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The title of this article is from the English Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia which reportedly sourced some names from fan wikis. If a higher-priority source is found, then the current reference should be removed and the title moved to the higher-priority name, if applicable.

Pipe Fist
A Pipe Fist from the KC Deluxe Mario manga.
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)

Pipe Fists[1] are enemies that appear in the Chai Kingdom in Super Mario Land. They dwell in Warp Pipes like Piranha Plants.

A Pipe Fist in Super Mario Land

Only two Pipe Fists normally appear in the twelfth and final level of Super Mario Land, World 4-3. They behave in a similar way to Piranha Plants, only they move quicker and are immune to the Sky Pop's missiles. They behave as a group—when one fist goes back into a pipe, the other comes out shortly after, making it difficult for Mario to get past them.

In the Expert Level, a third Pipe Fist appears in the first pipe to the left, in front of the 18 coins.

In the Super Mario Land manga, a Pipe Fist is shown in the characters list and is the only enemy not to be named. In the story, Pipe Fists do not appear.

In Super Mario-kun, a Pipe Fist can be seen in volume 3 alongside other Super Mario Land enemies, and it is then briefly seen punching Yoshi. Presumably, it gets defeated by Invincible Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲンコツ[2][3]

German Faust
Italian Pugno Tubo[4]
Pipe Fist


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