. I hope you all learned that truth is often stranger than fiction, but that not all strange tales are true. For Beyond Belief, this has been Meowkie Frankes.