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ManKoops, known as Koops
Full name Umm... KOOPS! Not the one from Petalburg.
Species Human
First appearance 20 July 2016 (As Nabz)

4 August 2016 (Koopas lost shell)

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Warning: This page is not accurate for current time. And it probably won’t be for a while because I don’t feel like editing.

Hey, My name's Nabil, and I'm a 15 years old guy. You might see my username is ManKoops, but I'm not known by that, for I am best known as Koops from the forum. I've joined this wiki because it's been a while since I was using it to learn about Mario until I've learned something that I could'nt find on the wiki: that was how I joined the community. Sure I am a Mario fan, but I don't like him as much as other characters like the green plumber. Now I know what you're thinking: "Why is your real name so weird?" You got the answer, right there: I'm Lebanese. Some of you might think negative thoughts about me, but I don't mind or care in that case. I've been now a while in the Wiki and I'm not digging information in articles as I used to be, I am way more active on the forum. I have a tendency of being from mean to demonically sarcastic if I am pissed of, but I really am soft and shy when I shouldn't be. Overall, to be honest, I don't even hunt for edits here anymore, or create pages, but if I find something that should be added or corrected, I'd still go for it. The main reason is I'm on a phone, not always on computer, and when on computer I feel more free to type stuff, more than typing on a little screen. But, however, I WRITE FOR THE 'SHROOM NOW! I write the travel guide in the fake news! Issue 125 is the first issue in which I write, so be sure to check it out! This paragraph might be improved.

Mario games I own




I know... it doesn't look like much, but I haven't completed ANY of these games 100% (Except for New Super Mario Bros Wii, it was too easy if not mentioning World 9-7, And Super Mario Galaxy 2, with the bloody "The Perfect Run") I also have lots of Wii games (not related to Mario) Such as Wii party, Wii sports resorts and more. And hey, with the Nintendo Switch coming really soon, I'll expand my library of games.

Top 10 Characters




And here ends our top 10 gallery.

If your worst character is on the best characters list, do not be a -whatever I can't find words- by trolling me. Shell power is really underestimated so look out for what you're saying in my talk page, okay? Same thing for if your favorite character is on the worst character list. UNDERSTOOD? (Got just liiiittle carried away).

My Goals around the Wiki

  • Editing Mario Kart if I find any unusal stuff.
  • The enemies also may be a nice choice of edit (I almost added a paragraph in the piranha plant page).
  • I also am a Paper Mario "nerd" ( kinda )
  • or just go to the rewrite page to see who needs refreshments.
  • The easiest way is just improvised: you go to a page for your search ( like if it was casual ) and if you spot a mistake, you just bust it out of the article (I someday caught that someone wrote Aevance instead of Advance).
  • Meh whenever I feel like...


  • Even though I don't own an NES or go to arcades, I did get to play Super Mario Bros and Mario Bros as a 5 years old kid, but not on an NES.
  • The reason I think Super Mario Galaxy is better than its sequel is because of the soundtracks, the cut-scenes, and the awesome design of Toad Town ( In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they just give you a 2d world to explore. In Super Mario Galaxy, The final cutscene features a black hole, the end of the world and its recreation, while in the sequel, they just tell you that the observatory is safe thanks to you.).
  • My last name is divided into two small names, the first one being "El".
  • I've got the Wii console 4 years after its release, in 2010, but I've got New Super Mario Bros Wii one year after.

Wanna be friends? and other.

Just use this userbox. But please do ask me first.




You can access the 'Shroom here and read my sections!

Favorite Soundtracks

I am planning to make an art gallery here, since my art has improved.

That's it for now. Whenever I have something new, I'll add it to my page.