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Welcome, Snack!

Caped Mario holding a Cape Feather while he is mounted on Yoshi, from Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

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Sir Grodus (talk)

Yo Snacky. Tadaa!2.gifPlumberTadaaa!.gif


Here. Just replace all of your sig text with this:

<table style="color:Black;background:red;border:0px solid #30;-moz-border-radius:3px;padding:0px;" width=11%><tr>
<td style="border-bottom:0px solid #000;text-align:Center;">[[User:Snack|<span style="color:Black;" class="plainlinks">S</span>]] [[User talk:Snack|<span style="color:White;" class="plainlinks">N</span>]] [ <span style="color:black;" class="plainlinks">A</span>] [ <span style="color:white;" class="plainlinks">C</span>] [ <span style="color:black;" class="plainlinks">K</span>]</td></tr> </table>

Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 17:14, 3 August 2007 (EDT)

  • knocks head* That was 100% wrong. THIS is right:
<table style="color:Black;background:red;border:0px solid #30;-moz-border-radius:3px;padding:0px;" width=11%><tr>
<td style="border-bottom:0px solid #000;text-align:Center;"><span class="plainlinks">[[User:Snack|<span style="color:Black;">S</span>]] [[User talk:Snack|<span style="color:White;">N</span>]] [ <span style="color:black;">A</span>] [ <span style="color:white;">C</span>] [ <span style="color:black;">K</span>]</span></td></tr></table>

Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 17:19, 3 August 2007 (EDT)


nice name!

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG Snack are good!


Here's a link to your new preview sprite:clickerz herez. toadbert

YAZ! You like it!(Toadbert101|TBPaper.PNG|Give a yell|Sez:{{{1}}}) 22:06, 22 August 2007 (EDT)

If you read my comic's Latest issue. You can see that theres a mistake. Well, I knew until your bro told me that you two are not brothers in teh wiki stuffs. So I apologise. ~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao!

Yeah, it's okay though. I actually don't like ramen though, so in future comics, please don't make me like ramen, K? Snack 13:56, 17 September 2007 (EDT)

Where's you page?(Toadbert101|TBPaper.PNG|Give a yell|Sez:I phailz) 22:51, 10 October 2007 (EDT)
You should atleast edit your user page... why don't you just write "Hi..." or "I AM TEH SNACKSERV" or something...? User:BooKid/sig

Sorry 'bout being away all day. The thing still on? f_cm_767603a.pngChaos NEEDS MOAR NINJI f_cm_767603a.png


~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao!

I love the picture, good job on it! Snack 23:48, 31 December 2007 (EST)


Hey know you can make my sprites now..please put them on my talk page if you are done..thank you. Goombitter

Fake. News. News. Fake.[edit]

Hi there! Would you please please please sign up/re-sign up for the Fake News? Xzelion quit and now I am the Director; there are still plenty of great articles to write! Plesae look it over; the sign up sheet is located here. Please help us out! 3dhammer.gif 3D, AAaaAAH! 3dhammer.gif


cum see your doodle user:Koopa-Troopa


I've totally updated my sprites; please update any sheets featuring me you might use for your comics. See here for the sheet. Thank you! 3dhammer.gif 3D, my comics are back out, too! 3dhammer.gif


I want to ask you a question. Do you have an email or something like that? It's related to my comic. And if I just ask it here directly, it might spoil parts of it.  Caps Lock LORD 11:58, 29 January 2008 (EST)

Could you PM me on the forums? I have an Email, but it is inconvient for me to use I would rather not give it away here. Snack 17:21, 17 February 2008 (EST)


Any news on the next issue? 3dhammer.gif 3D, die hard fan. 3dhammer.gif

It hasn't entered production yet, So I can't say anything about the release. But I can say that I am considering a unique format for the next issue, possible as a two part release coupled with a comic in a more traditional format, and I'm also considering a unique graphics method never before seen here or anywhere in a sprite comic. Snack 15:05, 20 February 2008 (EST)

Schweet. I'm a total fan of the story; hope it gets developed farther in the next issue. 3dhammer.gif 3D, it's better than Futurama! 3dhammer.gif

I'm in a dilema! EVERYTHING for Super Mario Wiki Adventures and MarioWiki Story is lost. My USB pen died. So I could either make a comeback (It'll take a LOONG time) or quit cause If I do make a comeback, My PC will be filled with Images and My PC is slow so what should I do? Continue or Quit?

~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao!


Hi, it's Doopliss rocks. I'm trying to get feedback about my user page and advice for future changes. Could you please leave a comment on my talk page about it? Thanx in advance. -Artwork of Doopliss from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Doopliss rocks (talk) Artwork of Doopliss from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door