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“Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a bone throwing sport?!”
Dry dry bones, Super Mario Wiki

Hey this is Dry dry bones! As you probably already know,Mario rocks!(same with Dry Bones) I am a user in the wiki. You can leave me a message on my talk page.

Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bonesA sprite of Dry Bones in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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Dry Bones SPP.png

Dry dry bones
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Location: Dry Dry desert, USM
First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. 3
Latest Appearance: Mario Party 9

Dry dry bones's Userbox Tower
Dry Bones SPP.png
Shadoo Artwork.PNG
Sprite of a Spy Guy with a hammer, from Paper Mario.
Dry bones.png
Code geass zero.jpg
Tucayo image.png
Official MP8 art
Bowser's artwork from New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Fuzzipede PM.png
VideoBoo .jpg
A sprite of Supremo for the signature of Supremo78
Artwork of Dry Bowser.
Super Mario 64 promotional artwork
Check mark.svg
Bowser's side.gif
Nintendo GameCube console & controller
Mario RockBand.jpg
Captain Olimar
Artwork of Dry Bones from Mario Party 7 (also used in Mario Party DS, Mario Kart Wii and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games)
Sprite animation of Donkey Kong pounding his chest in Donkey Kong (Arcade)
Current logo of the company Nintendo.
Mario dancing
MP8 DryBones.png
Artwork of Mega Mario about to crush a brick for New Super Mario Bros.
Dry Bones being about to throw a bone.
Artwork of a Mushroom Retainer in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Artwork of Dry Bowser with his Standard Kart from Mario Kart Wii
A Goomba walking forever.
Mario using a Hammer

Who's online




I made this image myself


About me

  1. Im a Dry Bones.
  2. I work for Dry Bowser and Bowser.
  3. My voice is different then other Dry Bones'.
  4. I live in Dry Dry Desert.
  5. Im part of the SpyGuySquad.
  6. I find it fun to throw bones.
  7. My brother is ShyMysteryGuy (talk).
  8. I always have problems with alarm clocks (and most time telling devices)


Dry dry bones' license.png

Classic gallery

if you look closely you can see star SMB Mario watching Dry Bones get beat up by Birdo, you can also see he's standing behind a block so no egg misses and hits HIM.

Mario using a Hammer Sprite animation of Donkey Kong pounding his chest in Donkey Kong (Arcade) A Coin from Super Mario Bros.. File:Fire Flower.gif A Starman from Super Mario Bros.. Invincible Mario in Super Mario Bros.. ? Block Calapso Koopa 12.gif SMAS SMB2 Birdo Shooting Eggs Sprite.gif A screenshot of a Goomba walking back and forth.

Dry bones and Koopa comparisons!

Super Mario Bros. 3:

65px Dry Bones sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Super Mario World:

SMWDB.png File:KoopaTroopa-SMW.png

New Super Mario Bros. Wii:

GreenKoopaTroopa.png A sprite of Dry Bones in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Super Mario Galaxy:

35px Koopa Troopa of Super Mario Galaxy

Pretty much overall:

MP8 DryBones.png Artwork of Koopa Troopa from New Super Mario Bros. (later used in Mario Kart Wii, Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario Run and Mario Kart Tour)

My sig

Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bonesA sprite of Dry Bones in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bonesSMWDB.png


Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bones35px

Dry dry bones' journal

This is my journal! I will try to add more every Sunday. Hope you like!

Entry 1 OK, first off let me say, it was SUPER embarrassing to be defeated by a PRINCESS in Super Princess Peach. Every Dry Bones gets stomped on by Mario or Luigi, but never PEACH! now you know why I was crying in some parts of that adventure...File:Sad Dry Bones.PNG I want to make a user box tower, but every time I try, it's just too hard. So I gave up, but that does NOT mean I'm a quiter! I never gave up on Mario or Luigi... well sure I gave up on Peach, but I cant attack a girl!

Entry 2 This morning my alarm clock went off normally like it always does to get me up, so I hit the button on top to stop it, but it kept ringing! So I hit the button again, but it was no use. Then I through it against the wall, but it kept going off! I started stomping on it, but still, it would not go off. after trying all these thing that didn't work, I got tired of it and through it in the pond behind my house, but I could still hear it going off from beneath the surface! So I went inside and got one of my extra bones and through it to brake open the alarm clock open so the water would fill in and brake it, but I missed! So I fished the thing out and chucked it.(I was really angry) The ground hit the button, and it turned off! Then I remembered you have to hit the button THREE times to turn it off! Then I screamed in rage, and went on with my day. I also made my new sig today! Check it out above under my sig

Entry 3 On Saturday it was Bowser's Luma's B-day! Hope he had a good one! Also anyone from the USA, happy 4th of july! Mine was awesome! There was fire, and bangs, and sparks! Then our neighbor blooper came and fired off his fireworks, it was fun!!!

Entry 4 My bro. ShyMysteryGuy joined the wiki! Check out his page! And he started a thing called the spy guy squad, you can join if you want, and you dont have to be a Shy Guy! you can become his friend too. Wait, duh anyone can be anyones friend! anyways look at his page! P.S. I started my userbox tower! YAY!!!

Entry 5 I shall end my small journal here, cause this stupid thing only has five pages! So thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it!

Entry 6 I said I was going to end it cause my other one only had five pages and I didnt have any room, but Iv bought a new journal and am now starting it again. So next Sunday come see my next entry!

