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FI archive

Past archived Featured Images nominations.

September 3, 2009: Mario Beach Race




  1. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) It may not win but I just love this picture for reasons I don't quite understand
  2. Time Q (talk): It's not that interesting, but it's probably the best currently on the page, so I support it. Plus, it's from a quite unfamous game.
  3. Superstar Daisy (talk) It's pretty.
  4. Timmy Tim (talk) I like.
  5. McQueenMario (talk) I don't see anything wrong with it.
  6. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! I'm not really into supporting stuff that came from a game that sucks but this one can be an exception, great quality. Zero signing out.
  7. YellowYoshi127 (talk) Yoshi! Per Lemmy.
  8. lpsc00l (talk) The image is so clear!!! Plus there are so much characters. Lemmy Koopa Fan, how come you think it won't win? Look at all th e suport comments!!
  9. Marioguy1 (talk) - This could attract more users who like pac-man because yours truly is in it!
  10. Vini64 (talk) Beauty and awesome!
  11. Karinmij (talk) Yeeh!
  12. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) Sure, maybe. I guess it could be a featured image.
  13. Booman (talk) Per Bloops.
  14. Mario304 (talk) Beautiful!


  1. I hate this image. alot. I don't know why I just do. Lu-igi board 14:43, 27 August 2009 (EDT)


I never said I didn't think it would win. I said it may not win. Now I have high hopes for it. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk)

I have worked out what I hate about this image! the karts are to plain and funny looking. Also I hate the idea of pacman having limbs. HE'S JUST NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!! :( Lu-igi board 04:22, 2 September 2009 (EDT)

September 10, 2009: Group picture


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga promotional artwork: Scene
  • Subject: Mario and Luigi running from enemies and allies.
  • Nominated by: Mario304 (talk)


  1. Mario304 (talk)
  2. Time Q (talk): Great picture!
  3. Marioguy1 (talk) - Now we have not had one of these before!
  4. Karinmij (talk) Nice, and a good size when enlarged!
  5. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! I'll let it pass, I'll like to see this one on the main page one more time. Zero signing out.
  6. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) This is an awesome picture! I was considering nominating this one. But hopefully a wave of opposers don't come in ranting about how boxart shouldn't be featured.
  7. Booman (talk)Per Lemmy Koopa Fan.
  8. Tucayo (talk) awesome
  9. Timmy Tim (talk) nice
  10. Lu-igi board (talk) yes yes yes and yes.
  11. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) It is a very good picture! It should be a FI, because it fits all the requirements, so, why not?
  12. Vini64 (talk) This image must be featured!
  13. Dark boo (talk) The boo is back and this picture is awesome.
  14. Dry Luigi (talk) Awesome pic great quality and a lot of detail.
  15. Nihaho13 (talk) Pure Awsomeness.
  16. lpsc00l (talk) It's a really cool picture!! The lighting adds the right touch. Plus alot of these characters are in this game only, so I like that!!



Oops. I accidentally said "artwork shouldn't be featured" when I meant "boxart shouldn't be featured." Fixed :P. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk)

Nother mistake! fixed! Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk)

September 17, 2009: Pocket Chomp


Normal chompattack.png
  • Subject: Mario Bros. using the Bros. Move: Pocket Chomp
  • Nominated By: Dark Bowser (talk)


  1. Dark Bowser (talk) I think it was a nice picture of Mario using a Pocket Chomp. Plus, Luigi just standing in the background is kinda funny.
  2. LeftyGreenMario (talk) There might be a white background, but I haven't seen it a lot. I'll support.
  3. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) I was thinking about nominating it anyway
  4. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Coool.
  5. Karinmij (talk) per LeftyGreenMario
  6. Electrobomber (talk) This is a good action picture, regardless of not having a background. Besides, I haven't see this pic at all before.
  7. Vini64 (talk) Per Electrobomber.
  8. McQueenMario (talk) I NEVER get sick of M&L pics!
  9. Lu-igi board (talk) per all this pic is great!
  10. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! I'm tired of M&L pictures but I'll like to see this one on the Main Page. Zero signing out.
  11. Marioguy1 (talk) - Look at the Babies and their future forms!
  12. fawfulfury65 (talk) It shows a lot of action and I LOVE the Mario and Luigi series!!!
  13. Toadster_04 (talk) Uncommon, good quality pictures are always nice.
  14. Shyster66 (talk) Very actiony!
  15. Dry Luigi (talk) Awesome pic! A lot of detail.


  1. Timmy Tim (talk) A bit plain and I'm sick of M&L images.


September 24, 2009: Mario in Space


Super Mario Galaxy Wallpaper.jpg


  1. YellowYoshi127 (talk)Yoshi! Great Image and before you critizise that its boxart, its not, it resembles box-art.
  2. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) I think I'll give it a yes. But if anyone finds a bigger one, upload it!
  3. Timmy Tim (talk) This is like my Yoshi's Island DS one and that MP8 one, boxart plus more, I like it.
  4. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! I don't consider this as the boxart since it's very slightly different, I support. Zero signing out.
  5. Marioguy1 (talk) - You do know this is just a thumbnail right, all you people who think it's too small? It's very colorful to say the least.
  6. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) It's shows so much in that picture, which is why I support this.
  7. T.c.w7468 (talk) Per all! This is an awesome picture!
  8. lpsc00l (talk) OMG!!! This is epic!!! If you find this picture in better quality, it is a winner!! But still I support it ALL the way!!!!!
  9. Vini64 (talk) Wow, now the quality is a lot better. Opposers will change their minds :P
  10. McQueenMario (talk) It's in better quality now!
  11. Dry Luigi (talk) Overused, but still a good pic.
  12. Time Q (talk): Now it's decent quality, I like it.
  13. Electrobomber (talk) Yes, I agree it's overused but is still an up-to-date, good-quality photo.
  14. LeftyGreenMario (talk) It's a beautiful picture! It needs to be featured.
  15. Toadster_04 (talk) Per all
  16. Shyster66 (talk) Very beatiful picture but hard to see things in the background.


  1. Lu-igi board (talk) very, very, very, very, very boring.
  2. Pie Shroom (talk) Poor quality, lots of black nothingness, and WAY too overused.
  3. PT PRANA (talk) Ive got the game and its great, but this shot gets sooooo boring once you look at it a couple of time.
  4. Dark Bowser (talk) Per Pie Shroom... on the over used part.
  5. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Ok, I changed my mind. This image is way too overused.


Yoshi! Pie shroom; of course there's lots of blackness, it IS in space after all whichis Kinda black. YellowYoshi127 (talk)

I am Zero! McQueenMario you know the original artwork is waaaaaaayyy bigger and clearer if you click on the image. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Yoshi! I know not every image will win but I saw someone opposing because it was too small even though it goes up to 500 px when clicked on. YellowYoshi127 (talk)

McQueenMario is right, this image is quite small. Just compare it to our previous FIs. Time Q (talk)

Platitudinous (talk) McQueenMario, what does "to a better quality" mean?

To a better quality means to make it bigger. BTW, YellowYoshi127, I got that message and the image is still to small. McQueenMario (talk)

Ya, what article is it in? The links section is empty. Marioguy1 (talk)
That's right and I don't know why, 'cause it is used in this article. Time Q (talk)
You beat me, maybe it's because of some redirect or duplicate image...Marioguy1 (talk)

October 1, 2009: Mario Hoops 3 on 3


Mario Hoops 3-on-3 key artwork used on the front cover of the North American and Australian releases
  • Subject: Mario about to perform a slam dunk while others look like they are going to intercept it.
  • Nominated By: BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)


  1. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)It's colorful, there's action and there's more than boxart. Plus, it's not boxart for everyone.
  2. Timmy Tim (talk)per BabyLuigiOnFire.
  3. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Even though I don't care much for basketball this is a good, FI-worthy pic.
  4. Karinmij (talk) per all
  5. Time Q (talk): Great quality, uncommon style. Like it!
  6. Vini64 (talk) a-w-e-s-o-m-e!
  7. McQueenMario (talk) It IS a boxart but it's okay.
  8. Lu-igi board (talk) pure epicness on a stick! (whatever that means....)
  9. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! EPIC. Zero signing out.
  10. LeftyGreenMario (talk) It needs to be featured!
  11. Marioguy1 (talk) - Look at the detail of the background characters, everyone's doing something and nobody's just there, this is great!
  12. Toadster_04 (talk) Great picture.
  13. Dry Luigi (talk) Great pic.
  14. Shyster66 (talk) I could see this as a featured Image.
  15. PT PRANA (talk) After learning from Time Q that the cat thing is called Moogle, I had to say yes - Such a cool name! :)
  16. lewa159 (talk) Epic. All I can say.


