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List of ongoing talk page proposals

Unimplemented proposals


Decide how to cover recurring events in the Mario & Sonic series, BBQ Turtle (ended July 17, 2018)
Split the attacks from Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash, Scrooge200 (ended July 4, 2020)
Reorganize images in levelboxes pertaining to games with remakes, remasters, etc., DarkNight (ended September 30, 2020)
Create an article for Froggy, BBQ Turtle (ended November 25, 2020)
Use indicators for pre-release images, Scrooge200 (ended March 27, 2021)
Use a hybrid of prose and bullet points when listing changes on articles for ports, remakes, and remasters, 0blivion (ended June 5, 2021)
Define the scope of "Other appearances" sections (only third-party media we don't cover), Koopa con Carne (ended November 18, 2021)
Create "Unused appearances" sections in history, Waluigi Time (ended January 11, 2022)
Merge the Wrecking Crew and VS. Wrecking Crew phases into list articles, Spectrogram (ended February 24, 2022)
Do not consider usage of classic recurring themes as references to the game of origin, Swallow (ended March 9, 2022)
Create a collective article for the Sonic the Hedgehog animal friends that cross over with Mario, BBQ Turtle (ended March 20, 2022)
Establish a guideline for the number of files in Media sections on game articles, DannyTheDingo (ended April 5, 2022)
Allow Pinball to receive full coverage, Spectrogram (ended April 15, 2022)
Split Mario Kart Tour character variants into list articles, Tails777 (ended May 4, 2022)
Enforce WCAG Level AA standards to mainspace and template content, PanchamBro (ended May 29, 2022)
Trim extraneous Game & Watch coverage, Waluigi Time (ended June 10, 2022)

Talk page proposals

Include information on Construction Zone for the rest of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, Koopa con Carne (ended November 24, 2019)
Make pages for Deku Baba and other non-Mario elements appearing in Mario Kart 8, Koopa con Carne (ended August 5, 2021)
Create a generic Koopa Shell article and reorganize the colored shell articles, Ray Trace (ended August 29, 2021)
Clean up Partner, 7feetunder (ended September 12, 2021)
Split all the clothing, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended September 12, 2021)
Split X-Nauts (platoon) from X-Naut, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended September 18, 2021)
Merge Solo Toady to Toady and split Kamek's Toadies, FanOfYoshi (ended November 16, 2021)
Add a list of languages a game supports to the game infobox, Zachruff (ended February 26, 2022)
Merge Piro Dangle to Spark, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended March 24, 2022)
Split the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit page into smaller lists, Koopa con Carne (ended March 30, 2022)
Split the various reissues of Mario Bros., Doc von Schmeltwick (ended April 22, 2022)
Merge Naval Bud with Naval Piranha and Bungee Bud with Big Bungee Piranha, FanOfYoshi (ended April 23, 2022)
Split named sub-locations from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended April 24, 2022)
Split Shelly from Birdo, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended April 24, 2022)
Recreate Giant Donkey Kong, Doc von Schmeltwick (ended April 25, 2022)