Entry 7 Im sooo mad right now! Mario stomped on me again, and this time I was just sitting on my patio! He must have been on one of his dinky little adventures again and saw me as a threat. Im so sick and tired of being stomped on!!! 110px

Entry 8 My bro. went off to camp today so know one will be able to talk to him for a week. Yesturday we had a festival we have every year up here in Dry dry dezzert, the Rabbit Hood festival! Were we celebrate Rabbit Hood, and set up carnival games, food(Dont worry, not rabbit!),and even Bouncy blow up thinga mijigs(Most of the pokeys popped those!) So yah it was fun. P.S. Read my big bro's page, at the top he has a very important message!

Dry dry bones' Adventure

Here is my story! Enjoy!


Dry dry bones and KoopaMan were hanging out when they heard the mushroom mail man drive up. “YES! Maybe my package came!” exclaimed Dry dry bones. He dug through the mail. “Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, Dad, Dad, mom, Package!… for dad, Mom, Dry dry bones!” “You got a letter?” Asked KoopaMan. “I guess” Dry dry bones replied. He ripped it open, and it read;

Dear Dry dry bones,

My name is Supremo78, I am the master of what I call Making Dark Versions Of Innocent People INC. I have most recently created an evil version of you! Dark Dry dry bones! There is no way to stop him from wreaking havoc so HA!!!! But don’t try to stop him because I have bosses set up!!!! And you dark version! Go ahead try to stop him! It wont work! Anyways have a good day,


Making Dark Versions Of Innocent People INC.

“I thought we couldn’t stop him…” muttered KoopaMan. “Woah we have to stop him!” Said Dry dry bones. KoopaMan rolled his eyes.


Dry dry bones and KoopaMan searched Making Dark Versions Of Innocent People INC and discovered it was in piranha Plant village. “”That’s not even in Mushroom kingdom!” Said KoopaMan. “we are all the way in Dry Dry Desert!” “I know that.” Said Dry dry bones. They decided to go anyways. They first arrived at KoopaMan’s castle. “Wait here and guard this star, I will be right back.” Said KoopaMan. So Dry dry bones waited and suddenly phoenix appeared! Dry dry bones exclaimed, "Master KoopaMan says I gaurd this Star peice. If you want to get it..........BATTLE ME!!!!"Sadly, Phoenix used his bright attack, and Dry D. Bones collapsed. KoopaMan returned and Dry dry bones told hime the hole story. “Ugh!” KoopaMan exclaimed! “Anyways lets continue” Dry dry bones said.

CHAPTER 3: Bowser’s Luma!

Dry dry bones called up Bowser’s Luma. “Hey want to help me on a quest?” “Sure!” he replied. POOF! Bowser’s Luma appeared! Dry dry bones new he would be of help, he was specialized in image editing, Disney Cars, and coolnes! Great come on!


Dry dry bones, KoopaMan, and Bowser’s Luma went to the airport. Suddenly a HUGE Goomba stomped out. “I EAT YOU BY ORDERS OF SUPEREMO78!” He roared! “Ah!” yelled Dry dry bones. He through I bone at the goomba. It hit it spot on! Next KoopaMan slid in to it with his shell. And Bowser’s Luma edited it so it disappeared. “That was close!” said KoopaMan. Then they boarded the plain to Piranha Plant Village


Dry dry bones, KoopaMan, and Bowser’s Luma landed and left the airport. They saw Petey Piranhas and Piranha Plants Everywhere! Suddenly ShyMysteryGuy ran up. “What are you doing here?!” Asked Dry dry bones. “Traveling! What about you!” He replied. “We are trying to stop a Dark clone of Dry dry bones!” Said Bowser’s Luma. ShyMysteryGuy decided to join them. Soon they entered Making Dark Versions Of Innocent People INC.

CHAPTER 6: Supremo78 AND Dark D. d. bones

Dry dry bones, KoopaMan, Bowser’s Luma, and ShyMysteryGuy walked through the building. They saw dark goombas, dark koopas, and even Dark Mario and Dark Luigi! And then they saw Dark Dry dry bones. “GET HIM!” Dry dry bones yelled.


Dark D. d. bones-pain attack!

Good guys lose 5 lives each!

Bowser’s Luma –Turn Dark Dry dry bones back into a Dry Bones image from super princess peach!

Dark guy gets turned into Dry Bones!

“You did it!” Said ShyMysteryGuy! They thought it was over but just then Supremo78 cam crashing down! “You will now die!” Suddenly a clock hit Supremo78 in the face! “Stupid clock wasn’t working, sorry…” Said Dry dry bones. “You know what that was just unacceptable, im, im just leaving, bye.” Said Supremo78 as he left.


Dry dry bones, KoopaMan, Bowser’s Luma, and ShyMysteryGuy went home and celebrated. They had won! The problem, Supremo78 simply made another Dark Dry dry bones after they left.

Youtube videos

Bowser's stinky and old! But still, no offense to bowser in this video. <Youtube>mLTAfOJ9ztE</Youtube>

OTHER VERSES!!! I dont think I spell verses right. <Youtube>5FJ0_ZeKPUE</Youtube>

Best Nintendo commercial ever!!! I love this old commercial! <Youtube>K783SDTBKmg</Youtube>

trololo! Trololololo! <Youtube>t6FUR_nhGX8</Youtube>


Hes the man, hes everyone's hero, hes the plumber, hes the Luigi's older brother, hes...MARIO!!!

congrats Bowser's Luma!

Lets all celebrat Bowser's Luma's wiki anniversery!!! Wikiversary lumas.gif Bowser's Luma made this image! Its awesome!