  1. Dark Bowser (talk) I love the picture, but I've seen this just too much...
  2. lpsc00l (talk) There is a reason I won't vote for this. that's because Peach is close and Luigi is way over there. I hate that now Nintendo is pay more attention to "Mario and Peach" than "Mario and Luigi" Oh ,and this picture way over used.
  3. DaisyRox02 (talk) This picture is wierd. It has real looking clouds in the background, but 2-d in front.
  4. YellowYoshi127 (talk) Yoshi! Not really cared for basketball or this artwork. Not a very good game either. Also Per DaisyRox02.


PT PRANA (talk) Whats that cat thing in the corner?!

That's Moogle. Time Q (talk)

Dry Bowser: Um, you love the picture, so, why are you opposing it? Vini64 (talk)

He's seen it to much. Please read the whole comment. McQueenMario (talk)

LeftyGreenMario (talk) Why do people care so much about Luigi? At least he's in the picture.

It's just like how Daisy is placed in the Mario Party DS picture, I guess. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

DaisyRox02 (talk) Well, you shouldn't be paying attention to your fav character in the pic, you judge it overall. Even though I don't like this pic, it's not because my fav character (Daisy) isn't there.

Well, I just remember that someone opposed in the Mario Party DS picture and said, "Daisy is almost nonexistent." BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

Platitudinous (talk) For some reason, it seems to me as though Peach has no idea that she's holding a bomb.

I won't vote on this to avoid being unfair. I just want to point out that Wario looks very stupid on this picture. I have a feeling like he's gonna explode any second (don't know why). Ah yes, and Peach IS going to explode any second. I like the fact however, that Luigi is about to trounce Mario with that Koopa Shell. The green guy's definitely underrated. I'd like to see a Luigi-FI here some time in the future. That'd be nice. *personal rant ends here* - Edofenrir (talk)

October 8, 2009: Cast of Super Mario Bros. 3


The main cast of Super Mario Bros. 3 - (the Koopalings, Bowser, Mario, Princess Toadstool, Toad and Luigi) and some enemies (Koopa Troopa, Koopa Paratroopa, Goomba, Para-Goomba, Spiny, Hammer Brother, Lakitu, Spiny Egg and Scattering Bloober) - in promotional artwork for the Game Boy Advance remake, Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. A re-creation of the boxart of the original Famicom version.

Subject: Scene depicting the main characters of Super Mario Bros. 3.
Nominated by: Grandy02 (talk)


  1. Grandy02 (talk) A true classic.
  2. I have a poster of this! Lu-igi board (talk)
  3. Time Q (talk): Cool image! Time to feature an old school Mario game.
  4. Platitudinous (talk): I am Platitudinous, the awesomest word in the worldiverse! This is a great piece of art to go with a great game like SMB 3. Ciao!
  5. Super Mario Bros. (talk) Looks good. Per all.
  6. Timmy Tim (talk) per Time Q.
  7. YellowYoshi127 (talk) Yoshi! Fantastic! And a classic too!
  8. Zafum (talk) I like this pic. Zero: Why do you think this is poor quality?
  9. Pixlfreak (talk) great pic
  10. Hrothgar (talk) Great picture. It brings back good memories.
  11. McQueenMario (talk) VERY NICE! I love the game too!
  12. Nihaho13 (talk) - Nihaho needs moar koopalings! (I hope someone gets that joke)
  13. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Per all. But Bowser looks different than what he does and Roy's shades look weird, but the great quality, scene, and it's overall appearence is good.
  14. Dry Luigi (talk) Great pic a true classic.
  15. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)I'll support it because it's a rare picture
  16. Vini64 (talk) Bowser looks weird but is a cool picture.
  17. Dark Bowser (talk) I like classic pictures!
  18. Edofenrir (talk) - The roots of a series should never be neglected, and it would add an interesting contrast, if this would be featured. Therefore I give my full support to this picture, even if I have to admit that Bowser looks strange with black eyebrows (but who cares, if he's wearing an awesome cape?).
  19. LeftyGreenMario (talk) - This picture is great. Bowser might look a bit strange, but who wouldn't want to see him on an evil-looking purple cape (with that neck collar with an eyeball on it???)?


  1. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Yes this is a true classic, but, it is too blurry in the background. Zero signing out.
  2. Marioguy1 (talk) Too crowded! Oh ya and plat... your word is smaller than mine (see the above section)
  3. Booman (talk) Per MarioGuy1.
  4. Shyster66 (talk) What Zero777 said. Too blurry
  5. DaisyRox02 (talk) Per all. It's not so great.
  6. ForeverDaisy09 (talk) It's sort of odd isn't it?
  7. MechaWave (talk) Eww! Its blurriness in the background and lack of entertainment makes it a little bland.
  8. lpsc00l (talk) I have 3 resons this shouldn't be featured, 1)There is too much going on, 2)It too blurry, and 3)it just boring!!


I am Zero! Well Zafum, it's a little blurry in the background, that's all, but if there is a clearer one, then I'll support. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Pixlfreak (talk) i dont get why you care about quality! the only pictures that have "good" quality are from the newer games, therefore all clasic games are out. and personally, I'm one for the classics.

YourBuddyBill (talk) its kinda crowded.

Platitudinous (talk) I like the Goomba's shoe. It kind of annoys me it was only in one level, but in the new Nintendo Power they mention an enemy in M&L3 that "Should remind Mario fans of a certain enemy from World 5-3 of SMB 3."

Nihaho13 (talk) Were did you find dis pic? 'Cause maybe there's a Super Mario World cast picture I can upload here.

At Gamekult, the only site where I found it with this resolution (and even without a watermark). Grandy02 (talk)

Zero777, Shyster66, MechaWave: What do you mean by "blurriness"? To me, it doesn't look blurry at all. You do know that the image above is just a preview and you can enlargen it by clicking on it, right? Time Q (talk)

Ipsc00I, how can it be boring and have too much going on in it at the same time? Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk)

PT PRANA (talk) I'm not taking sides here, but whats up with the beaver outfit?! I just don't get it!

Platitudinous (talk) What beaver suit? I think you're thinking of the Tanooki Suit.
LeftyGreenMario (talk) Nah, it's the Raccoon Suit. The Tanooki suit is something slightly different.

October 15, 2009: M&L:PiT boxart


Group picture for the box art for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time


  1. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) I said I didn't want to see any more M&L pics for awhile but I'll make an exception for this one because it's the only FI-worthy-in-my-opinion picture I could find. And please remember that it shows more than just boxart.
  2. McQueenMario (talk) I was trying to upload this before, but it would appear. It's AWESOME!
  3. Marioguy1 (talk) - EPIC
  4. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Nice, very nice picture, love to see this on the main page. Zero signing out.
  5. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Though it's quite common as a picture, this is just epic. The game was fun too! Another reason why I support it? It has BABY LUIGI in it!! This is the only boxart with this guy on it! Oh and it would also look great on the main page.
  6. Timmy Tim (talk) per all.
  7. Lolcats124 (talk) Awesome. BABY WEEGEE KICKS BUTT! :-) I like it, so YAAAAA! :-) I'm out.
  8. yay! Lu-igi board 12:49, 13 October 2009 (EDT)
  9. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) - Wow, that would happen. I was planning on featuring this too... Well, anyways, this is a very clear and wonderful picture, has many parts that constantly grab your attention and, overall, a least deserves a FI spot.
  10. Shyster66 (talk) I'll support.
  11. Dark Bowser (talk) YAY!!! Baby Bowser!!! Its got my support!
  12. Fawfulfury65 (talk) YES I was thinking of nominating this one anyway! EPIC FURY!!!
  13. Mario64fanatic (talk)This is colorful outstanding peice of art. I can't beleive people would want to oppose this. This has many main characters and is as I said before colorful with every detail. Coming from an artist.
  14. LeftyGreenMario (talk)Colorful, very dramatic, and it's pretty clear. Besides, I don't think Princess Shroob will be in any other Featured Images either.


