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Hi as you can tell by my user name I am a huge fan of all nintendo games.I will be "He"

History with games

When this user was young he saw pokemon on T.v. for the next few years he only had pokemon pinball for the game boy. After awhile he got a gameboy advance (with pokemon ruby) and a gamecube (with super mario sunshine wich is when he started to like mario and yoshi). His 3rd game for game cube (super smash bros. melee) that was when he started likeing all nintendo series. With the wii he got wii sports wich is when he started likeing that. Super smash bros.brawl was his favourite game because of all the nintendo stuff. with his DSI he got pictobits. His most recent intrests are dinosaur king (sega)(arcade/DS)and sonic.


  • His friends sometimes call him pokemon man.
  • 4 of his friends have moved.
  • He is canadian.
  • He can speak french.
  • He collects pokemon, sonic and mario figures.
  • He is not violent

favourite mario characters



  • super mario sunshine
  • pokemon colosseum
  • super smash bros. melee
  • mario super star baseball
  • pokemon XD
  • digimon rumble arena 2
  • kirby air ride


  • wii sports
  • wii play
  • mario party 8
  • super smash bros. brawl
  • mario kart wii
  • wii fit
  • pikmin
  • wii sports resort
  • mario and sonic winter olympics(wii)
  • new super mario bros. wii
  • super mario galaxy 2

Gameboy Colour

  • pokemon pinball
  • pokemon yellow

Gameboy Advance

  • pokemon ruby
  • pokemon leafgreen
  • pokemon emerald
  • super mario advance 3


  • kirby sqeak squad
  • pokemon mystery dungeon blue
  • pokemon trozei
  • super mario 64 DS
  • yoshi's island DS (lost)
  • pokemon pearl
  • digimon world dawn
  • kirby super star ultra
  • mario party DS
  • dinosaur king DS
  • fossil fighters
  • new super mario bros.
  • pokemon soul silver
  • pokemon white