Pizza Master

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Pizza Master
Peppino Spaghetti
First Day August 6, 2023
Gender Male

Hey, I'm Pizza Master. You should visit my sandbox page for a look at an article that could exist in the future if a name is given to the Baby Yoshi in the Switch remake of Super Mario RPG (Credits to Yoshi Mastar for typing out the Super Mario RPG section of the Baby Yoshi page and Ultra Mario and Zootalo for uploading the sprites used in the Super Mario RPG section of the Baby Yoshi page and my sandbox page). I've been a huge fan of platformers since when I was about 7 when I first played New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Since then, I've enjoyed a lot of platformers like Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy, A Hat in Time, Pizza Tower, Celeste and most obviously the Super Mario (series) platformers. My favorite game for years was Super Mario Bros. 3 because of its unique worlds, fun power-ups, interesting 'detours' e.g. Hammer Bro levels, Toad Houses, and N-Spade game, and its fascinating secrets like the Coin Ship and White Mushroom Houses. My favorite of the Mario and Luigi games is Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story because I loved exploring inside Bowser (yes, very sus) and playing as Bowser because his moves felt like they really fit him and the Giant Bowser sections are a very fun challenge to tackle. I hope the next Mario RPG Nintendo remakes is Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door because I've heard that it's the best of the Paper Mario games but I don't have a legit way to play it where I wouldn't be giving up an arm and a leg for it. My favorite of the Luigi's Mansion games is the first Luigi's Mansion because it is actually a bit creepy at times and the atmosphere is perfectly tense. The gameplay is also perfectly simple, shine a light at ghost and then reel it in. The Strobulb in the sequels is kinda tedious and feels like an unnecessary change to the formula that doesn't add much in the way of gameplay. That said, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was my first foray into the Luigi's Mansion games and I had a lot of fun with it. So I'll likely be buying the Switch remake for Dark Moon when it releases. My favorite Mario Party is Mario Party 4 because it's the one I've had the most fun "Mario parties" with. I don't really know how to explain why it's my favorite, I just think it's neat. My favorite WarioWare title is WarioWare: Smooth Moves because it has very intuitive motion controls and it has some of the best microgames in the series. Pizza Tower is probably my favorite platformer because it has very intuitive and smooth controls and its fast pacing makes it a joy to speedrun P-ranks.

Special Thanks

The Wario Land series for inspiring Pizza Tower to be made.