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Missing media[edit]

This page is missing super Mario no koutsuu anzen and an educational anime video posted by YouTube channel kiddo cabbusses's unpoplar obscurities called super Mario ABC no Utau video. Lord Falafel (talk) 11:32, May 29, 2019 (EDT)

Mario porn[edit]

Ok, hear me out this is going to sound weird, but I watched an obscure mario facts video earlier and found this out. The video said that people were making mario pornographic films and nintendo wanted production to stop, so they bought it to stop production. It was called super hornio brothers (1 and 2) Bobster (talk) 14:53, June 9, 2020 (EDT)

Information on that is already on the wiki here. It doesn’t belong on this article since everything here was created officially, and it is a knockoff. --A sprite of a Flame Chomp from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.TheFlameChomp (talk) 14:56, June 9, 2020 (EDT)

Illumination Mario film planned release date[edit]

Some information arose about the planned release date for the new Mario film. It is expected to release in 2022.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

That information is already mentioned here as well as on the Illumination page. --Waluigi's head icon in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Too Bad! Waluigi Time! 15:39, August 26, 2020 (EDT)