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Hello there, this is winstein (notice the small letters).

General sandbox: User:Winstein/Sandbox

Notable contributions

  • Dr. Mario World
  • Stick and Spin: Version differences summary, extra information
  • Block Star: Added extra information in this minigame
  • Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
    • Detailed the way the miracle cure works, as well as on single player; Controls section added
    • Created and updated pages for the game's titular miracle cures
    • Information on the Miracle Cure Laboratory stages, including taking screenshots for the stages
  • Dr. Mario Express
  • NDcube: Renaming of "Nd Cube" to "NDcube". Sections unable to be updated are already updated by other staff members.
  • Tetris & Dr. Mario: Added the Mixed Match section, added controls section
  • Dr. Mario Online Rx: Expanded the Modes section to detail between the game's two modes Dr. Mario and Virus Buster, added Controls section
  • Dr. Mario & Puzzle League: Expanded the Gameplay section, added Controls section, added screenshots
  • Dr. Luigi: Expanded the Gameplay and Game modes sections, added Controls section, added screenshots
  • Dr. Mario (game): Added a Cutscenes section, revamped Gameplay and Game Modes sections
  • Capsule (The Dr. Mario object)
    • Created a proposal to move Megavitamin to Capsule. The change is approved unanimously among 7 votes.
    • Revamped the main content in the article to account for the move.
    • Updated many pages that linked to the Megavitamin page so that they link to the Capsule page instead.
  • Dr. Mario 64: Added a Controls section; Expanded the Gameplay, Story, and Playable Characters sections.
    • Elaborated on most characters featured in this game in their respective articles.
  • Wario Land 3:
    • Rewritten all 25 levels found in this game to follow a consistent layout between all articles.
    • Added the Musical Coin sections in all 25 levels, including taking screenshots to make their locations understood.
    • Added extra clarifications on the reactions in both the main article and their respective articles.
    • Added extra clarifications on the bosses in both the level articles and their respective articles, the latter having more details.
    • On the main article, elaborated on the Golf minigame section, as well as minor additions in the Power-ups and the Time Attack sections.
    • On the main article, revamped the Items and blocks section, changing it into "Items and objects" to make the section's purpose clearer. Certain object sprites are uploaded for this section.
    • Clarified and elaborated on every Wario Land 3 enemy in their respective articles.
  • Wario Press Conference: A transcript article is created! At least five are needed before it can be categorised into a Transcript category.

Pages to be completed

  • (Maybe) Mario Golf: Super Rush

Thank you for reading.