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Red Nintendo logo (1985-2008): In 1985, the signature red logo was introduced with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was used for the international markets, with the exception of Japan and Southeast Asia.
Artwork of Dry Bones from Mario Party 8.
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A Chargin' Chuck
Go Jets! J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!

Rocket88 (a.k.a. Brendan) is a big Mario fan (and Jets fan), owns many of the games, of which he will list his favorites below.

1) Super Mario Galaxy 2-To put it simply, 10 times better than the first one.

2) Super Mario Galaxy-What a great game(which I personally feel is superior to '64), the element of gravity made a big leap in gameplay.

3) Super Mario 64-The original 3D platformer, gotta love it.

3) Super Mario World-By far the best 2D Mario game, so many secrets and ingenious level creation. Just as good as '64, if not better.

5) New Super Mario Bros. Wii-Although new, this is a close second to Super Mario World for best 2D game.

6) Super Mario Bros. 3-Best on the NES, first to feature real 'secrets' and such clever power-ups.

7) Super Mario Bros.-Couldn't leave out the one that started all the hype, what a classic.

About Me

Well, I love Mario games, both new and old. Big fan of First-Person-Shooters such as the Halo series and occasionally Modern Warfare 2. One of my favorite non-Mario games is Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar. When I'm not playing, I'm hanging out with friends and doing schoolwork. I'm from northern NJ, in Montclair actually. I only own a Wii (Gamecube compatible), an Xbox 360 (Xbox compatible), and a PS2 (PS1 compatible). If you also have Xbox LIVE, my gamertag is GhetoRussianSpy, and you can send me a friend request explaining that you too belong to the Super Mario Wiki.

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