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Hi, I'm new here so I really don't have a huge User page. I'm the Director of a Pipeproject though, so I would like some support on that. You can expect this Page to get bigger once I get more ideas! If any one would like help on any of the games listed below, add a comment on my Talk Page! ---PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png Doopliss rocks PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png

“You got it now, Slick? Your body and name belong to me now!”
Doopliss, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
“Doopliss will be the main character of Paper Mario Four. I might not play it if he's not.”
Doopliss rocks, While waiting for the news that will never come.

Mario-related Games that I currently own

Key PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png -Favorite Games


  • Super Mario Galaxy: 68 stars on Luigi's game PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png
  • Super Paper Mario: Almost completed PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Everything except the challenges are completed PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: All Tourneys completed
  • Mario Super Sluggers: Completed
  • Mario Kart Wii: Everything unlocked and completed (I'm only a 2 Star in ranking though)
  • Mario Party 8: Not much to say...
  • Mario Strikers Charged: Completed with a pretty good Wi-Fi record


  • Luigi's Mansion: King Boo got pwned
  • Mario Golf Toadstool Tour: All Tourneys completed
  • Super Mario Sunshine: 52 Shine Sprites
  • Mario Kart Double Dash: Completed
  • Mario Superstar Baseball: Completed many times on all difficulties
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee: Completed twice PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png
  • Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door: Completed everything except for the Pit of 100 Trials(Working on that) PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png
  • Super Mario Strikers: Completed
  • Donkey Konga: Not played much
  • Mario Power Tennis: Completed
  • Mario Party 5: Not much to say...

Nintendo 64

  • Super Mario 64: 72 Stars (Haven't played it much lately)
  • Super Smash Bros.: Completed three times
  • Mario Kart 64: Completed twice
  • Yoshi's Story: Almost completed (Last two levels I think...)
  • Mario Party (Original): Not much to say... Again PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png
  • Donkey Kong 64: About halfway through
  • Diddy Kong Racing: Completed
  • Paper Mario: The game that I am working on now PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png

Nintendo DS

  • Super Mario 64 DS: Completed
  • Mario Kart DS: Completed twice
  • Mario & Luigi Partners in Time: Final Boss battle
  • Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story: Complete
  • Yoshi's Island DS: Completed (With a little help...*cough*...)
  • Mario Party DS: I can't find anything to say about the Mario Party games
  • Wario Master of Disguise: On the dolphin level (I hate dolphins)

Gameboy Advance I can only remember two of the games:

  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Completed
  • Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga: I'm not sure

Virtual Console

  • Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars: On the Pirate level PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png
  • Super mario Bros.: Level 7-1 PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: No clue
  • Super mario Bros. 3: Completed PMTTYD Doopliss Artwork.png