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Hey, welcome to my User Page, feel free to comment on it on my Talk Page. Also check out my Talk Page if you have any questions (I'm easily capable of giving help if you need it).


About Me

My name, if you haven't guessed, is Tim. I'm 15 and live in Australia. My other hobbies besides playing Mario games include, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Red Dwarf and listening to the music of; The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and others.

Me & Mario

I remember going on holiday to the beach one Easter when I was 6 (April 2000 to be exact). My cousins went with me and one of them brought along her 64. She had most of Mario's games on it (Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros, Mario party 1 and 2, Mario Golf alond with some other non-Mario games.). I remeber learning about Mario and all the characters in the series. I remeber SSB well as it featured Pikachu and Jigglypuff, as I liked Pokemon back then (I still do).

Later that year, my next door neighbour lent me his Super Nintendo for a couple of weeks. He had Super Mario Kart and a caveman game that escapes my memory. I remember pondering why it was so 'super' if it came before the 64, I also noticed the difference between the two Mario Kart games and how SMK seemed to be covered in lego bricks.

Come Christmas 2000 both one of my other cousins and I recieved 64s. We both got Mario Kart 64 while my cousin got Diddy Kong Racing and a second controller and I got Banjo Kazooie. Eventually I got a second controller. By Christmas 2001 I had Pokemon Stadium as well. By this point I also had a GBA with Warioland 4 and a GBC Lonney Tunes game.

By Christmas 2004 I had many more 64 and GBA games, but only a few Mario ones; Super Mario Advance and Mario Kart Super Circuit. After that, I didn't get any more Mario games for quite some time.

At the end of 2007, I got a Wii. I got Mario Party 8 for Christmas that year and Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy(One of the greatest games ever!) and SSBB soon followed. At the same time, I got a DS with Mario Kart, Mario and Luigi, New Super Mario Bros, Yoshi's Island and Super Princess Peach. I also bought Super Mario Sunshine and SSBM for the Wii, along with a Gamecube controller.

My Thoughts

My favourite characters are Waluigi(An oddball with a vanity problem, how can you go wrong?), Wario(A greedy fat man is a sure fire hit in my books.), Lanky Kong(An underdeveloped anthropomorphic orangutan, pure genius!) and Koopas.

My favourite console is the Wii. I like the motion sensor technology in some places, like in SMG and Wii Music, but don't care for full-on motion-control games like Wii Sports. Hence, Mario Party 8 is one of my favourites as it features standard Mario Party games and ones with minimal motion-control.

My second favourite console is the DS, it has great games and you can also play GBA games on it. Like the Wii, I enjoy games with little or no touch-screen controls.

I like the 64 but feel that it's dated in 21st Century life. The games are ok, but the graphics are somewhat lackluster these days. The controls are clunk too (Not that Super Mario 64 DS fixed that though, it's a horrid game.).

On the Wiki, my main contributions are in polls and featured images, although I sometimes fix up articles if I feel like it.

I joined at 5:40pm (my time) on September 27 2008 (That's September 27 2010 17:40:00 until my 2nd aniversary)

My Licenses

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My Userbox

This is my own userbox, feel free to place it on your userpage if you wish. (Let me know on my talk page)


Mario Party 8 artwork: Waluigi

A list of Mario Games I have played (Not Including Remakes)

In No Particular Order

Games I have finished in bold.

North American box art for Super Mario World
Best 2D Game
Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy.
Best 3D game
Super Smash Bros. Brawl box art
Best Fighting Game
Best Driving/Sports Game

Wow, that's 50 games!

The Future

As time goes on I hope to get more Mario games and more consoles to play them on.

Until we meet again,