  1. Vini64 (talk) Weird and looks like there's ocurring a total mess. I don't like it.
  2. DiddyKing (talk) Wow, what a mess! This definitely doesn't belong on the Main Page!


October 22, 2009: Mario Super Sluggers Group Picture


Group artwork of Mario and friends at Mario Stadium in Mario Super Sluggers

Subject: The group of characters on the Mario Super Sluggers cover.
Nominated by: McQueenMario (talk)


  1. McQueenMario (talk) I love this picture and I love Mario Super Sluggers too!
  2. Timmy Tim (talk) don't care for baseball but this is a pretty good picture.
  3. Paper Yoshi (talk) Good picture. :D
  4. I love this picture!I also realy like that game,it's fun!Dry dry bones (talk)
  5. Pixlfreak (talk) got my vote
  6. Castle Toad (talk) i love this game, and so this pic!
  7. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) Love this picture!!! You can't get enough of this. I more than agree it should be a featured Image.
  8. Mario freak (talk) Great Quality
  9. Toadster_04 (talk) Common or not, it's a great picture.
  10. MeritC (talk) Per all; this is one of my personal favorite group pictures for a Mario spinoff installment. Enough said.
  11. Booman (talk) It's okay,and there's a boo in the benches.
  12. Yoshi Koshi Moshi Nice 'n colorful.
  13. ForeverDaisy09 (talk) Better than most other pictures we see.
  14. Dark Lakitu 789 (talk) The quality is great,the picture isn't boring,even though almost every one seen this picture,it's great.
  15. DaisyRox02 (talk) This is a great pic and a fun game!
  16. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) I like this picture because A) It has great quality B) It shows a fair amount of characters and C) It's just a good picture! The ball is blurry and I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen.
  17. Vini64 (talk) Even I don't like this game, this picture have everything to be featured.
  18. Dry Luigi (talk) Great game, great pic.
  19. LeftyGreenMario (talk) It's a colorful picture! Besides, the actual boxart doesn't show Wario, Waluigi, or Boo.
  20. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Per LeftyGreenMario
  21. PT PRANA (talk) This pic is way too overused, even in Europe, but Petey is in the background so its an automatic yes from me!
  22. DiddyKing (talk) I love Mario Super Sluggers, and Diddy's in there, so it's a yes!
  23. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Colorful, bright, and awesome! I love it!


  1. Zafum (talk) - This is like the ssbb picture. It's just too common of a picture.
  2. Super Mario Bros. (talk) Per my reasons for opposing the Mario Party DS box-art.
  3. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! This is the box art, seen too many times. Zero signing out.
  4. Marioguy1 (talk) Per SMB.
  5. Lu-igi board (talk) I've decided box art shouldn't realy be featured.
  6. Hrothgar (talk) Like Lu-igi board said, box art shouldn't be featured.
  7. TheTigerBuddy (talk) Per Lu-igi Board.
  8. McCloud (talk) Using logic, I don't think anyone except the umpire and the catcher are allowed behind the batter. It makes the picture seem a little crowded behind Bowser.
  9. Shyster66 (talk) All you can really see is Mario and no one else.
  10. Dark Bowser (talk) Per Zafum... I've seen this WAY too many times before...
  11. Tonym101101 (talk) I like Super Mario Sluggers but I don't think this should be featured.


Timmy Tim (talk) Images like this are the reason we have the 'featured image' page!

I think we have enough boxart covers in this list. Phoenix Rider (talk)

I like how green and colourful the image is, but it centers too much around Mario and neglects the other charas in the background (And Bowser looks like he seriously needs a potty break *pats Bowser*). - Edofenrir (talk)

why wont this picture just die!!?? Lu-igi board 07:29, 10 October 2009 (EDT)

Quite obviously because there's 11 more support than oppose votes. (I don't know if you really wanted an answer but here ya go!) Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk)

Um... Come visit my page! And by the way I like it but it stinks in a way too... :-) ~~ Lolcats124 (talk)

October 29, 2009: Mario's Rainbow Castle


:File:MP1 Mario's Rainbow Castle Artwork.png
  • Subject: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Wario at Mario's Rainbow Castle.
  • Nominated by: Zero777 (talk)


  1. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! If you look at this one at it's full size it has quite the opposite of the Wario's battle canyon one, this one has more of a heavenly look or feeling to it. Zero signing out.
  2. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Poor Wario. He looks like he's about to die.
  3. Marioguy1 (talk) - Very clear
  4. Dark Bowser (talk) HAHA! Wario! Per Zero.
  5. Shyster66 (talk) I'll accept.
  6. LeftyGreenMario (talk) I like the picture. It's funny because Luigi is grabbing Wario by the leg, and you see Wario dangling off over there. The characters even look like they are struggling to hold on to Mario. This is a great picture.
  7. Gamefreak75 (talk) WOAH?! I didn't know Luigi was that strong. Fully support.
  8. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) You got to be kidding me! I can't believe we all haven't nominated this before! We have it as the FA sign background. This image is amazing! Such artwork deserves this! P.S. If you are opposing because you are tired of MP pictures, then don't vote!
  9. Monteyaga (talk) Per Gamefreak. I twould have totally dropped him if I was holding on to him.. Not because I 'm weak like luigi, I think he is SANTA CLAUS DEVIL!
  10. Karinmij (talk) Very colorful :)
  11. Mario304 (talk) I have always wanted this image to be on the Main Page!
  12. DiddyKing (talk) Per Zero. :)
  13. Pixlfreak (talk) i like
  14. Yoshi Koshi Moshi (talk) The Rainbow Castle looks so awsome in the clouds!!! also it's the artwork of a classic game!
  15. Pie Shroom (talk) Somewhere over the rainbow Per 0777.
  16. Vini64 (talk) Per all.


  1. McQueenMario (talk) I would support, but I've seen this on the FAs pages lots of times. So no.
  2. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Though the quality is high, this picture is very boring to look at.
  3. Edofenrir (talk) - From a graphicer's point of view I'd say this picture lacks too much contrast to have an impressive effect. Yoshi's body can barely be distinguished from the background, Luigi's face is shown from an disadvantegeous perspective, the light reflections in Mario's eyes look misplaced, etc. etc. The other MP picture does this way better. Old man talks way too much, so to shorten his rant: Nah!
  4. Timmy Tim (talk) Per 'the old man'. I'm also sick of MP images and they're making this place unoriginal, can someone please find an image not from MP that's good quality?
  5. DaisyRox02 (talk) I've seen this image way too much. It's not great.
  6. Lu-igi board (talk) I hate it.


I am Zero! Let me tell you this, it's hard to look for an image to nominate even if you press the random page button! Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

I think there's a lot of Mario Party images here, but this image have a perfect quality! Then, my vote will be null. Vini64 (talk)

November 5, 2009: NSMB Wii full box image


NSMBW Yoshis Group Art.jpg


  1. Vini64 (talk) I need to say something? =P
  2. McQueenMario (talk) This is great!
  3. YellowYoshi127 (talk) Much better than my other one and its not really boxart as it shows extra stuff like the Yoshi's Island one.
  4. Nintendo fan (talk) Just awsome
  5. Fawfulfury65 (talk) It's so colorful and big!
  6. Shyster66 (talk) Much better that other white background one. Plus updated pictures!
  7. DiddyKing (talk) This......this is perfection.
  8. Pixlfreak (talk) I LIKE!!
  9. I preffered the white background one, but sure... Lu-igi board
  10. Tonym101101 (talk) I can't wait for this game! This pic rocks!
  11. Gamefreak75 (talk) YES, definitely!
  12. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Despite all the characters being on the same depth, this picture is awsome, I'll love to see this one on the main page. Zero signing out.
  13. Platitudinous (talk) Better than white-backgrounded one.
  14. DaisyRox02 (talk) This is definetly ehat I was thinking about! I Love it!!!!
  15. Marioguy1 (talk) - This is that turned down image with a background!
  16. Nihaho13 (talk) I say: YESH!!


