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List of ongoing talk page proposals

Unimplemented proposals


Decide how to cover recurring events in the Mario & Sonic series, BBQ Turtle (ended July 17, 2018)
Split the attacks from Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash, Scrooge200 (ended July 4, 2020)
Reorganize images in levelboxes pertaining to games with remakes, remasters, etc., DarkNight (ended September 30, 2020)
Create an article for Froggy, BBQ Turtle (ended November 25, 2020)
Use indicators for pre-release images, Scrooge200 (ended March 27, 2021)
Merge the Wrecking Crew and VS. Wrecking Crew phases into list articles, Spectrogram (ended February 24, 2022)
Do not consider usage of classic recurring themes as references to the game of origin, Swallow (ended March 9, 2022)
Create a collective article for the Sonic the Hedgehog animal friends that cross over with Mario, BBQ Turtle (ended March 20, 2022)
Establish a guideline for the number of files in Media sections on game articles, DannyTheDingo (ended April 5, 2022)
Split Mario Kart Tour character variants into list articles, Tails777 (ended May 4, 2022)
Enforce WCAG Level AA standards to mainspace and template content, PanchamBro (ended May 29, 2022)
Trim extraneous Game & Watch coverage, Waluigi Time (ended June 10, 2022)
Change how RPG enemy infoboxes classify role, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended September 18, 2022)
Revise previous Game & Watch proposal to retain classic game information, Waluigi Time (ended December 17, 2022)
Merge Subspace Emissary and Adventure Mode stages from the Super Smash Bros. series, Spectrogram (ended January 21, 2023)
Merge every Super Smash Bros. stage into game-specific lists, GuntherBB (ended April 26, 2023)
Change full names of crossover characters to the more often used shortened versions in article titles, Hewer (ended June 4, 2023)
Establish a standard for long course listings in articles for characters/enemies/items/etc., Koopa con Carne (ended June 8, 2023)
Consider filenames as sources and create redirects, Axis (ended August 24, 2023)
Tighten requirements for elemental creatures categories, Swallow (ended September 16, 2023)
Remove conjectural treasure names from Wario Land stage articles, DrippingYellow (ended November 17, 2023)
Add tabbers to race/battle course articles, GuntherBB (ended November 18, 2023)
Rename pages with the full Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars title, Annalisa10 (ended November 25, 2023)

Talk page proposals

Create a generic Koopa Shell article and reorganize the colored shell articles, Ray Trace (ended August 29, 2021)
Split all the clothing, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended September 12, 2021)
Split X-Nauts (platoon) from X-Naut, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended September 18, 2021)
Split the various reissues of Mario Bros., Doc von Schmeltwick (ended April 22, 2022)
Split Mega Baby Bowser from Baby Bowser, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended September 20, 2022)
Split machine parts, Robo-Rabbit, and flag from Super Duel Mode, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended September 30, 2022)
Expand source priority exception to include regional English differences, LinkTheLefty (ended January 14, 2023)
Add product IDs in game infoboxes, Windy (ended March 18, 2023)
Remove the list of Super Smash Bros. series objects, Spectrogram (ended May 10, 2023)
Split Shoe and Stiletto Goomba, as well as the individual Stiletto, FanOfYoshi (ended August 4, 2023)
Merge Start Dash with Rocket Start, Koopa con Carne (ended August 17, 2023)
Use italics for the full title of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass, Hewer (ended September 15, 2023)
Split the Power Shot article, then merge Offensive and Defensive Power Shot pages into the Tennis Power Shot article, Technetium (ended September 22, 2023)
Split Special Shot into separate articles by game, Technetium (ended September 30, 2023)
Decide what infobox images to use for Mario Party minigames, RickTommy (ended October 29, 2023)
Convert the lists of episode appearances for television series characters into categories, Camwoodstock (ended November 22, 2023)
Merge Legendary treasure to Treasure (Wario franchise), DrippingYellow (ended November 24, 2023)
Standardize formatting of Super Mario Bros. Wonder course names, EvieMaybe (ended November 25, 2023)
Clean up Category:Worms and move it to Category:Annelids, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended November 25, 2023)