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An origami Blooper from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Origami Bloober, Paper Mario: The Origami King
This should switch between various Bloober images per refresh.
Species Human, believe it or not
Birthday August 13, 2004
First Appearance (2014; early account)
Saturday, September 15 (2018; current account)
Latest Appearance Friday, April 19 (2024)
Favorite Mario game Training Machine Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)
Least favorite Mario game Nintendo 3DS icon Mario Party: Island Tour (2013)
Favorite Mario character Luigi
Least favorite Mario character Starlow or Kersti
Title (Super Mario Bros. 2)
“Squids are the hot new thing with kids today.”
Blooper figure bio, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Salutations, viewer. My (user)name is Bloober, taken directly from the original name for the Bloopers (I figured nobody has done that before, so that's why I went with that), though I go by other usernames on the internet. In fact, when I joined this wiki back in 2014 I went under the usernames "[insert my real name here]" and "LuigiBandicoot"; you can say I have an identity crisis that is not even limited to this wiki. After being inactive for a long time, I've decided to come back to this wiki under this username in September 15, 2018, and I've been (semi-)active ever since. Nowadays, you will mostly see me combing through any page on here that I come across, adding or fixing anything if I can. At times, I also create new pages, though that depends how quick I am (spoilers; I'm not).

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Bloober's Userbox Tower
Artwork - BLOOPER (Simple).svg
Artwork of a Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros., also reused for the Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii
Small Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros.
Previous Nintendo logo (2006-2016): In 2006, the logo's color scheme was changed from red to gray and the registered symbol was made more smaller.
Artwork of Mario and Tippi from Super Paper Mario.
Artwork of Mario's Dice Block from Super Mario Party
Sprite of Luigi's stock icon from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Blooper's Mario Party 10 artwork
ShyGuyCTTT artwork.png
The one-time Pikmin-Luigi Hat logo of YouTube user Chuggaaconroy

I am a 17-year old Jamaican dude behind a computer screen. As you can guess, I am a big fan of the Super Mario series (and its many sub-series, Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario and Mario Party, just to name a few), though I'm also a fan of the Kirby, Mega Man (classic and X), King of Fighters, Super Smash Bros., and many other video game series. When it comes to media outside of video games, I take a liking to various western animation, such as Regular Show and Teen Titans, anime/magna such as Death Note and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and web shows/originals like The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic. As for the characters in media, I am a huge fan of Luigi (and to a lesser extent, Baby Luigi), though I went with the name Bloopers are often referred to as for my username, as they are one of my favorite Mario enemies, alongside Boos and Shy Guys; also I was sure there are plenty of other users that used the word "Luigi" as a part of their username and I wanted to be "original". I'm also a fan of other characters from other series, namely Bandana Waddle Dee from the Kirby series, Bass from the classic Mega Man series, Zero and Vile from the Mega Man X series, and Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. My favorite Pokémon from across the Pokémon generations are: Gengar in overall, Smuglea- I mean, Snivy as a starter, Giratina as a Legendary, and Genesect as a Mythical.

My first experience with the Mario series was when I watched a few episodes of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 when I was really, really young; reruns of it were aired back in day on my kindergarten's TV, and I only got to see a few minutes of each episode. While it didn't leave much of an impact on me compared to other cartoons that I watched religiously, it still was my initial exposure to Mr. Video Game himself, and ironically it wasn't even in a game itself! I wouldn't play, or own, a Mario game up until I experimented with emulation, which is where I played Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World on a now-removed online SNES emulator. It didn't leave much of an impression, and admittedly I sucked at these games back then (especially the Lost Levels), but it did grab my attention back then and I would soon begin owning various Nintendo consoles over the years solely to play the other games legitimately since they were and still are Nintendo-exclusive; the first console I owned was the Game Boy Advance, though I didn't have a lot of memorable games in my collection (in the fact the only one I remember having is some Spongebob game based on the feature film movie). I also have a Nintendo Wii that I don't even use any more; the first game I had on it was Wii Sports which, alongside Wii Sports Resort, is one of the best games on the system hands-down, a Nintendo DS that I lost to time and used to have an emulation cartridge to play a lot of games on, and at least four consoles from the Nintendo 3DS family; I irresponsibly lost two black Nintendo 3DSes, one purple 3DS that I still have but doesn't want to boot up and the bottom screen is just a black void, and a blue Nintendo 2DS that I also still have but charging port is lack and cannot connect to the charger itself. As for the games I bought for it, it was mostly Mario, Kirby and Pokémon games, though I also had Smash 3DS, Street Fighter IV and Colors! 3D for artistic purposes. I skipped out on the Wii U even though it did have Smash 4 and Mario Maker, and I really waned to get those games... until the Nintendo Switch came out and had both Smash Ultimate and Mario Maker 2 being released so I decided to ditch getting a Wii U entirely. I now own a Switch and it's the only working console that I actively use; the others I just resort to emulation if I wanted to play them at any time.

While I have many hobbies, one of them includes editing for this wiki. If there is any mistake and/or erroneous information to be changed, I will change it; if there are images or other substantial information that has yet to be added, I will add them. As for rewriting large chunks of a page, don't count on me to do that, but I will try if I have extensive knowledge about that section.

Current goals

  1. Uploading all sprites from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey to the wiki (admittedly, this is on hold due to most of the sprites from that game have yet to be ripped and uploaded to the Spriters Resource).
  2. Uploading screenshots of certain things from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (+ Bowser Jr.'s Journey) Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions to the wiki (this is a huge one since there are various things that need to be screenshot and RPGs in general are pretty lengthy in scope).

Mario-related games I own

Note that this gallery only takes games I, myself have owned at one point into account. Games I played that are still owned by others, or played through the DS Download Play function/emulation, do not count here. As for collective reissues, the Mario games listed in their respective articles count as games I also own.

* - Games that were given to me through third-party sources; not bought.


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If you want to send me a friend request, leave one on my talk page.

A Blooper Baby, under the effect of the 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo, in Super Mario Maker.Bloopity bloop.A Blooper Baby, under the effect of the 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo, in Super Mario Maker.