  1. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Just don't like this picture. There is plenty of empty ground at the bottom that could have been filled if the artist so desired, so in other words; No.
  2. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) The image is too small plus like Lemmy said, there's too much underground on the bottom. Plus, some artwork is recycled (including the Goomba, because only its eyes changed).
  3. LeftyGreenMario (talk) Colorful and all, but this picture is low quality. There are recycled art too (can't tolerate that) and Nintendo put so much emphasis on the GROUND.
  4. Pie Shroom (talk) Per all.
  5. Karinmij (talk) Hmm, don't really like it, can't exactly say why but I agree with the ground-argument as noted above.


November 12, 2009: DK Jungle Party


  • Subject: The Mario Party 1 characters in full swing of the party.
  • Nominated by: YellowYoshi127 (talk)


  1. YellowYoshi127 (talk) Yoshi! Great Pic. It's classic, not box-art and quite unique.
  2. Timmy Tim (talk) nice.
  3. Super Mario Bros. (talk) Per all. Tis a good image indeed.
  4. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! It's a little out-dated but I'll support it. Zero signing out.
  5. Pixlfreak (talk) i like the one on the beach better, but this is still good
  6. YourBuddyBill (talk) haha warios falling on his face
  7. Marioguy1 (talk) - OK, the image is filled up, I like it!
  8. WarioLoaf (talk) - This image is stellar. I think all the Mario Party board artwork like this need FI attention.
  9. Hrothgar (talk) Great board, great picture
  10. Booman (talk) One of the best images I've seen!
  11. TheTigerBuddy (talk) Good quality, nice pic. I'm all for it.
  12. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Look at Wario! He fell!
  13. Paper Yoshi (talk) Great image. Also per WarioLoaf.
  14. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Can't hate Mario Party pictures
  15. Shyster66 (talk) I'm going with BabyLuigionfire with this.
  16. Toadster_04 (talk) Nice quality picture.
  17. DaisyRox02 (talk) This pic made me laugh when I saw Wario. I'll support.
  18. LeftyGreenMario (talk)Per all. This picture is great. It's colorful, has good quality, and it's fun to look at. I don't care if it's "out of date" or the characters "look weird".
  19. DiddyKing (talk)I loved this pic the second I saw it. Donkey Kong is awesome, and Wario falling just makes me laugh.
  20. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Its just plain awesome... and big too!
  21. Vini64 (talk) It's about time to support this xD
  22. MATEOELBACAN (talk) It's a good image and is one of the first of the Mario Party Series = Nominate
  23. Glitchman (talk) Why not?


  1. GalacticPetey (talk) GARGLE HARGLE BARGLE! translation- All they are doing is swinging on vines!
  2. I've seen it to many times. It's become boring now. Lu-igi board (talk)
  3. Superstar Daisy (talk) Per Galactic Petey.
  4. lpsc00l (talk) Luigi looks weird, Wario is face down, and Mario, DK, and Peach are swinging on vines!!!oh wait, how can you forget Yoshi, who is to swinging on a vine! Boring AND lame!!!!!
  5. McQueenMario (talk) - The graphics are a bit out of date.
  6. Dark boo (talk) Good but not good enough to be featured.
  7. Dry Luigi (talk) Per Dark Boo not featured material.
  8. Dark Bowser (talk) A bit out of date and quite boring....
  9. Zafum (talk) Boring.
  10. Karinmij (talk) Don't like the color scheme.
  11. Tonym101101 (talk) Per Dark Boo.


Platitudinous (talk) Lu-igi Board, do you mean "bliss"?

no.....I imagine it is not a word americans are used to. Lu-igi board

How is being "out of date" such a bad thing? It's still a good image. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

Lolcats124 (talk) Well, I am an American... I do not say "bliss" that often. I say.. well I don't know what I say. I just talk. :-) ~~Lolcats124

you're getting confused lolcats; the word platitudinous didn't understand was "bless" as in "arr bless, that picture's great." Lu-igi board 02:46, 3 November 2009 (EST)

November 19, 2009: The First Battle


Bowser's first appearance


  1. DiddyKing (talk) I think this is a fantastic picture, and it really deserves to be on the Main Page.
  2. Edofenrir (talk) - This... is... genius! Featuring this might establish a splendid and impressive contrast! Plus, I have a thing for pixel graphics! Absolutely per!
  3. Fawfulfury65 (talk) - It's the 80s! Whats so bad about that? Per Edofenrir.
  4. Shyster66 (talk) I don't know what to say. I'll just Support.
  5. Gamefreak75 (talk) Per Edo.
  6. Monteyaga (talk) Sign what ever happedned to the retro games?
  7. Marioguy1 (talk) - I like the good old games with power stars.
  8. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Though this is a screenshot, this is a true classic that deserves to be in the Main Page. Zero signing out.
  9. GalacticPetey (talk) This is what i call awesomeness!
  10. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) I don't know what's making me do it, but I'm supporting it!
  11. Timmy Tim (talk) I've been meaning to nominate a SMB screenshot.
  12. Lolcats124 (talk) While this is history! This made Mario Mario! Go Mario! Lol!
  13. Lu-igi board (talk) history's most epic fight captured perfectly!
  14. Tonym101101 (talk) It's classic!
  15. McQueenMario (talk) Upload it in better quality, and I'll support. Tis good now!
  16. Pixlfreak (talk) CLASSIC!!
  17. era64 (talk) Lower the quality! It's fantastic... wait... isn't that artwork? It's scene from game. Memories...
  18. Rocket88 (talk) What a classic scene, deserves to be a featured image.
  19. baby dk (talk)it is the bomb
  20. Scorvi12 (talk) the perfect picture for the perfect time! Super Mario Bros. Wii is nearly out. the oldest and newest of the series.
  21. MATEOELBACAN (talk) A great picture,a classic and it remenbers me good times ^^
  22. Glitchman (talk) I could look at it all day.


  1. Zafum (talk) - I think that the Mario Bros. series was good, but you can't just go putting NES pictures on the featured image page. It's extremely low quality and really doesn't look good in the first place.
  2. Vini64 (talk) Per Zafum and it's still a screenshot.
  3. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) The picture is too small, it's only a screenshot, it isn't very colorful at all, and it doesn't look interesting. It may be a classic, but that still doesn't make it F.I. worthy.
  4. Mario64fanatic (talk)This is just a boring no-color, black backrounded, 8-bit, 2 character, bad quality picture. I can't see it getting Featured. Might as well make a terrible drawed picture of Mario by a 5-year old and put that up as a Featured Pic.
  5. LeftyGreenMario (talk) No. This should not be a featured image. Why? Anyone can go to a sprite resource and paste these sprites together. This picture is not colorful, interesting, or very epic (IMO)
  6. Dry Luigi (talk) Looks like a screenshot (is it?) bad quality and boring not much happening.
  7. Dark Boo (talk) Kinda boring and dull.
  8. Pie Shroom (talk) Hate to say this, but........ per all.
  9. Dimenshi Knight (talk) - Dimenshi doesn't care what you all think, but this is horrible! He has no trouble with screenshots, but this is just absolutely boring! Sorry, but this is like saying that the older the picture, the more it should be a FI. Well, in that state, Dimenshi should find a random picture of pong and nomiate it! That is all...
  10. DaisyRox02 (talk) This is by far the stupidest nomination I've seen yet. I feel like cussing at it.


