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I'm-a back!!!

Hi, I'm Yoshi Koshi Moshi and I am proud to be a Mario fan and a user of this cool wiki. I really enjoy playing Mario games. I'll try to do my best to help this wiki.

(Mario/Yoshi)Games which I have

As the title says

Games which I want (badly)

The Mario/Yoshi games I really want

My favourute YTPs

WARNING: The videos might contain strong language

In this YTP Link refuses to do what The King told him to

In here, The King is a coward

Something for you Mario fans, nonsense about toasters

No description avaible

The Other Stuff about Me

Hey, click the Link!!!
File:Young Zelda Minish Cap Sticker.jpg
Why is it Legend of Zelda, not Legend of Link?

I don't play just Mario games, I also like Zelda games too, in fact even more than Mario. But Mario series got me into gaming and I'll remain a faithful Mario fan. All Zelda fans on Mario Wiki, PLZ RIT3 2 M3!!!!!

The reason I like Zelda games more than Mario is because they are much darker, mature, hardcore etc. But Mario is still awsome!!! Now go and reward yourself with some adverts below.