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“Realistic? You mean the ape that wears a tie and gets giant piles of bananas and fights a crocodile?”
The Koopinator, Super Mario wiki

I like the super Mario wiki. Sadly I can not help it a lot because I don't own enough games to make comprehensive articles.

Koopinator's Userbox Tower



Things I like and hate

These are the thing I like and hate

Things I hate

Game theory


Game theory's fans

Death Battle


Screwattack fans


Having to clean up wario's underwear

The super Mario bros super show

People who refer to the super Mario bros super show as "the Mario cartoon" Because there are 3 of them

The way peach looks in the super Mario world cartoon show


The feeling in my eye when I play a virtual boy for to long

Mario Party 9

The Stanley parable

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Things I like


That stuff that the virtual boy eye...thing is made of



The Koopinator Character! I even roleplay as him!

Dragon ball

Dragon ball Z

Dragon ball Z: Fusion reborn

Dragon ball Z Abridged

Super saiyan

Super saiyan 4

5 Stages of hype

  1. Watch a trailer
  2. Go insane
  3. Speculate
  4. Watch it being played at Nintendo treehouse
  5. Watch the gamexplain video

(Repeat until the game is released)