Vini64: Screenshots can be featured... Time Q (talk)

I know, this is just my opinion. I think screenshots are not good enough to be featured. Vini64 (talk)
Screenshots are pictures of the very essence the whole Marioverse is based on. They are in no way of lower value than other pictures. At least that's what I think. - Edofenrir (talk)

In my eyes, featuring this would be an excellent way to show that this wiki still acknowledges and appreciates the older games of the Mario series. The roots which made the series as big as it is today! - Edofenrir (talk)

Why does everybody keep voting because it's a great game? It was certainly a true classic, but if you really want this game to be on the front page, feature the whole SMB page. If you had never seen this game before, what would you think about this picture? - Zafum (talk)

I didn't vote because the game is great, but because the idea is great. See my reason above. - Edofenrir (talk)
It is a great idea, but I thought this was about the pictures themselves and not the games they come from. But that's just my opinion. - Zafum (talk)
I agree with Zafum, if someone can find a better quality picture from this game I'll support, for now I'll refrain from voting. - Karinmij (talk)
I don't see where this picture is low quality. It is not blurred and it is no jpg. How about some examples before just complaining about low quality? - Edofenrir (talk)
@Karinmij and McQueenMario: The screenshot isn't blurry and it is the standard size of NES screenshots. It CAN'T be better quality. --Grandy02 (talk)
It probably isn't flashy enough and has too few special effects... - Edofenrir (talk)
By better quality I meant that I'd prefer a bigger image. @Grandy02: why can't a NES-screenshot be of a bigger size? Or did I misunderstood? @Edofenrir: It doesn't have to be flashy for me :) - Karinmij (talk)
Well, we could double the size, but I can see how the people are complaining about how pixelated the picture is then. Also, I wasn't refering to you with my earlier comment. You were just saying your opinion in a polite way. There are some other comments that shock me way more, up to offending levels. - Edofenrir (talk)
@Karinmij: I just don't define the quality by the size of the pixels. Everyone can enlarge the pixels, be at a screenshot or any other picture, or one can even do that in the browser, it's still the same quality for me. I would have understood you if you had just said "size." ;-) --Grandy02 13:12, 15 October 2009 (EDT)

I just uploaded a larger version. Zafum (talk)

That was the same image scaled up in an image editor, which does not count as higher quality and wastes space. Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)
Also. Actual resolution is EXACT copy of NES resolution. Higher size can be now only trick.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Era64 (talk).

November 26, 2009: Smash Bros Army




  1. YellowYoshi127 (talk) Yoshi! This is a great pic, great quality and Not Box-art!
  2. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! This is sort of like the SSBB image, but I'll support it, I want to see it one more time in the main page, just enlarge the image more. I can really see this with a comment like "The whole cast of Super Smash Bros. Melee, assembled in for a Melee". Zero signing out.
  3. Timmy Tim (talk) per Zero, I only opposed the SSBB picture so it could be deleted as it was around for way too long.
  4. Marioguy1 (talk) Very good! My favorite so far!
  5. Pixlfreak (talk) I SEE ROY!!! (and young link with his milk) can't say no to this
  6. Zafum (talk) - I like this one.
  7. Hrothgar (talk) I remember how amazed I was when I first saw this picture. It's great.
  8. Super Mario Bros. (talk) It seems a bit repetitive to use the word "Melee" twice in the subject area, but the image is good.
  10. Platitudinous (talk) Super Mario Bros. is right, and I think "battle" would be better. Looking at Luigi, though, it actually seems like what he'd do during an important pic like this.
  11. Prince Boo (talk) looks awesome
  12. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Why do a bunch of Luigi fans whine about what Luigi is doing? he looks cool to me. And the Brawl cast picture is just like this except they're facing the other way and with a white background.
  13. Superstar Daisy (talk) This is actually pretty good.
  14. Dry Luigi (talk) Great pic possibly better than the Brawl one.
  15. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Melee was fun! The picture is nice! Great game with great picture!
  16. LeftyGreenMario (talk) A great image from a great game.
  17. Shyster66 (talk) Very actiony. Plus, Luigi's shooting himself
  18. S.M.Sfreak (talk) It's a awesome picture with Luigi doing the green missle!
  19. DiddyKing (talk) Pichu is riding on Bowser, which makes it extra awesome.
  20. Lolcats124 (talk) Well Luigi is flying which is LOL, but the pic isn't box art. I like it. :-) P.S: Mr. Game and Watch is in there; he's awesome!
  21. ssbbchamp487 (talk) I love this game! lol luigi
  22. Karinmij (talk) It took me a while, but I've decided to support this picture, partial because of sentimental reasons, partly because of the variety of characters on it.
  23. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Fly Luigi, fly! This pic is great!
  24. Vini64 (talk) Mr. Game & Watch = SUPPORTED!
  25. Glitchman (talk) This is an awesome image from an awesome game.
  26. Koopa Troopa the fourth (talk) Really awesome Melee pic.
  27. Starshroomario (talk) Hi I'm new at this but I'm a HUGE mario fan and i think this pic is amazing and hilarious


  1. Castle Toad (talk) i just think of this as the Brawl one.... they were used a lot in the past.
  2. Toadboy911 (talk): What the!? LOOK AT LUIGI!!!
  3. McQueenMario (talk) I am really tired of this image. P.S. Luigi is doing Green Missile.
  4. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) Just to hate the graphics in this game, they look to fake. Also, nothing stands out, they don't even blend in. Not a good picture in my opinion.
  5. Nihaho13 (talk) ...I hope this wont turn into a war like the Mario Party DS picture...
  6. Twentytwofiftyseven (talk) - With so many characters, the image looks (to me) like a mess at 300px.
  7. DaisyRox02 (talk) I'd like the SSBB cast better than this. It's just more action-packed than this.
  8. lpsc00l (talk) it has too much going on!!! When i first saw the picture i was looking for Luigi...i found him.....IN THE SKY!!!
  9. ForeverDaisy09 (talk) Image is extremely overused.
  10. Lu-igi board (talk) it can't stay here for ever.....
  11. Totodile3456 (talk) it's not all mario characters :/
  12. Edofenrir (talk) - I saw that picture on quite a lot of other pages already. If we put it at the main page, that'd be the same as saying "Hey, we are just one of the thousand other sites with Mario/Brawl content!" I doubt I'd want that to be thought about the wiki.
  13. Tonym101101 (talk) Per Toadboy911.
  14. Dimenshi Knight (talk) - No, just no. It's fine and all, just it is not meant for that FI status.
  15. baby dk (talk) wow peach is as tall as bowser.
  17. Cacciaguida (talk) Way too overused, I'm sick of seeing it.


Yoshi! Looks Even Better bigger... YellowYoshi127 (talk)

YourBuddyBill (talk) if only roy and mewtwo were in brawl...

Mario freak (talk) IS PICHU RIDING ON BOWSER!

Pixlfreak (talk) why does everyone care about graphics!!! so what? it was for the gamecube and the gamecube doesnt have the best graphics in the world.

One person criticized the graphics. Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)

I certainly do not like the fact that not even half of Bowser is visible on this picture, but opposing because my favourite character has a disadvantage on a picture seems not right to me, so I better abstain so I'll vote with a more valid reason. - Edofenrir (talk)

Zafum voted twice Dark boo (talk)

I removed his second vote. Time Q (talk)
Uh, he voted twice again BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)
...removed it again, thanks. Time Q (talk)

December 3, 2009: Wario's Battle Canyon


  • Subject: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Wario at Wario's Battle Canyon.
  • Nominated by: Zero777 (talk)


