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Do I noob?

Beta Elements[edit]

SMA4 Unused Koopa Clown Car Tilesheet.png

Hi. Regarding this edit, I thought I should say this here rather than clogging the beta elements page further.

  • One of the animation frames for Bowser's Clown Car. // ???
    • The graphics for it start at 0x248C98. I included a picture if you can't access that.
  • Three frames of Koopa Troopa's walking animation. // e-world
    • It's the SMW style of sprite, with bipedal Koopa Troopas. These weren't used in SMA4
  • Two frames of Goomba's walking animation. // e-world
    • See above. In this case it's the color of Goomba's shoes that differs from the SMA4 sprite.
  • The Nintendo Presents logo from the beginning of the game. // what? SMA4 uses this logo
    • Duh, thanks for pointing that out. X_X
  • The font used for the HUD, used to write out this text string: 0123456789:VER./ // to display version, nothing else
    • See above again.

Also, please don't upload sprite sheets, as that's against our policy. - 2257(Talk) BbQbf6g.png 15:06, 6 October 2009 (EDT)