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itsa me zelen! im a russian girl and a big mario fan since 2015!
i dont really make major edits here, most of the time i add russian names, though i fix tiny mistakes sometimes too.
feel free to ask me for help regarding any russian translations!

favorite characters

heres this section taking up most of the page! i love talkign about this stuff though and its a pretty convenient place to list em i guess.
it aint numbered because im not sure of the order anymore! but one thing is for sure; Luigi!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love luigi so much!!!! number one in my heart forever
others i love very much are mario, lemmy, cappy, orbulon, yoshi, every single toad...
and theres still many others i love a lot! like: waluigi, petey, kinopio-kun, red warioware, toadette, diddy and funky and cranky, all the koopalings, bowser and bowser jr, tiara, fronk, goombario and goombaria and goombella, pauline, captain syrup, nabbit, partrick, for some reason stanley, among many others. i cant say i dislike anyone either.
as for species i really love dry bones, goombas with the variants, rexes, biddybuds, viruses, sledge bros, LOTS of other enemies, again toads, then we have bonneters, tostarenans, volbonans, shiverians i love the locals in odyssey.. of course many more species i really love too
cant forget baby yoshis! and also, not a mario character but i really love mr game and watch thanks. i main him

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