  1. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! This picture I like and it's funny. This picture tells a lot, though it shows little. I thought to myself if the other Mario party pic. is going well and will most likely pass, why not this one. This scene sort of look like it came out of a movie, which movie I'm not sure. Zero signing out.
  2. Shyster66 (talk) Yeah, I like this picture, very funny.
  3. Booman (talk) Wario is going to get owned
  4. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) Very great and very funny at the same time! (Look at Yoshi, one of the best LOL moment)
  5. Karinmij (talk) I'll support.
  6. Time Q (talk): Good one. I wonder why there's no one complaining yet how strange the characters look...
  7. Monteyaga (talk): This is an EPIC pic. And t is funny. Has my vote.
  8. Platitudinous (talk) AWESOME! Yoshi fell LOL. :)
  9. Vini64 (talk) Yoshi is... gah, never mind... I'll support it ;D!
  10. Gamefreak75 (talk) Definitely. Picture is both hilarious and shows that Wario owns.
  11. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Even if it doesn't exactly have the best quality in the world, it is funny and shows alot, which is good enough to get my vote.
  12. Dry Luigi (talk) Great pic and per Lemmy Koopa Fan.
  13. Dark Bowser (talk) Very funny and its got my support!
  14. Pixlfreak (talk) I've never actually seen it before!! it's funny!!
  15. Marioguy1 (talk) - The images are really clear and the sunset background just makes it perfect!
  16. LeftyGreenMario (talk) - It's a great picture! I love all of the MP1 pictures! Who cares if it's old? (Zero and some others, why did you oppose my beach MP1 picture saying how "old" and "outdated" it is? This one is the same thing)
  17. Edofenrir (talk) - I finally reached consensus with myself, horray! So, for the high level of interpretion and thought one conflicted mind can put in this picture, my appreciation goes to the creators, and my support goes into this poll.
  18. Mario304 (talk)- High quality, very comical and great character interaction. I want this on the Main Page!
  19. Nihaho13 (talk) Huzzah!
  20. Glitchman (talk) I loved this game!!!
  21. D-Man (talk) Wario looks very awesome in this!
  22. Koopa Troopa the fourth (talk) Funny and awesome pic!


  1. Lu-igi board (talk) ewwwww...... very ugly picture....
  2. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Per Lu-igi Board. It's not very colorful. Also, what's with Yoshi?!
  3. Timmy Tim (talk) I'm sick of MP images.
  4. Zafum (talk) All of the characters are either doing something extremely boring, or they look weird. And the mountain that their standing on looks just like the n64 graphics, which not only looks bad, but makes too much unneeded contrast. Per Fawfulfury and Lu-igi board.
  5. McQueenMario (talk) Per all.
  6. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Though I like Mario Party pictures, I wouldn't want to see this on the main page.
  7. DiddyKing (talk) Yikes! Per BabyLuigiOnFire.
  8. GalacticPetey (talk) This is a joke... Look at the Poor graphics. This Image makes Yoshi look bad, and this was a terible game!
  9. Tonym101101 (talk) Per BabyLuigiOnFire.
  10. MATEOELBACAN (talk) Altough I liked Mario Party, per all.
  11. YellowYoshi127 (talk) Yoshi! I dont think textured mountains work very well... sorry :(


You could almost write a philosophical essay about this picture. It shows how if a conflict is settled, another one will immediately arise, symbolized by the allied Bob-ombs that attack the persons, who helped them forge their alliance in the first place. Apart from the philosophical aspect I must say that this picture is decently composed, even if Peach seems a bit too helpless and weak to me, and Yoshi in this pic somehow reminds me of yoghurt (I have absolutely no idea why). I will perhaps vote later when I thought about it long enough. - Edofenrir (talk)

Platitudinous (talk) It looks to me like Peach is using her powers from SMRPG.
I'd like to see that she's using her frying pan from SMRPG (I think she's just praying). - Edofenrir (talk) 14:24, 4 October 2009 (EDT)

I don't think characters "looking weird" is a valid reason to oppose because the characters at the time looked like that LeftyGreenMario (talk)

Yeah. We can't remove votes for "invalid reasons" here though. Time Q (talk)
I didn't say they all looked weird, I just meant Yoshi, because he didn't look like a frog in the original Mario Party games. The rest of the characters are just boring. By the way, wasn't it you who first said the characters looked strange, Time Q? - Zafum (talk) PS. if you think the opposers have "Invalid Reasons", then just look at most of the supporters.
No, I just expected other users to think they look strange :) Also, no reasons here are invalid, since there simply isn't any requirement to give a reason when voting on this page. Time Q (talk)
Guys, I never intended for people's votes to be removed (hey, anyone can have their own opinions)! Let me reword it: characters looking weird is an odd reason to oppose because, uh, I don't know. It's just odd. LeftyGreenMario (talk)
Hey, all you people opposing for some certain reason, let me put it this way: it's a battle scene, so you won't see all the pretty different colors like other images. This image looks very great for the N64 (just because we have better graphics means that all old ones are ugly). Everybody in that picture is doing a strange thing because Peach appears to be praying for peace, Mario, Luigi, & Wario, DK is holding a Wario flag (which means that the area belongs to them) and Yoshi appears to have been blown away by a bob-omb. It also has a very intense and interesting background, so it's not that boring as you think. Just think all about that, and see if you like that decision. Baby Mario Bloops (talk)
I don't think the N64 graphics look bad, but I just don't think they should have but a "Textured" mountain in this battle picture. It's just really out of place. I also don't doubt that the background is good, but the main points of focus in the picture are Mario and his friends (who I still think are all just boring), and the mountain (which I've already explained what I don't like about). - Zafum (talk)

December 10, 2009: Baby Yoshis


Baby Yoshis in Yoshi's Story.
  • Subject: Some of the characters in Yoshi's Story.
  • Nominated by: YoshiDaisyfan1


  1. YoshiDaisyfan1 (talk) - Great image of a bunch of Yoshis with a cute background.
  2. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Colorful, great!
  3. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Looks cool. I've been looking everywhere for that and to feature it. Plus, it looks way better than the Yoshi's Island DS one.
  4. LeftyGreenMario (talk) Cute and nice picture. I think it looks a little faded, but maybe that's just me.
  5. Vini64 (talk) Another image I was going to nominate. Yoshi's Story was part of my childhood.
  6. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Per all.
  7. Lu-igi board arrr.... bless XD
  8. Tucayo (talk) - nice, a little bit bad cropped, but nice overall
  9. Platitudinous (talk) Awww, how cute!
  10. Marioguy1 (talk) - We have a lack of cute FIs recently...
  11. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Not bad, another yoshi image, for a second I thought it was a screenshot but this image is good. Zero signing out.
  12. Karinmij (talk) I agree with YoshiDaisyfan, very colorful.



if you oppose this your heart is made of stone... STONE!!! Lu-igi board

December 17, 2009: Metal Mario




  1. Tucayo (talk) - I really like how this looks, its not small, it has good quality, etc
  2. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Cool, very detailed.
  3. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) I like those reflections. They make it look like the artist spent HOURS doing this.
  4. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) It looks excellent. Complete with a background and those shiny reflections, it looks WAAAY better instead of those pieces of white toilet paper getting nominated right now.
  5. LeftyGreenMario (talk) I love this picture. The reflection effects are cool and detailed. Only if the picture was larger...
  6. Vini64 (talk) TA DA DA DÃN! Metal Mario is the coolest power-up ever! I have a blooper series named Super Metal Mario, but its on portuguese from Brazil language.
  7. Lu-igi board completely and impossibly epic.
  8. Reversinator (talk) You have to wonder how Mario feels when he's metalized.
  9. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Not a bad image, very detailed. Even though this image is from SM64, but where is Metal Mario at? Zero signing out.
  10. Paper Yoshi (talk) Very detailed image. Also per LKF.
  11. Karinmij (talk) Per above.
  12. Platitudinous (talk) EXCELLENT!
  13. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) - That is the best picture that looks as though it has been water painted!!! The background kind-of looks like Luigi's a way.
  14. Marioguy1 (talk) - Nice background :P
  15. Pie Shroom (talk)
  16. LuigiMadness71 (talk) Looks Like more Melee than Brawl but still really good! (This goes for Koopapoopa)


  1. Koopapoopa (talk) - What? I'm surprised fifty people haven't opposed already! Nice lighting, but it looks more Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or Super Smash Bros. Brawl then Super Mario 64.
  2. Time Q (talk): I don't really like it either. Strange coloring.
  3. Redstar (talk) - Yeah, I dunno about this one. It just seems too drab and dark. Metal Mario is really lacking in official art, but that doesn't mean we should leap onto what little we have.
  4. Tonym101101 (talk) Per all.


