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itsa me zelen! im a russian girl and a big mario fan since 2015!
i dont really make major edits here, most of the time i add russian names, though i fix tiny mistakes sometimes too. might edit gallery pages as well.
feel free to ask me for help regarding any russian translations!

favorite mario characters

theres no order, but one thing is for sure; luigi and mario my top favorites!! no doubt!!! theyre very close for me too
past that point we have toads in general but especially toadette, then lemmy, cappy! and then theres usually one i end up being unreasonably really attached to for a while, currently rabbid peach. no kidding
and theres a LOT of other characters and species i love a lot as well! it might just be too many to list, but i will highlight one species and that is dry bones because they are the best

Luigi Miracle BuildingaBot 6.png