Which level is Mario in? Reversinator (talk)

Great question. I think it's not Hazy Maze Cave. Vini64 (talk)
Since Mario isn't blocky, I don't think it's from the N64. Was there a metal power-up in Super Mario Galaxy?Reversinator (talk)
It IS an artowrk from SUper Mario 64, looks like he is in the castle's basement or in Hazy Mazy Cave --Tucayo (talk)
Whoops, I thought it was an in-game image. Reversinator (talk)

Are we sure this is official art? Fanart can't be a featured image, and this doesn't look much like the official art for Super Mario 64. Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)

Really? Many of the other FI noms could be fan-art :P Marioguy1 (talk)
I think it's really an official artwork. It appears as the cover of the original soundtrack. Vini64 (talk)
It's in the Super Mario 64 Guide thingy too. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)
Vini64: This? BabyLuigiOnFire: What page? I can't find it. Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)
Not in the instruction booklet (I think that's what you mean). It's in the official guide thingy. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)
Twentytwofiftyseven: Nope, the European version. Vini64 (talk)
Vini64: Dead link. BabyLuigiOnFire: No, I meant the guide. Which page is it on? Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)
Twentytwofiftyseven: Try the Google Cache. Vini64 (talk)
I do not know what page it is on, but I recall it's in the beginning of a chapter (lost the dang guide, though) BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

Just to clarify, I believe the pic is from Big Boo's Haunt. Timmy Tim (talk)

Nah, it looks like the entrance to the level with the green switch in it in Hazy Maze Cave. Besides, you can't use the metal cap in Big Boo's Haunt without cheating I think. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

December 24, 2009: The Yoshi Family


Artwork of all the ten different colored Yoshis in Yoshi's Island DS


  1. Fawfulfury65 (talk) I really like this picture because its colorful and shows all the different colors of Yoshis. The Black Yoshi looks cool. =D Its big too!
  2. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Not bad of an image, but I'm not sure if this was already nominated or if it was already a featured image, but good image. Zero signing out.
  3. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) I love this picture!!! Same thing about the MP4 Background...and this has everyone's favorite Dinosaur in it...Yoshi! The group pic is high quality, with each Yoshi in a different pose (FI material!!).
  4. Gamefreak75 (talk) Colorful and funny. Great pic.
  5. Karinmij (talk) Per Fawfulfury65 and Gamefreak75.
  6. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Per all.
  7. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Like the colors used, but Yoshi sucks IMHO. Well, votes aren't based on the character anyway, soooo...
  8. Vini64 (talk) YOSHI!x(the number of Yoshis in this picture)
  9. ssbbchamp487 (talk) yoshi <333 i love it :D
  10. tonym101101 (talk) It's really colorful! I love it!
  11. Pie Shroom (talk) Per FF65.
  12. Starshroomario (talk)its pretty good
  13. 4DJONG (talk) Yoshi Yoshi The pic is very colorful and perfectly depicts the Yoshis very well.
  14. Pixlfreak (talk) HECK YEAH!!!
  15. MrDrProfSock (talk) Per 4DJONG.
  16. User:Yoshionfire per all


  1. Lu-igi board boring beyond words.
  2. LeftyGreenMario (talk): High quality, but it's boring. Yoshi isn't my favorite dinosaur/frog/lizard/chameleon either.
  3. Marioguy1 (talk) - Why does nobody think of the word background?
  4. Dimenshi Knight (talk) - All this pic is just yoshi's are tightly together, doesn't mean, "look Yoshi's in it, lets support!" Look at it, it has a no action, nothing really comes to the eye, just boring.
  5. LuigiMadness71 (talk) Just boring yoshis? NOO0000oooo


Okay, not to be mean, but FF65 and Zero777, this is just like the Koopaling picture; white background, character artwork just posted into one big image, and the fact that (again) has a white background!!!! Why support this if you won't support something that is the exact same thing as this image? Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Yeah that's a good point. I didn't like the Koopalings picture because they are more spaced out there than in the Yoshi picture and it looks weird. And the Koopalings one wasn't as colorful too! That's all I can think of... Fawfulfury65 (talk)

I just don't really know what to do. I like how cute to Yoshis look and all, but I don't like the Yoshi's Island DS art style. So I just won't vote for now. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Update: I've decided.

Well, LKF, if this would help, don't think about the game and stuff, look at the artwork, the creation (the space between artworks, the poses, etc.). If you don't like the artwork style, then that is pretty much a oppose vote, but this is your opinion. Also, FF65, I'm not mad or trying to force you to change your vote, just that I wanted some reason to why you opposed it (and they are colorful too! Look at the shells...). Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

This was already a FI,now I remenber it perfectly!,What shall we do? MATEOELBACAN (talk)

If a picture was featured before, simply remove it. But this one wasn't. Time Q (talk)

FI are the ones with the shine sprites in the corner of the page, right? Fawfulfury65 (talk)

They are Featured Articles, not Featured Images :) Karinmij (talk)
No I think the ones with the stars are FAs and FIs have a shine sprite. Fawfulfury65 (talk)
You're right Fawful ;D! Vini64 (talk)
And so I learn everyday ;) Karinmij (talk)

December 31, 2009: Mario in the Forest of Illusion


Artwork scene of Mario in the Forest of Illusion, from Super Mario World.


  1. Time Q (talk): It's a quite funny scene in a likeable comic style from an excellent Mario game :P
  2. Timmy Tim (talk) Well, we currently have one that's similar, but you do have a point.
  3. lpsc00l (talk) Ehh, What the heck! I'll support it.
  4. Marioguy1 (talk) - It accurately shows the many different varieties of foes available in that certain level of Super Mario World, no more, no less.
  5. Lu-igi board (talk) wow this is just epic!
  6. Pie Shroom (talk) It's awesome.
  7. Vini64 (talk) Every Super Mario World artwork must be featured :D!
  8. Tucayo (talk) Simply LOVE SMW artwork
  9. Pixlfreak (talk) I love comical moments like this!!
  10. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) Liked the game, liked the picture
  11. Shyster66 (talk) Another comical moment
  12. Dark Bowser (talk) I like Mario's expression in this picture!
  13. era64 (talk)I like SMW, artworks of this game. SMW doesn't have Wigglers and Bubbles simultaneously, but this is nothing.
  14. MATEOELBACAN (talk) A really funny picture, Mario's face make me laugh xD
  15. Glitchman (talk) Heck yes!
  16. Super Mario Bros. (talk) I like it; it fits all of the requirements listed for FIs above. It is also the best nomination out on this page in my honest opinion.
  17. LuigiMadness71 (talk) Really Good. I like a classic mario game once in a while (This one's easy)
  18. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Per all, and I just want this to get featured already.


  1. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Alright this has been here for too long and it's become boring.
  2. McQueenMario (talk) I changed my mind. This is kinda funny, but per Lemmy Koopa Fan.
  3. Zafum (talk) - This picture looks sort of... cut off, and it's boring as well. Just another all-round bad picture.
  4. LeftyGreenMario (talk) - Nice too look at once in a while, but it's a boring picture.
  5. Karinmij (talk) Per LeftyGreenMario.
  6. Cacciaguida (talk) Not boring, it's just bland.
  7. S.M.Sfreak (talk) Boring, and this picture should be featured already.


Lemmy Koopa Fan: Too long? It's not even been two weeks, just look at the images at the top of the page :P Time Q (talk)

Yes, I think this has been here for too long. Because it just doesn't have as much "pazazz" as the ones at the top of the page. So when there's a picture like this compared to the other ones, after about two weeks, it gets boring fast. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) P.S. When it comes to images like these, I'm slightly impatient.

I guess that's okay. Time Q (talk)
But please remember that Featured Images are not for us editors of this wiki, but rather for the readers. They probably have never seen this picture, and thus would not be "bored" if it was featured on the Main Page. Time Q (talk)
I thought this picture was terrible from the very moment I first saw it. This should not go on the main page of the wiki. - Zafum (talk)
I thought this picture was cool from the very moment I first saw it. This should go on the main page of the wiki. :P Time Q (talk)
Well said Time Q xD MATEOELBACAN (talk)

@S.M.Sfreak: If it should be "featured already", why are you opposing featuring it? Redstar 16:50, 20 December 2009 (EST)

January 7, 2010: Koopalings NSMBW


Artwork of the Koopalings holding their magic wands, from New Super Mario Bros. Wii


  1. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) - Well, lets hope that this passes (third times the charm)! I said that if there was a english one, it would be FI material, and here it is!! Very excellent artwork of the 7 Koopalings in the new game, New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
  2. Vini64 (talk) Per Bloops.
  3. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Now this one is better than the low quality one with (shudder) Bowser Jr. in it.
  4. Dimenshi Knight (talk) It is actually not bad. Dimenshi Knight can really see it on the main page...He definitely agrees with this!!!
  5. YellowYoshi127 (talk) Yoshi! Those who moan about a white back, the Pocket Chomp had one and that got featured. I personally love this image.
  6. DiddyKing (talk) Per YellowYoshi127.
  7. Chamchir9482 (talk) Per all.
  8. Bowser the Second (talk) Per all.
  9. Platitudinous (talk) Per Al.
  10. Tonym101101 (talk) I can't wait for this game to come out, I want some picture from the game to be featured.
  11. McQueenMario (talk) Yes, I'm supporting. The reason is because...well, I put it this way, who wasn't exited when they saw this pic!
  12. Karinmij (talk) Each time I look at this picture, I like it more and more so I wouldn't mind this becoming a FI :)
  13. ssbbchamp487 (talk) unlike LeftyGreenMario, i like how they changed iggy's hair. i dont know why but it looks better.
  14. Lemmy Koopa617 (talk) I like this image and it seems to be in pretty good quality, so why not?
  15. MATEOELBACAN (talk) The Koopalings were absent for a long time...and this excellent image is perfect for it's return!
  16. baby dk (talk) asome thay are hard to fight.
  17. funky dad (talk) thay look cool
  18. FD09 Unlike other white bg arts, this one is cool because it's reminiscent of their original appearance art.
  19. Koopa Troopa the fourth (talk) Per Lemmy Koopa Fan.
  20. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Meh, now that I look at it, its pretty cool, and I love the Koopalings. Except Nintendo made Iggy look stupid...
  21. Koopapoopa (talk) No action? Iggy must be aiming that thing at SOMEBODY! Plus, I love Roy, Larry, Morton, and Ludwig's expressions. This really is a picture that shows the Koopalings' true selves.
  22. Mario304 (talk) Per Koopapoopa.
  23. lpsc00l (talk) Awesome picture!!!!! I'm glad that Nintendo brought back the Koopalings!It good to have other people in the plot other than Bowser and Bowser Jr alternating!!!


  1. Time Q (talk): Good quality, but apart from that I see absolutely nothing that makes this image FI-worthy. It's just a compilation of some characters in front of a white background... boring.
  2. Shyster66 (talk) I'm tired of all the Kooplings Featured Images.
  3. I hate it. Lu-igi board 15:12, 22 October 2009 (EDT)
  4. Pie Shroom (talk) Per Time Q ('cept for the white background sucks part).
  5. Marioguy1 (talk) - The background just doesn't work
  6. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Though having good quality it's just a blank picture with the koopalings pasted on there. This image will do better as a featured article on the koopalings. Zero signing out.
  7. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) This picture is very boring to look at and if it's single artwork placed together, of course it would have good quality!
  8. LeftyGreenMario (talk) Boring picture. I don't like it how they (Nintendo) changed Iggy's hairstyle; it now looks like an unripened banana! Why does Lemmy have a ponytail? Why is Nintendo so twisted when changing the Koopalings? And don't compare this image to the Pocket Chomp one. The Pocket Chomp has action, but this image is just a bunch of Koopalings standing there.
  9. Glitchman (talk) If we let this be a featured image, then every other crappy image will be next.
  10. MrDrProfSock (talk) It's high quality, but the background is 100% tedious.
  11. Tucayo (talk) - boring......
  12. LuigiMadness71 (talk) Naaah...
  13. Gamefreak75 (talk) Per Zero777.


I think that we should get rid of the other one on this page, so that they don't interfere with the nomiations... Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

It will be removed tomorrow anyway, since there are way more opposers than supporters. Time Q (talk)
Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Uhh.. Shyster66, there's only been one FI with the Koopalings in it. i'm not trying to make you remove your vote but still.

yes people the koopalings are in 3D. now that I've made this clear, please stop submiting terrible koopaling pictures. thankyou. Lu-igi board 15:15, 22 October 2009 (EDT)

Who got rid of Dimenshi Knight's vote?!? Dimenshi Knight (talk)
Whoops, that might have been me, i tried to revert my mistake on the magazine one by replacing it with this one then realizing that it was at the bottom already. SOrry :( YellowYoshi127 (talk)
I re-added the vote. Time Q (talk)

This is a great picture and I voted for it but... you should remove the English in the title. There is no text so it could be Spanish or Japaneses or Korean. Just saying. No I'm not forcing you. Chamchir9482 (talk)

The image is now high resolution. FD09

B.M.B., I think u should put this image on agien once the game comes out. Or find a 3-D Koopalings picture with a backround. Nihaho13 (talk)

I am Zero! I don't get it, why do a lot of people support this one but a lot of people opposed the NSMBW one with the white background? Like Zafum said, it's just an artwork randomly pated on a white background. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Glitchman, may I just state as a high opinionated statement, but, we already had crappy images pass as FI's! This one is a lot better than others we even featured! Baby Mario Bloops (talk)
Everyone this is complaining about the white background, we have some FI's that also have white backgrounds! This includes the Pocket chomp and Goomba Storm. And don't say that is because their is no action, but this has as much action as the other ones!!!
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Baby Mario Bloops (talk).
Thank you!!! Baby Mario Bloops (talk)
LuigiMadness71 (talk) It's me! and is say WHY!!!!!!!

Is it just me, or few people realize that this is just Koopaling art pasted together? I can tell there are merely pasted together because the Koopalings in the back seem to oddly hover... Why no one (or barely any) opposed Pocket Chomp and Goomba Storm? Well, they aren't pasted-together art like this one. LeftyGreenMario (talk)

January 14, 2010: Princess Power!


Various artwork


  1. Fawfulfury65 (talk) Colorful, nice size, FI worthy!
  2. Lemmy Koopa Fan (talk) Per the Fawful of Fury 60+5 (I don't know why I worded it strangely :P)
  3. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) It was nominated already, buuut when was the last time we had a good Super Princess Peach image? Oh that's right, never. Per 65 furies made by Fawful.
  4. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Though this was already featured I'll like to see this one again. Zero signing out.
  5. LeftyGreenMario (talk) I like the expressions on the Toads' faces. The only thing that bothers me is the quality of the image.
  6. Lu-igi board I nominated this once
  7. Karinmij (talk) Though I can't even remember if I did support or oppose this picture the first time it was nominated, I've decided to support it now because it looks colorful and has a sort of nice (round) composition
  8. Gamefreak75 (talk) Per all.
  9. CutyDaisy (talk) It is a very very very nice picture! I luv it!
  10. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) - It shows what little excitement there was in the game (lol, just joking). Anyways, colors are excellent, has great work of character placement, makes you come back to see it over and over, and more that would take up a lot of the page...
  11. MATEOELBACAN (talk) Per all, a great image from a great game =P.


  1. Cacciaguida (talk) I don't know, just looking at it makes me want to punch a wall or something.
  2. Marioguy1 (talk) - Just too much of a blank background...


Zero: Did you mean "nominated" instead of "featured"? Because from what I know, the picture is not featured yet. If it were, it would have a smelly Shine sprite in the upper right hand corner of the image. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

I am Zero! It was featured, probably you weren't a user yet. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)
No it wasn't, otherwise it would appear on this list. Time Q (talk)
I am Zero! No, that list doesn't go too far back. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)
*rolleyes* Just believe me, each image that was ever featured is on that list. Time Q (talk)